MARCH / out like a lamb

+ Hi! It’s the very end of March! Which means we’re nearly in the clear for warm weather and my birthday season and all those goodies. I had a pretty chill month, really, just in time for things to pick up: two bachelorette parties in two weeks is the name of this episode of my life. How was your month?

+ I was super excited to finally share the pictures my friend Steph took for me back in January: featuring a new yellow coat, my uniform this Winter, a mini skirt and OTK boots, and my favorite item in my closet right now! I blogged about my quick weekend trip to Miami (including an outfit for a night out in Wynwood and a day in South Beach), my second attempt at styling my culottes, and six productivity tips (as I focused on my time management skills.) 

TUNES: what I’ve been jammin’ to lately!
+ The Staves | This happens a lot- I make a rec, THEN go see a show & really get into it. Per my sister’s advice I saw The Staves in concert & omg- obsessed with everything about them! Haunting harmonies, charming accents, talented musicians- you won’t regret a listen (esp. if you’re a fan of Haim or Joseph.) Listen to: No Me, No You, No More
+ Tame Impala | We all know the hits from 2015’s Currents, but just a reminder that this entire album is actually fantastic and perfect for a Saturday morning coffee kitchen dance-off (tested!) New favorite: The Moment 
- Childish Gambino | Honestly I need to spend a lot more time listening to the entirety  of “Awaken, My Love!” but hot damn if Redbone isn’t the slaps of 2017 so far. Cannot get enough. Listen to: Redbone
+ John Mayer | After 15+ years of listening along, I doubt I’ll ever NOT be a fan of his. The Search for Everything drops on April 14th, but there’s been a few mini releases that are whimsical and perfect. Listen to: Love on the Weekend and Still Feel Like Your Man (rumored to be about Katy Perry!) 
+ Jimmy Eat World | I started listening to JEW in middle school & finally saw them in concert. These guys still sound and look great, especially considering the longevity of their career. They also seem like genuinely nice people. I cried more than once but less than three times. New fave: Sure and Certain Old fave: (so many great options…) Work

You love Michael Bolton. I love Michael Bolton. Let’s connect on Spotify! 

+ I once again made a goal to make some healthy recipes and once again did not. I’ll be honest- when I cook for just myself, I eat very simply and healthily (and usually standing up!) However, I did make this rosemary chicken with portabella mushrooms that was pretty delicious.

+ Speaking of failed goals, in conjunction with my running and Bikini Body Guide (I’m on Week 7 those workouts are getting SO REAL, guys!) I really wanted to do some yoga this month. Well, I went to one Restorative Yoga class. It was nice, but kinda reaffirmed why I don’t do yoga unless I have tons of time on my hands.
BEAUTY: my new favorites from the past month!
+ OPI RapidDry Top Coat | This has changed the #nailpolishchallenge for me (nothing too crazy- I’m just wearing every single shade of polish I own, and documenting on Twitter, for the most part.) This top coat is super glossy, dries quickly (seriously- no pillow lines!), and makes even cheap polish look luxe and last!  
+ Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit lipstick | My boss and I have this thing with cheap beauty dupes- y’all know I love a liquid lipstick, and this stuff is SO great (and $5 a pop!) We’re obsessed with Gimme Mocha (rust red-brown) and Rebel Rose (cool tone pink.) 
+ Becca Cosmetics highlighter in Champagne Pop | I am still milking my Miami tan by using this highlighter, daily! This was a birthday gift last year from a very knowledgeable friend, and it gives the most perfect glow! 
+ Scuni Rubber hair ties | Working out is hard enough as is, and I just can’t deal with a lemon of a hair tie. I have super heavy, thick hair that just doesn’t stay put while I’m jumping around. These rubber hair ties are awesome and hold so well- just be careful when you’re taking your hair out. 

+ New favorite place in Nashville: Henrietta Red! I’m not super into oysters, honestly, but I had some pretty tasty ones here! Plus the cocktails and classy but coastal vibe alone did it for me. 

+ I've loved my evenings on the couch watching Big Little Lies - have you been watching?? Even after reading the book (and knowing the plot) it has completely drawn me in. I think it’s really well done- and the finale is THIS Sunday!
SHOPPING: so, I actually bought a bunch of new stuff this month...
+ Doc Martens | No regrets about these, at ALL. Haven't been on the blog yet, but I’ve been wearing them non-stop! 
+ vintage blouse | Been a while since I went vintage shopping, but I finally went into this great little shop in my neighborhood and picked up the most beautiful purple silk blouse. 
+ Target bralettes | I’m having a bralette Summer, who’s with me?? Target has some amazing options right now (this one is SO comfy / great racerback option.) 
+ Target “lace-up” dress | Went to Target a couple times…I love this color & I can never have enough day dresses! 
+ running shoes | not exciting, but totally necessary. I picked up some new (purple) Asics trainers at Nordstrom’s Rack (I believe they are these ones.)
+ Report heels | the next day I went back for these heels, already proved invaluable for work or a bach weekend. 
+ Vinnie & Louise dress | Another favorite local boutique, this 90’s-inspired white day dress will be on the blog, soon. 
+ boutique romper & dress | Love language: boutique shopping. I found an great navy romper & bell sleeved dress! 
+ Jimmy Eat World band tee | I can't resist a graphic tee and picked this one up at the merch table at their show because it's actually really cool looking! 

Yeah, I’ll consider this my Spring wardrobe refresh. 

+ Would love to hear what you’ve been getting into, working on, listening to & wearing this month! Share below! 


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