Island Hipster Joanna Gaines

| hat: Nashville flea market {similar} | jacket: vintage {similar} | pins: ban.do / vintage / Draplin Design Co. | jumpsuit: Old Navy {similar} | clog sandals: Target {similar} | lip: Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Whisper

I like to keep things real around here, so the outfits I share are ones I actually wear (for better or for worse!) and then I like to overshare regarding how they came about.

So here’s what happened:

On a Thursday night, I got to go to a Southwest + Chase secret show, by my all-time favorite musician, because sometimes life is cool. It was like my birthday party and wedding and idealized best life scenario that I dreamed up when I was 12, all rolled into one rustic barn. Here I am chatting with Andrew after the show like a total loony, in this photo I am literally saying “I met you at your show last Summer and I’m sorry I was such a dork!” I could be a professional fan girl. Also he is a really nice guy and that makes me an even bigger fan! But it’s totally platonic and an appreciation of his work. Andrew is happily married to Kelly and has a daughter named Cecelia. Here’s a playlist I made of his best work, imho, yw.

ANYWAY I had these big dreams of coming home and washing my hair (lol, that always loses first) and packing, but what actually happened was that I woke up on Friday like “Who am I? Was it all a dream?” and OH, I need to fly to California in 2 hours.

So then I put on all these clothes: hat for the hair I didn’t wash- check. Clunky shoes I want to wear to the wedding- check. Black jumpsuit that will transition from the plane to In-N-Out with my dad to a girl’s night- check. Can someone tell me how to fell about this outfit? Anyone? Carina? Is this hott mess express or just all over the place enough to look ~*styled*~

And then my bfflybff Steph was all “should I charge my camera so we can take some photos for your blog?” And I was like “giiirrrllll you tryna be best friends??” Before we took these, we also did an instructional beauty session (I was literally like “now WHERE should I be putting blush on my face?”) I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, hopefully I can do this by myself later. The people in my life KNOW how to LOVE me. It is a beautiful thing.

I was so idk about this outfit, but wasn’t gonna say NO to some blog pics, you know? I’d like to have a verdict by the time I’m posting these pictures and looking back at it. The only actual outfit notes I have are: I bought this hat for $1 at the flea market and I have yet to spend a better dollar, and isn't this jacket amazing?? I think an oversized Levi's jacket is best found at a vintage store/market (where I found mine) so keep your eyes peeled! I am obsessed, 100%.

I’ve also been consuming just about as much Man Repeller/Leandra Medine’s style as I possibly can, and this is another blog post all together, but I’ve been thinking about her when I get dressed. Half of the things she wears ARE outlandish, and I can’t say I would wear them; but i LOVE that there’s a concept and a look behind it. I respect that. And the thing that’s most apparent is she wears what she truly WANTS and does not G A F.

What is the concept and the look behind this outfit? Maybe something like “How is it possible that my friends are having babies and I can hardly take care of myself?” Just kidding. Maybe like island hipster Joanna Gaines. What do you think?

Shop the look below if you are into “Island Hipster Joanna Gaines”!
By the way, this is what I actually look like: 

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