When in Rome

| earrings: Old Navy {similar} | lip: Aveda nourish-mint in Cana | necklace: gift {similar} | blouse: Ann Taylor Loft | drawstring pants: Old Navy {similar} | clogs: Swedish Hasbeen {same in tan} | purse: vintage {save / splurge / love this "Ostrich leather" one!} |

Well good Saturday evening to you all! I basically never post on weekends (like, ever) but I really didn't want to be dragging my Italy trip out forever, hah. I did share a bunch of pictures & my full trip re-cap earlier this week (not like a typical blog post about traveling...it's more like, run-on sentences of me sharing my "clever" observations) and my first look from the trip (off-the-shoulder chambray on the island of Sardinia- yay.) Here's my second and final look from my trip (promise)!

This could easily be some outfit inspo for your Saturday night, regardless of what you're doing! If you're going out on the town, you're covered (and can walk for dayzzz in clogs.) If you're at a casual hang watching football (I understand this is what people are doing today?) swap the clogs for sandals or slides and skip your college tee. And if you're traveling, I promise you, these pants are a dream (just be sure and bring something long-sleeved.)

For the second Europe trip in a row, these linen drawstring pants from Old Navy have been my packing capsule MVP. I just want you all to have them!! They are so easy breezy and comfortable for traveling (I'm talking 24+ hours both ways) and transition to a chic night out-fit so well. They also work in a pinch every time I wake up late for work- a cool, simple look that doesn't look schleppy- done! I am actually selling an identical pair on Poshmark (these are a Petite and slightly shorter, but not much at all) and this pair from Nordstrom seems really similar. If I have never given you anything else from reading this blog- you need some drawstring pants. Trust me.

I had this exact outfit in mind for a night out in Rome, actually, and that's what these pictures are from! After a day running from the Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain to the Coliseum, we stopped for a quick costume change, and then it was out to dinner and drinks. We stayed in the Trastevere neighborhood which was absolutely delightful- so many great gelaterias, pizzarias, trattorias and shops, and all just steps away from our Airbnb! All of the sights are walking distance away, but the neighborhood definitely felt a lot more chill and local, and with a bustling night life! Full re-cap of my trip to Italy right here

I'm hoping between unpacking my suitcase and doing laundry and cleaning sand off my floor this weekend, I'll get my packing post together- stay tuned! Enjoy the weekend!! 

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