Weekend Update: Halloweekend 2017

Happy Halloween! I realized I had just enough spooky activity over the past week to warrant a full post.

My "Halloweekend" actually started last Wednesday, with Code Boo! I just want everyone reading this very self-absorbed blog to know that I am also on the Giving Back team at work. Code Boo is the haunted house we put on every year at a local community center, for kids in the neighborhood. This year marked #10YearsofBoo (and my 4th year participating!) Our theme was Bad Dreams, and that's our crew up on the left! I am never scary (on the contrary, I've had middle schoolers ask me for my phone number), and this year I was in more of an "establishing role" as the little girl having all the bad dreams, right at the entrance. Code Boo is one of my favorite seasonal activities every year, mostly because it's pretty impressive how this crew turns an old musty gym into a legit haunted house! I've never shared about it much on the blog, but ok fine, here's a video of this year's (watch at your own risk!)

Friday night was our annual company Talent Night (I realize this isn't Halloween related, but it ended up being festive because of the timing.) My filler karaoke gag turned into a full-blown performance (I was kinda mortified to be sharing the stage with actually talented musicians/singers) but you know, it was fun, and a great continuation of #yearofBritney and great START to #Britneyweek (I am going to see Britney Spears in Vegas on Friday !!!!!) I posted a clip to my Insta and chose the most dramatic screen grab, you're welcome.

Finally, to round out what was truly the best Halloween in recent memory, on Saturday night I went to an amazing "video game" themed party. I am dressed up as Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Not my best work, but I have to say, video games are not something I am into at ALL! I did grow up watching my older brothers play Punch-Out on the original Nintendo. My friend Kyle was ALSO Little Mac (I know, what are the chances) but from Punch-Out after Nintendo lost their license to use Mike Tyson (green shorts vs. blue shorts, I did a lot of research.) I finished up the night out at a dance party with assorted friends, it was a very late and very fun night.

How did y'all celebrate Halloween this year?? I would love to hear! 

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alittlebitofgoldglitter said...

I'm easily scared, so I have never fully completed a haunted house haha, but it seems cool to be behind the scenes of one. Have fun in Vegas & at the concert!! I just came back from Vegas yesterday morning, and I am exhausted.

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