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I'm breaking this post up a bit, because it was getting so LONG. Stay tuned for my report of my small goals in October, and what I'm working on in November.

+ Life | October is my favorite month of the year, always! It's the highlight of the most magical season. This October was filled with weekend getaways, concerts, volunteer projects, and general ~festivities~.

+ Blogged | Hello Fall fashion, and everything I bought last month & can finally wear!
+ I've been living in this fuzzy cardigan and my Birkenstocks (before the temp dropped), I wore a jumpsuit to beat the Tuesday Blues, the least spooky outfit with my pink clogs, a new pin, I actually took pics at a pumpkin patch, the sweetest little vintage bandana, and my favorite Scooby Doo t-shirt!
+ Also blogged this month: a festive weekend, my epic Halloweekend, & pics from Katie's wedding in May!

Beauty | I've been LOVING the ^ Wet n Wild Metallic LiquidCatsuit in Harbor a Crush (wearing it here.) I love this formula already, but they updated the product into an on-trend metallic, in a shade that's not too much of a statement. (Check out my October Boxycharm review for more of the latest beauty buzz!)

Shopping | After solidifying my Fall wardrobe updates last month, I took it pretty easy in October.
+ I had Poshmark credit, & ordered a blue pair of Madewell Flea Market Flares because I love these so much.
+ I've been in the market for a new carry-on suitcase since mine bit the dust in Italy, & my sister shared this Away + Gray Malin one with me. The lining is a photograph by Gray Malin, and I had to have it!
+ I found myself at the mall completing my Halloween costume last minute, & also picked up some accessories at H&M: velvet chokerssheer tights, a pretty bralette, & lavender slides on mega sale.
+ Same story, I found part of my costume at Forever 21, came across this dress, and was instantly obsessed.

+ Music | SO much good new music out! I can't believe how many artists I love recently released albums.
+ Now - Shania Twain | Listen: Who's Gonna Be Your Girl (a song SO nostalgic Shania Twain I nearly cried.)
+ Younger Now - Miley Cyrus | A new sound for Miley! Listen: Week Without You (& Younger Now.)
+ Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato | I think Demi is really coming into her own. Listen: Daddy Issues 
+ Flicker - Niall Horan | Niall's post 1D debut & I am here for it! Listen to: Seeing Blind (with Maren Morris!)
Let's get connected on Spotify!

+ Podcasts | I listened to Dirty John this month and really enjoyed it! It was less gory/disturbing and more intriguing true crime, and the ending totally took me by surprise! It's also 6 episodes that you can easily get through (as opposed to Up & Vanished which I FINALLY finished!) I also started Someone Knows Something, per Kate's recommendation (she has a great post about podcasts!)

+ TV | I really need a recommendation for a good, TV drama to get into. Maybe NOT true crime? What was the last show you watched and loved? My viewing has been all over the place!
+ The only thing worth mentioning is Gaga 5'2", the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix. It was SO GOOD, you guys! I am a bigger Gaga fan than ever! I wish they would do these for every celebrity.

+ Nashville | I visited 404 Kitchen for a grown up Halloween/special occasion dinner, and boy was it fancy! I had Salmon Crudo, Burrata, and chicken so good it tasted like beef (<-- I'm not a food critic.) This is THE spot for whiskey lovers (they have one of the largest selections in town!) and with only 45 seats, it feels very cozy and intimate. I think this is the perfect spot for celebrating!
Priya the Blog, Nashville lifestyle blog, October, Fall Tell me about your October! I'm always looking for music, book, TV, shopping, podcast, make-up etc. recommendations, so hit me with them in the comments! 

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