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Tomorrow morning: I am flying to Paris to meet my sister and a friend for a 2.5 week chunk of Carina's two month sabbatical from work.

If you're thinking that my lifestyle lately is not conducive to working full-time...you are absolutely right! Time for a *life update*: back in April, I put my notice in at the company I'd been at for almost six years (since I graduated college) and finished up at the very end of May. Since then I've been oscillating between feeling gooood and feeling panicky! I've only had a few days here and there in Nashville and "real life" so I guess it doesn't quite feel real yet, and I almost feel like I'll be going back into the office any day now.

So what's next? The plan for now IS to take some time off, meet a lot of new babies, join my sister on her sabbatical and pretend I'm studying abroad like I never got to do, spend some time at home leading up to my high school reunion...and maybe by the end of this Summer, start thinking seriously about what's next.

I will definitely be taking TIME to think carefully about that, and won't be rushing into anything. This decision was considered very carefully for over a year, and like I've told many people, I never got to a place where I hated going into work and HAD to quit. Every job has its' challenges, but overall, I was very happy, had a team I adored (and will still be hanging with...forever) but it was TIME for me. Does that make sense?

I worked my ass off to put myself in a good position for this time off, and you know me, I'll still be entertaining my various side hustles as always. Still, the anxious feelings of not actively working/making a consistent living and even more so, the FUTURE, are totally there. But I keep telling myself this period won't even be worth it if I'm totally stressed out.

Anyway in the spirit of a new phase of life, I wanted to share two ~mantras~ that have been on my mind a lot lately (don't worry Mom these are totally agnostic mantras! Call them mottoes!)

1. Easy is boring. 
2. Sometimes change is progress.

I'll leave it at that for now because I didn't want to make this a whole thing, but I did feel like a life update was needed. I just can't lie to you guys!! Maybe these words will inspire you at wherever you are in life.

A couple more details about this next adventure - for the next couple weeks we'll be in the south of France, Spain, and Portugal! All new places for me and I am sooo excited. If you have any recommendations or things I can't miss in those places, please share with me in the comments! We should have plenty of time to explore :)

I won't be blogging while I'm gone, but if you'd like to follow along, catch me on Instagram and likely a lot more often on Twitter.

Thank you for reading and supporting me, all the way until now and in this new chapter for me! I'll for sure keep you posted on my long term plans as soon as I figure them out myself ;) 

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