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Hi! I can't even pretend like there's been a YouTube hiatus that I need to acknowledge - but it does feel like it's been a while since I sat down to film a Get Ready With Me. What better time than the changing of the seasons to talk about all the products, brands, brushes, & techniques I'm loving & living by right NOW; as well as a general life update.

I love making some product switches as the weather warms up and transitioning to lighter, more glowy make-up, and in general the products I'm using at the moment change constantly - especially in the midst of my make-up no buy this year and trying to "shop my stash."

Speaking of the no-buy! It's going well, so far. I've only slipped up to buy one thing I felt I desperately needed (watch to find out what it was!) Otherwise I'm making a list of things I really want for next year, or maybe an early birthday present if I can finagle that (top of the list - this gorg Physician's Formula face palette. You know how much I love face palettes.)

This is a super chatty GRWM where I also just talk about what's been going on in my life lately - house updates, a check-in with the pups, Amazon legging dupes, my beauty resolutions for the year, and new techniques sourced from Bobby Brown, YouTube, & beyond. Oh - and I'm super excited to be using a newish Natasha Denona palette on camera, and just, in my life in general (these palettes are $$$ but - are they worth it? Would I actually buy one? All up for discussion!)

Hope you enjoy hanging with me as I do a little full face Spring make-up look! Please head over to YouTube & subscribe, thumb's up, & leave me a comment to say hi! Thanks!


Libby said...

Love you!

Tdubjay said...

Hi! Enjoyed the tips! What's your YouTube handle?

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