cowboy boot Christmas

Friday, December 28

earrings- Wish Memphis, scarf- gift, dress- UO c/o Carina, tights- c/o Carina, boots- Nashville Flea Market
Presenting: my NEW cowboy boots!
I've been wanting a pair since I moved to Nashville (naturally), and Sunday before break it happened!
I've been loving these beauties, so much so that I wore them on the plane home
(my family knew it was inevitable, me getting off the plane from Nashville in cowboy boots).

This outfit is from Christmas Day, and riddled with hand-me-downs from my sister, which I LOVE.
I really should say hand-me-ups because I get stuff that is too big for my little peanut of a sister.
No shame at all! 
You may actually own this dress and not realize it because it's supposed to have a ribbon tie, but it kinda fell/I ripped it off, and who needs it anyway! 

Also debuting my new "dark red" lipstick, and if I told you I also got it from the flea market, would you think less of me?
I just can't help it, how can they sell new lipstick for so cheap?!
Makes trying a new color a doable splurge. 

I wore this outfit all of Christmas Day until I unwrapped my cupcake onesie, evidenced: here.
Post-Christmas I've spent a few splendid days with assorted friends, today was a relaxing day at home.
Tomorrow morning I'm headed to LA for a little more bro time, planning to be back right in time for NYE! 

I spent some time today reading through old blog posts and I really enjoyed it. 
Makes blogging feel totally worthwhile.
I haven't even been blogging for a full year now, but I can definitely pinpoint what I love/don't love.
You, dear readers, are on the love list!
Thanks for reading!  

A very Pappu Christmas

Thursday, December 27

Merry Christmas! Can I still say that? Can I still wear my Christmas socks & underwear? Am I breaking three rules at once? The problem is of course that after this week, I'll have to put my seasonal wear away for a whole year, so better make it count. 

Our Christmas is always an outrageous festivity with too many people, weird traditions, and making fun of each other. But what can I say, I had a blast. (Note: all pictures via my iPhone because...well, it's just too easy. I fear I may never use my Canon Rebel again.)
Christmas Eve was spent in San Francisco, drooling over Carina's new apartment and fraternizing with city pets. And this amaaazing view!Untitled
SF, you are my fave. I could get real used to living up there. 
Annual family hike, this year features the Marin Headlands. 

And then Christmas Day Mr. Scrooge!
Carina's Secret Santa gift from me will forever been known as: The Hunter boot fiasco of 2012. (These are the paper ones I made while waiting for the real ones in the mail).
This present said "To: Pushpan From: Santa" and we all laughed really hard about that.
This picture came out super blurry but I just LOVE it and spent every minute I could with my twin brothers!
And this is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. Cupcake. Onesie. 

How was everybody's Christmas? Hope you all made a nice haul, I've got some Christmas money that I'm debating how to use, also my mom got me a carry-on suitcase! Wild! 

my favorite part of Christmas

Monday, December 24

So, this is Christmas.

I guess I should really talk about Christmas on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I love every other day too. I get excited to see lights and give presents and eat those holiday goodies, but I am generally not a Christmas over-enthusiast. Usually this results in some Grinchy name-calling from people, but I don’t mind. Why am I not overly excited for Christmas? Maybe it’s the way I was raised. We whole-heartedly celebrated Christmas growing up, especially the Christian aspect, but it was not a mind-numbing, decadent, jingle bells all month long kind of affair. In fact, I opened my first stocking EVER this Christmas from Hunter (note: this is probably because it is a largely American tradition, while I always celebrated a fusion of Indian and Finnish traditions. AND it was awesome, so thanks Mom and Dad for depriving me of that splendor).
            Maybe I am coming across as Grinchy! So please don’t get me wrong, because I do love Christmas. I think now I cherish the time spent with my entire family more than anything else, because it may not happen for the rest of the year.
            Then again, my favorite memory is this:
            I’m not hugely into sappy memories either, but this makes my heart leap. I tried to capture this feeling a couple years ago on my Canon Powershot, but this picture really doesn’t do it justice. THIS is Christmas at my house, all the lights off in the house, except for the twinkling, multi-colored lights of the tree, our Christmas tree, that has no theme or matching elements, just years and years of popsicle stick and paper ornaments with school pictures on them. And I love it. It lights up the entire room, and my whole heart, along with the thrill of gifts and well, Christmas magic. I never get tired of seeing it. Second-place Christmas memory goes to getting a Furby (which now I cannot understand at all…but they were really cool at the time).
            So, I guess my point in all of this is: whatever you’re doing for Christmas, or wherever you are, I hope there’s one really special thing that rises above the consumerism and holiday stress to make your Christmas day awesome.


perfectly cats

Sunday, December 23

sweater- Urban, blouse- Gap, pants- Old Navy, booties- Target
In case you were wondering, these are cats.

Here is yet ANOTHER post with my Target booties.
I promise I packed other shoes for home, although lately I haven't really been wearing shoes,
due to my perfectly timed Christmas cold.
This post debuts several things in my life: outfit pictures taken by my mom (and now that I think of it, in California!), my sock bun, and my life with an iPhone.
Mom- you did great.
Sock bun- you are too wonderful and I wish I hadn't been intimidated for so long.
iPhone- "Happy Graduation Priya". How does anyone get anything done anymore?
Also this is the only sweater I packed for home, guess I was hoping for a Christmas in the 70's
BUT it's really rainy here, so I'm living with that.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve, hope it's splendid!

last-minute Christmas jams

Saturday, December 22

inevitably you have things yet to be done before Christmas, and for those things, I present to you: 
The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

For Grinches, Antler-On-Car Enthusiasts, and every elf in between.

1. Christmastime Is Here- Vince Guaraldi Trio: captures the melancholiest elements of the season, straight from Charlie Brown himself.
2. Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas- Justin Bieber: an original song for a holiday album is always risky, but I think Justin nails it with this soulful look at adolescent romance that culminates at the middle school Mistletoe Dance.
3.  It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- Michael Buble: a purely gold take on a classic that has managed to not get annoying. Arguably the best part of this cover is when he says “tahhhhys in every store” (that’s Canadian for “toys”).
4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas- Weezer: this is what it would be like if you celebrated Christmas in your garage. Really makes you want to have a Christmas that rocks, because Weezer said so.
5. Last Christmas- Wham! The best version of this song, ever. I will fight you on this one.
6. Little Drummer Boy- Justin Bieber: well done Biebs, appearing twice on this list. But seriously, “pa-ruh-pa-pu-pu-u-u-m” has never sounded so good. Ludacris also helps this nominee.
7. Blue Christmas- Elvis: if and when I star in a class Christmas movie, this will be in it. I just can’t help myself.
8. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Mariah Carey: thanks to a Mariah-worshipping housemate (looking at you, Em) I have nearly the complete Mariah Carey Christmas album, and in my opinion this is the best track. Because, no, I am not picking All I Want For Christmas Is You, I think we’ve all had enough of that one.
9. O Holy Night- Celine Dion: I like to imagine that I sound like this when I sing this song in church. Don’t tell me otherwise.
10. Michael’s Christmas Greeting- Michael Buble: this is the last track on his Christmas album, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should definitely look it up.

Any tracks I'm missing on there?

two times the holiday plaid

Thursday, December 20

my holiday ensemb.
candycane earrings from my roomie!
couldn't help but feel hipster and awesome with this (temporary) henna tattoo.
earrings- gift from Amanda, flannel- borrowed from Em, jeans- F21, booties- Target rings- found, gift from Galina, C4 

Anyone tired of seeing these Target booties yet?
I've been wearing them a lot, which makes me feel successful like yes, this was a good purchase.
This outfit was so nice, I wore it twice:
to my holiday party and then the next day when Hunter & I exchanged presents, etc.
Once you find a good casual holiday ensemb it's hard to forget about it!
Please enjoy: my candy cane earrings and my temporary tattoo (I love those things).
Since I've been home I've been: laughing with the fam, seeing almost all my close friends, running TWO DAYS IN A ROW, playing bananarams, inheriting bags of hand-me-downs from my sister.
Oh and my health news is still the headline of our Christmas letter, don't worry. 

honkytonk pre-holiday

Tuesday, December 18

surprise! I'm back in California for Christmas.
excuse my last little blogiatus as I hurried to celebrate in Nashville.
still haven't fully decided what I'll be doing over break, (blogging is definitely one thing)
but in the meantime, I present to you: my Honkytonk Christmas.IMG_1220
made a lot of these little gifties for people
Hunter and I exchanged gifts and he surprised me with this little set-up (I knew he had something coming when he asked to borrow my construction paper!)
here I am with my first stocking ever!IMG_1205
enjoying some of my stocking goodies later (Donut coasters and Holiday socks)IMG_1195
our lovely mantle, complete with my Christmas candles that finally arrived!
my house smelled of Christmas Cookie, Wreath, and The North Pole the past few days.

here's my "Priya Marvel" family Christmas card. Love these guys!IMG_1215
me and my Shel, me in my NEW COWBOY BOOTS from the Flea Market! Expect waay too many pictures of me in these bad boys.IMG_1207
oh yeah and this is Shelby's house...that one creepy picture I took. But it was so festive! I couldn't help myself!

and so, I enjoyed a wondeful pre-Christmas in Nashville, wore my boots all the way home, and now who knows what Yuletide adventures await in California?
Countdown 'til my baby brothers are home: T-1 day (Amir) and T-4 days (Tarif)

dressing for successing

Thursday, December 13

coat- F21, shirt- American Eagle c/o Shel, necklace- F21, skirt- Old Navy, tights- Nordys Rack, shoes- Target

oh hello and welcome to my series of posts with cliche titles [next up: "the clothes horse"]
to be fair, this outfit is from the other day, where I had been in a slump of sweats and not studying
when I actually needed to be studying.
but as of 1:40, CST, yesterday, fall semester 2012 is in the books!! 
which means I am rapidly finishing up Christmas presents for my Nashville friends,
mailing back rented books,
packing to go home, 
and squeezing in a few more shifts at Donut Den until I don't work for weeks! 

but back to this outfit: I went to the mall the other day to look for one more thing for Huntee (and generally de-stress after my Physics final [blech])
and I realized that I haven't been to the mall once this holiday season. 
It actually felt really fun to be there with everyone Christmas shopping, mall Santa holding babies, etc.
I didn't find a thing for Huntee
AND I didn't buy anything for myself!
Though a few times I came really close.
I'm holding out for a little thrifting adventure tomorrow.
And the long-winded point of this whole story is: copied this from the J.Crew window. The End.

P.S. Skirt cost me $0.50 on the Old Navy clearance rack in July sometime. TRUE STORY. 

a couple things

Tuesday, December 11

i really have zero or possibly negative excuse to be dramatic about finals right now. 
i've only had two real ones, which puts me at half-way done.
and still...i'm not wearing real clothes, doing my hair, sleeping at normal hours, etc. 
what can i say?
it's my second to last finals! (and i've always kinda enjoyed finals in the first place, shhh)
for those of you out there really studying your butt off and hating life, i feel for you!
i'm living the good life. i have not one, but TWO days in my planner with nothing in them, which hasn't happened since, ever. 

while i'm wearing sweats, i'd like to take this opportunity to chronicle some events and pictures that haven't made it up here yet, but i don't want to forget.

back in September
(forgive me)
we celebrated
<-- Brynn's birthday
with cupcakes -->
doesn't Hunter have cute fingers?IMG_0189
and we celebrated being housies with a family picture (complete with Mr. Wizard)
oh my gosh i haven't even written about Mr. Wizard ever. that's because we've been repairing our relationship. but i promise there are plenty of pictures!

i could do a whole post called "weird things that have happened during outfit pictures"
and this one is about the time where i realized "hey! this is exactly what katy perry was talking about, feeling like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind..." thought you might appreciate.

then this one time i was going to study for a test all afternoon...and we went to Sonic for ice cream sundaes instead.
this picture isn't the greatest, but i want to capture the instance of ice cream > studying
& no regrets.

right before Thanksgiving i won a Mary Kay "Queen For A Day" package where i got my make-up done AND a paraffin wax (but i could NOT sit still for that long)
my friends all got facials, but i'll save those pictures because they might not like that too much!
here's my cute friend katie.

some of life's greatest adventures. regularly scheduled programming with commence shortly (i'm working on a post called "Ho-Ho-Holidays") thanks for reading!

Factual Saturday

Saturday, December 8


Gave myself a festive red/sparkly manicure!
earrings- Target, scarf- gifted, belt- Target, tunic- Old Navy, tights- Kohls, socks- F21, boots-Blowfish c/o Carina 

Favorite feature? Nose.
Thing she thinks she looks bad in but wears anyway? Crew socks.
Current obsession? Candles.
Game she played by herself as a child? Monopoly.
Best friend in 5th grade? Cannelle from France.
Sport she always wished she played? Little League Baseball -> Softball
Song that makes her cry: “From This Moment On” – Shania Twain
Movie that still makes her cry: probably The Lion King depending on the day
Month she would choose if she had to name her child after a month: May! (honorable mention- August)
Pokemon she would choose if she had to name her child after a Pokemon: Articuno (Artie for short)
Food everyone likes that she never got in to: Watermelon.
Pairs of Pajama Pants? Three.
Pairs of Christmas Pajama Pants? Two.
Disney Princess: Jasmine, ah-bviousllyyyy

Figured this might be better than my usual rambling. Hope you're in the middle of a blissful weekend!

cheer up charlie

Wednesday, December 5

Huntee is having a bit of a rough day.
I, however, am not. 
I just finished my LAST class of the semester, WOO-HOO! 
And I'm having a little party tonight to celebrate.
So, things are pretty great around here, I can't be anything but happy.
But I thought I would dedicate this post to Hunter, with a collection of cute things I've been saving up for such a time as this. 
This video is from the one time I tried to get Hunter to help me with a video project. Terrible idea.
This might have to come down because Hunter might kill me for posting this. But one time I found him sneakily eating cupcakes in my kitchen (which is a big deal because he doesn't even like sweet stuff). I was smitten. 
I think this is from the very end of the summer, and I love this picture.

So cheer up Huntee, professors can be really mean but school is almost over. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my bloggy friends? You guys are fabulous. Sending my good day vibes your way! 

weekend update: all that really matters

Monday, December 3

my best friend, MEREDITH ANN MCFARLIN is back in the united states, from vienna
(as of Saturday)
aaaand the rest of this weekend is all gravy. 

one more thing:
i had my first blogger meet-up in real life, while out and about in Nashville!
shout-out to Jessica from Here&Now who is just as sweet and stylish in person! 
same for her bf, Tyler (who I recognized first)

in other news, it is 75 degrees outside. 
so everybody get outside before it starts to rain!!