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    After the past three showers I have taken, I have actually styled my hair. I know you're thinking "Big deal. I do this everyday." But for someone like me, with alot of hair and very little time and patience, this is a BIG deal! Everytime I see my sisters one of the first things they say to me is "[some snarky remark about how I need to do something about my hair]." Well be proud, sisters.

    Let's take a second to talk about the hair dreams and hair envy I have. Don't tell me you don't see a girl with fab hair and get insanely jealous really fast and wonder "Well why does it have to be so straight and beautiful? Why doesn't she have to use a de-frizzing cream?" I definitely do. Sometimes it's just mesmerizing to me. I would define a "hair dream" as "any way that you would really like your hair to be" and I have considered pixie cuts, bobs, down-to-my-butt long, if I didn't already look like a small child most of the time I would totally get a bob.

    Let's see what a web authority on beauty (Pinterest) has to say. My ideal hair style uses no product,  takes about 7 minutes tops, and is durable enough to go from class to Zumba and back. However I have a lovely collection of elaborate (and realistic) hairstyles on Pinterest. And you do too.

braided bangs. via @Joanna Goddard SO beautiful. How does she manage to look early 1900's and super hip at the same time? I'm gonna vote this one off the island though because that loose braid wouldn't make it very far in my life.

Pinned Image LOVE this big bow! Takes me back to my Music Man days, my mom made me a couple of these ("We've surely got trouble!")

Pinned Image This girl hops out of bed in the morning and her hair just looks like this. Also all of her friends hate her.

Undone chic Oh my gosh, who put a picture of me on Pinterest without me realizing? Ha, I'm only joking. Although, this is what my hair looks like on a daily basis! I meticulously style it in a "messy chic bedhead way." Jokes jokes, this is what MY hair looks when I hop out of bed in the morning, so there.

Love I don't think this one is actually real. I'm pretty sure she's a Hello Kitty robot.

Dear readers, please share some real girl hairstyles with a desperate girl with lots of hair!

     Other good news of today: Today at Donut Den was record-breaking in the tip department! I have one final down, 4 to go! I'm about to go to a Zumbathon! One week from today I'll be on my way to Finland! I had a delicious nap today! I ate a Reeses Peanut Butter egg for lunch!

I'd love to hear your good news too. Thanks for reading!



chloe said...

I'm waaay to lazy to ever do my hair. I'll actually do my hair once every 100 days or do. Too time consuming, but then I see all these fun styles and it makes me feel like a slob! :p

Priya said...

Saaame chloe! After going on Pinterest I'm like: starting now, I'm gonna be put together! Still working on it!

Yara Simón said...

It's rare when my hair looks special because it's very curly, and I also have a lot of hair. It's a pain.

Tea Journal said...

Love these photos! I've pinned a bunch of photos on pinterest thinking I'll attempt them at some point. Like you though, if it takes more than 10 min I'm probably just going to move on, ha. This is one of the few hairstyles I've been able to master from my lovely pin list: http://pinterest.com/pin/147915168981251982/
Easy and gets the hair out of my face. Probably wouldn't be able to handle Zumba though!

So cool that you're going to Finland! Just to visit? Take lots of photos!!

Priya said...

I feel you! We all wish our hair was straight but then those girls wish theirs was curly...apparently.

Priya said...

That hairstyle is gorgeous! I would love to try it out, thanks for sharing! Hopefully it stays in because my hair is pretty heavy and tends to fall out of everything. I'm going to Finland to visit my mom's side of the family (that's where she's from)! I think it's gonna be a great time to blog too!

Meet Me On The Streets said...

Haha this was hilarious. And how do they do that amazing hello kitty bow thing?? People with perfect hair are so unreal

Priya said...

Glad you liked it and yes I like to keep it REAL aka not do my hair

Kathleen said...

Love the post! I get so frustrated with my hair. I just brush it and put on a hat! I have also had success with a sock bun.

Priya said...

Thanks! I've yet to try the sock bun but it seems to be quite the phenomenon!

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