let's discuss a few things, shall we?

1. Pie Charts. My honest, sweet, thoughtful, and did I mention honest (?) boyfriend made me a pie chart today titled "Topics of Our Conversation."

In the upper left we have "Asking when I started hating her"
In the upper right we have "Scolding me for not getting things done (i.e. doing my laundry, eating my carrots.)"
In the bottom right we have "Asking what we're doing/if we can do something (get a puppy, go to Atlantic City, Twigg Farm, Florida, etc.)"
And in the bottom left we have "Asking 'what should I wear?'"

2. Interviews. To be fair, I did ask that question about today because I had a job interview! My awesome friend Ethan referenced me to the company he works for, so I had to go into adult pencil-skirt-resume-pay-attention-internship-parkingvalidation mode. I was stressed about what to wear because I took a business course where the main point was "Look and act professional and you'll get a job". I wanted something business-appropriate but still fun and showing my personality. Aaand here's what I came up with! (Pardon the pictures. Somedays my only available friends are my self-timer.)

I think the interview went really well! After I got there, that is. Driving there involved a roundabout (I think there is a REASON we do not have these in the US) and a parking garage. Of course I went right through the roundabout instead of...going around it, and ended up missed the parking garage. I was already late, so...full disclosure: today I drove on the sidewalk/the wrong way on a one-way and entered the parking garage through a service vehicle exit. Naturally when my interviewer asked "Did you find the place ok?" I didn't want to seem like a reckless citizen so I just answered "...yeah."

3. Cyber-bullying. Today I had my first experience with it! A lovely reader left me a nice comment telling me I am "insanely conceited" and to "get over myself" and "grow up". Well I am thrilled that people are actually reading my blog! I just have two other things to say:

First, if you're going to comment on my blog (thanks!) please tell me who you are! This goes for both good and bad comments. Most of the comments on my blog thus far are from me, so the ones that aren't make my day! I'd like to read your blog too! On the other end, if you're going to be rude, then there's no reason to add "cowardly" to your list of obviously desirable traits.

Second, my whole life I have wanted to write powerful things that stir up emotions in people. Now I can check that off my bucket list!

I think we can all learn a lesson from this, that is: turn your haters into motivators. Or Taylor Swift-esque songs. I think this is gonna be a great week.


Carina said...

I love you Punky! Wish I had a blog as cool as yours to link to here.

Carina said...

Also - love the outfit! Super jealous that the anthro skirt didn't fit me and you got to keep it. Your hair could use some work though.

coe said...

Let the haters hate Pri. And you look (and acted) classy as always. Also, if you find out who the coward (how badly i want use a few different words but will try to stay classy as well) is who wrote the bitchy anonymous comment make sure to let me know :)


Priya said...

I love you! Thanks pookie. The hair was end of the day post nap rough, but I promise it was a classier ponytail during my interview!

Priya said...

Shel. You my girl. KIC :)

JenaeM said...

Priya. Every single post makes me want to say I love you, also,speaking of Taylor Swift I had a NyQuiled-up dream that Tay and I were best friends. We went shopping. It was awesome.

Jesse said...

hate mail?!! that means you are a successful blogger!! way to go!!

Priya said...

If and when I do meet her here in Nashville, I will mention you. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog!

Priya said...

haha thank you jesse! I'm still a newb so I appreciate the veteran advice

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