other things i love from this week!

Riding Whitney all over town and parking her right outside my door, thank you very much!

Zumba to Whip My Hair and Waka Waka! Shakin' away those calories and enjoying it maybe a little too much as I imagine Willow cheering me on. Go girl.

Really cute vanity

Imagining about living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, with new friends, and thinking about decorating and thrifting for furniture! This vanity is to. die. for.

bloom (on dallas avenue off of belmont) and the new club I just joined! If you like their page on facebook you get their flower of the week, every week, for free! Yes, please!

Also my little elephant necklace from bloom. Cute? Check. Cultural? Check. 
Back-to-back movie nights with Huntee. I've already commented on Marilyn, and J. Edgar was kinda like Benjamin Button. Still we do love Leo. 

My mom. Well I love her every week, but sometimes talking to her on the phone is the warm fuzziest ever. This picture makes me smile, it's after we made Finnish buns (called Polla) over Christmas. Countdown to Finland: T-26 days!

Katniss kicking some Capitol arse in Catching Fire. Maybe I'm super behind but I'm making progress, ok? Go girl! 

Someone I like alot that takes me to Jack-In-The-Box with him and lets me get cookies and Dr. Pepper and pick all the songs on the radio. 

Run: Pace Setter Skirt*R

My NEW running skirt sent as a gift from my sister Galina! I have never felt so FAB on a run before. As soon as I got it in the mail I put it on and snapped a picture, naturally! (Ok, that's not actually me in the picture). 

This blog! It's almost been one full week and I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for reading! 


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