so this is easter.

I am working my desk job.

And no one is here.

Having a hard time getting anything done.

So let's talk about this outfit, shall we? We're going on two days here. Because I'm bringing gauchos back and these are SO comfy.

I like to jump on trends late. I'm not talking like a couple weeks, I'm talking years. I'm talking like I made my mom buy me Jellies a couple years ago because circa mid-90's when my sisters both had them she promised me some. So I never had a pair of gaucho pants in high school. But I saw someone I think is super cool rocking them on a mission trip last year (I got other things out of this trip, I promise) and I then decided it was time to take the plunge. The moral of the gaucho story is: better late then never. 

All too perfect, "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" by Weezer just came on my iTunes shuffle. Ever notice how your shuffle always seems to know exactly what to play for the situation? 

Well Happy Easter anyway. I'm enjoying my Emoster just fine! 

Because here's the best part:

Love them & it was so good to see them, even just on Skype. 23 more days and I'll be home!  

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