okayyy Easter day 2

Actually started last night when I recieved this little surprise:

Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs are my favorite. And I got an egg FULL of them! And a sweet smelling candle I can't wait to light in my room. Illegally. And some other goodies so thank you Hunter.

Another brilliant idea of Hunter's: a little pizza picnic in the park. The weather was beautiful today so after class we got our pizza and headed to the park next to my soon-to-be-house (we are signing the lease Wednesday)! 

My pizza pal fell asleep so I took some pictures because it was so bright out and the colors popped. 

To continue our day-after-Easter festivities, we went to the campus-wide egg hunt. Easter egg hunts have always been stressful for me ever since I was a child. Nonetheless I wore a sweatband, re-used my Easter basket and was ready to fight someone.

The spoils of war were quite delightful!

I think a Lifetime movie is in my future for tonight. What a day!



Anonymous said...

Picnic that Shit.

Anonymous said...

Picnic that Shit.

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