wahoo Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am feeling great today. Tuesday morning at the Den left me feeling a little groggy but I managed to get a looong night of sleep last night so I'm ready for whatever happens today! I'm looking forward to a little lunch date with Huntee, a skype date with Rachel, signing the lease for our home, some zumba/disc golf, and Mazatlan this evening!

Plus "Maria" from The Sound Of Music just came on my shuffle....what a beautiful day. Wow, I never realized how much Maria and I probably have in common. "She's always late for everything-except for every meal!" Listening to the nuns voice their concerns is one of the funniest moments in any musical.

Last night I got to go to PM with Shel and Dith. There was much eating & drinking

and laughing

I love those girls! 

I also picked up this little treasure:

The coolest little guide to restaurants in Nashville. Of course, now I am determined to eat at all of them and check them off as I go! I've already got a few! For starters, if you've never been to PM, you MUST! Shelby's been working there for two years so I've been several times. The sushi is awesome but I especially love the Gyoza (pictured above). What are your favorite places to go eat? Wherever you are, I'd love your recommendations, because I love to travel too!

Well wherever your Wednesday takes you, I hope it's a great one! I'm determined to make it that way!



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