perfectly Marilyn & new house

     Last night I convinced Hunter to watch with me the very buzzed about My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams. I never really knew much about Marilyn Monroe but was completely mesmerized by her (or William's portrayal of her) as a very sweet but tormented person. I remembered a quote I had heard by her sometime ago:
I like that. Maybe she didn't have it all together, but who wants to be perfect anyway? 
Especially coming from her, the epitome of glamorous. She really was fabulous. 

In other news, today I looked a house that I could possibly be living in this summer/next year. I'm really excited about it! The house was older but had so much character, space, a huge basement and kitchen, and these beautiful doors going from the dining room to the sunroom:

Here's the dining room with it's lovely arch (notice the French doors) and Brynn admiring all the space! 

As I said the kitchen is gigantic, I love this little sectional couch the current resident's had in the corner. 

Here's a look from the front door, the large living room is off to the side, dining room straight ahead.

The four of us have big things planned for this house so I hope it all works out! I think it would be a terrific place to spend my last year in college (umm, wow). 

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