5 things i'm loving for spring fashion

     Spring is totally here! I've been feeling especially excited for Spring fashion, it's not usually my favorite season so I'm not sure why? Here's what I've been living in so far and feeling as my staples this season:

1. Fay-Ban's. Sorry to disappoint, these babies are fake.

     Or any sunglasses really. These have been my current favorites, I found them in my sister's car over Christmas (I think they belong to my little brother). I like to wear my sunglasses indoors. Reason one being that it is SO much easier and quicker than wearing make-up, reason two is that it adds a little glam in a life that can be mundane sometimes. I don't obnoxiously wear them inside, like sitting in class, but if I'm going in and out I don't hesitate to leave them on!

2. Cut-off shorts.

     I know, super original right? My current favorite is this pair from Gap, a major score on clearance and then on a sale, totaling to about $7. I like them because they're almost bermuda legnth, which is very appropriate for Spring when tiny Summertime shorts aren't in their prime yet. Usually paired with some "quirky middleschooler" type t-shirt that I love.

3. Canvas skimmers.

     I feel like a total snob calling them "skimmers" but I think that is the technical term. Little canvas shoes are the best transition from your full on tennis shoes of Winter to the sandals of Summer. The best part about these are they are practically disposable, where them anywhere, for a season, and then toss 'em! I say this because I got mine at Rite Aid for about $6 and have consequently seen them at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. for a similar price. I beg you, do NOT pay more than you have to! Skimmers are surprisingly versatile as well, I love wearing them with jean shorts, but they totally work with a summer skirt or dress as well. Happy skimmming!

4. And on that note, Summer skirts!

     I suppose I should say Spring skirts? The main criteria for these beauties are: long, flowy, and twirly (with bonus points for a floral print). There is nothing more lovely to wear in warm weather than a fun skirt. I lived in boots and dresses since New Years but have now switched to their counterpart. Prints like florals or dots are awesome, but I also love a good solid or even denim. The ones I'm wearing are from J.Crew, Gap, and Marks&Spencer (top to bottom) but this trend pops up literally everywhere.

5. My new floral backpack.

     I have a tie-dyeish Burton backpack that I also use but feel funny wearing a snowboarding backpack with, say a dress or skirt. I found this at Target and instantly fell in love. The grandma florals and leather accenting go perfectly with any fancier outfit, or even add a little spunk to jeans or some workout clothes. I've been rocking it nearly everyday since.

If you see me the next few weeks, I will most likely be wearing one of these pieces! My fashion is pretty predictable. What are your staples this Spring? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks to my cool friend Brynn for taking these pictures.

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