Almost didn’t happen. We had walk party and pump party and Bike Party for two, but it was almost a disaster. At one point these were our only pictures from the night: 
    The first rule of Bike Party is of course check your bike the day before Bike Party. Galina didn’t obey this rule, so her tires were flat and then ended up getting completely deflated at a gas station. So we started walking our bikes back, only to try another air pump that actually worked.
     So there we were, tragedy to victory over the course of about a mile. We had already missed the meeting up point so we biked as fast as we could, following fellow Bike Partiers and about an hour and several rallying “Bike PAR-TAY” ‘s later, we found our group! Party on!

 Chris, Jacob, Dave (all the way from LA), Mike, Laura, Galina, and I.
 Chris didn’t reprieve his “science experiment” from last year:
But he DID find me a snap bracelet as a “piece of 90’s flair” Thanks Chris!

 Favorite parts of Bike Party: 1. everyone’s like a family
My favorite picture of the night! Everyone encouraged me to jump in their picture so I did, and was warmly welcomed and didn’t even stand out! Never in the Bay!
2. Seeing all the crazy bikes
Like, how do people even ride these?! I also loved the little clown bikes, bikes with GIANT handlebars, bikes with coolers, speakers, glowsticks, etc.
3. When cars try to beat Bike Party (you should not be driving on this street right now anyway. Don’t try). People are completely at one extreme or the other.
4. The costumes! Although I was like the most dressed up person I saw and all I had was that circa 1990 neon jacket and a side pony. But I did see Marge Simpson with her family in tow AND two girls that we Tamagochi’s. Well done!
    I know there are several variations of Bike Party in SF, LA, & the East Bay, and I’m not sure about the rest of the country but if you ever get a chance to participate, DO IT! 

    So I'm currently in LA because my cool cool older brother is graduating from nursing school! We have some combination of family down here, more details to follow. Hope everyone is having a perfect weekend! 



chloe said...

Hey Priya! I'm glad you're back from your trip...I tried to comment a few days ago but couldn't figure out how to - dumb! It's right in front of my face...

Anyways, just wanted to say that the definition of sundress can be pretty lenient...a pretty dress you'd wear out in hot weather? Be creative! :)

Also, I love love love your hair. The bike party looked like fun!

Priya said...

Chloe! You're sweet, thank you! And I can definitely find a pretty dress for the sun, those are simple requirements. I was racking my brain thinking like cotton? chiffon? floral?! haha

Karen said...

So I just spent the last hour or so going through pretty much all of your blog posts (still have some more to go). I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Let me count the ways: your tone, which is incredibly cheery and makes me think I'm actually having a conversation with you; your awesome hair; your amazing heritage; your love of musicals; your ambiguous-bordering-on-hate relationship with studying (haha); and just how gorgeous you are. Definitely subscribing on my Google reader! :-)

Yuli Conversations said...

Hey love ;) thank you for following, how do i follow you back?

Priya said...

I'm not exactly sure...haha. There is a subscribe button that pops up on the right-hand side of my blog but I'm not really sure if that's it! Let me know if you can't figure it out.

Priya said...

Karen, thank you so much! All of your comments are so sweet and encouraging! This way more than cancels out the mean comment I got from some rando. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog too, woohoo!! Following yours too and I'd love to read some more because your writing is awesome!

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