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     Well one thing I haven't been doing is taking pictures. Which is good for my little Cannon who got a lot of action over the past few weeks and is feeling kinda worn out. Otherwise I've been just hanging around with family, unpacking, and loving being in California. Seriously, it's a beautiful place. Yesterday I went disc-golfing in Golden Gate Park and some random guy said "Hey nice putt!" after I made the putt of my lifetime. Love Californians. And love California. On that note, here's your history bit of the day:
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     The Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its' 75th Anniversary this year! NBC did an awesome thing where they collected people's Instagram pictures and put them on their website. I tried to steal one of those for my blog, but then again who doesn't love vintage postcards?! (Ok also I couldn't figure out how to copy it). I don't know anything else about the bridge except it rocks and renting bikes and biking around SF is one of the best day trips you can take.
     Besides golfing (both disc and my brother taught me a real golf swing with his OrangeWhip practice weighted putter? I don't even know what it's called. Clearly, not a golfer) I got to spend some time with my older sister, eating grilled cheese, planning our trip to VEGAS in June, going on a little run, and I got my hair cut! Let's see if I can get a little Photobooth action going here for you fine folks:
It's short! Originally I had planned to get it (and my bangs) trimmed but then I decided a little shorter might be nicer for a summer in Tennessee. It feels healthy (such a girly thing to say, sue me). 

     Let's talk about how much I love musicals for a minute. I love them. Why do I like them so much? Performing in them is exhilarating and I am so excited to be getting back on stage in The Pajama Game. I love watching shows and of course movie musicals. The music just makes me happy and I love to sing showtunes really loud. And I definitely cannot pick a favorite but Sound of Music, Crazy For You, West Side Story, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera Singin' In The Rain and Hairspray are definitely top 10. Seeing how that is about 10 already, let's say Top 20. 
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     Last night I got to see my little brother's Spring choir performance and the theme was "On Broadway". So naturally I was thrilled. I may be a little biased, but he is a STAR. I have decided I will probably live out my stage dreams vicariously through him since he seems to get all the good parts, but I like to pretend I taught him everything he knows, ha! 
     I tried to get some pictures but actually obeyed the "no flash photography" rule so they aren't the best. He got to sing a solo in "They Can't Take That Away From Me" from Crazy For You which I LOVE. Also since he's about to graduate they had a classic honoring-the-grads moment where the seniors sang "For Good" from Wicked. It was a little emotional. I may cry when the twins graduate.
     Listening to that music of course inspired me to a little "Soundtracks and Showtunes" playlist, which I have been enjoying all day as I do laundry, unpack, pack for this weekend, eat hot-dogs with my mom at Costco, etc. 
     Also: I have been looking to expand my business professional wardrobe for my internship (read: closed-toe pumps) and came across these shoes yesterday at Marshalls for an award-winning $22! But, I can't decide if they look weird or normal, they're patent leather and have a square-ish heel. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Do you think they pass as normal pumps or look a little strange?
Guess my shoe size. 
     And tonight is BIKE PARTY! If you are in the Bay Area, I suggest, beg, plead, and implore you to come to bike party tonight. I promise you will have a blast. More info here and pictures from it soon! Hope everyone had an awesome day, and if you actually made it this far...thanks for reading! 

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