somewhat of a blogiatus

     I'm getting to that point where I'm a super popular blogger and it's starting to take over my life and I'm realizing what's really important to me so I have to call it quits...NOT. I am, however, studying, taking finals, packing up, moving out, moving in, saying bye to my Nashville friends for a month, and getting ready to see my California friends for a month! And getting ready to be in Finland! Thursday! More exciting news: my lovely friend Shelby has sold me her camera so I am now a proud owner of a silver Canon Rebel! This means I can have nice pictures guys! I can't wait to break that out in Finland. I'll try to keep you updated but I may very well be across the pond when I blog again!

Think of me if you see an airplane in the next few days, because I may very well be on it!

Hope everyone is having a phenomenal week! I almost am!

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