a little bit of outfit

As I recover from Vegas and enjoy being in Nashville again. And man, it feels good to be back!
The shadows were being really feisty today.
This, ladies and gentlemen is case in point of why I had to borrow my sister's clothes the entire time I was in Vegas. Because I love chambray, and gingham, and moccasins. 
I love moccasins! How cute are these darlings, Target circa 2009? Things that make me feel like Pochahontas: cliff-jumping. Paper bag vests. These moccasins.

Thanks to my roomie whom I genuinely miss while I'm away for taking these pictures.

   I could not have asked for a nicer day, yes I remember why I love being here. I got to go in to work after my "boss" took me out for lunch (after sleeping in...yessssss) work for a few hours that felt exciting and new, inadvertantly run into my housie at the grocery store (also got propositioned by a nice guy...who promised to look me up on Facebook) where he was buying food to make us all dinner (complete with a very Pinterest-y fruit salad), and then hang out with some of my very best friends. I love you guys. I also love run-on sentences.

   I think this is going to be a really fantastic week! Hope yours started off well too! (I also promise that as soon as I actually get to do a Vegas post I'll never mention it again :) How funny is it that a emoticon within a parenthese is a genuine grammatical quandry these days?! C'est la vie



sip-n-wear said...

super cute shoes!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

This is such a cute outfit! I am loving the gingham with those adorable shoes. Hahahaha, its funny that mocassins make you feel like Pocahontas! I actually don't own a pair, but after seeing this post, I really want some! So cute.


Priya said...

Why thank you!

Priya said...

Thanks you, and thanks for coming by my blog!

Priya said...

Thanks Marie! Gingham is a winner for sure :) You should totally invest in the Moccasin trend! Check out Minnetonka Moccasins, they are legit.

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