weekend musings on a miserable Monday

   Am I being dramatic? It was a wonderful weekend. I had a blast seeing Hunter again, being with friends, and playing outside all day. I don't have the "weekend's over back to work blah Monday" blues, I just want to say one tiny thing and that's all about why I am miserable: at some point on Saturday, I got eaten alive, and I am COVERED from my face to my feet (literally) with bug bites. All of my other problems seem to be fallout from that. To me, this is the perfect(ly terrible) combination of being uncomfortable and insecure. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so itchy and restless, so now I'm just grumpy, and I look terrible or diseased, so I wanted to wear something that would completely cover my entire body. Which is nearly impossible, not to mention the high of 91 today. Yeah, it's the pits. Life's not always fun and games around here folks, there's a very real, un-glam peek into my life.
   That being said, some pictures from this weekend (and last, because that never happened) when we went cliff-jumping at a quarry (because I am a daredevil. NOT. Totally not. Absolutely not. I can barely get myself to jump off the baby cliffs. It just doesn't make sense in my mind).
But you cannot beat that view! 
This was the day I was smart and safe and just watched.

And this has got to be the most quintessential "SUMMER" picture ever and I love it.
   Saturday I did challenge myself to new heights (pun) by jumping off a 40-footer. But I was shaking like a leaf. And thinking about it is making my palms sweat. Luckily, I had my roomie by my side and a bunch of other supportive friends. After the quarry we were tired and famished and headed to our pal Dave's house, where his mom prepared this amazing Southern feast for us. "Hit the spot" has a new meaning in my book, it was fab.

A few more from Saturday:
I realized I needed some hot pink lipstick to go with my amazing new earrings (thanks Shel!). I settled on Fuchsia Fever Colorsensational by Maybelline. Although I shouldn't say "settled" because it exceeded my expectations and I felt like an 80's GODDESS.
She rocks. 
   This picture is hilarious. I'm about to write a book called "When Selfies Go Wrong" and this will be the cover. How did we mis-aim so horribly? Why is this guy hard-core photo-bombing? And so gung-ho out and about even on crutches! I always wonder about randos that end up in my pictures. Chances are, I've (purposely and un-purposely) bombed quite a few stranger's pictures. Do they wonder about me? I should avoid being so philosophical on a Monday morning.
   This picture's purpose is quadfold. First, continuing my quest to use every mug in the office, today's mint tea is brought to you by the National Park Trust. Second, it shows that I am sad. Third, I am sporting new bangs after I trimmed them myself! Another thing I accomplished this weekend! Fourth, it shows the beginnings of my bizarre, attempt to cover my welted body, maxi dress tucked under a button-up, outfit. I would do a fashion post but I am just too confused.

   I already feel less grumpy after writing and making fun of myself. Two more funny, work-related things: Friday, so excited for the weekend and to see Hunter, I locked myself in a stairwell. And Robby the security guy had to come rescue me. This morning, I headed to my usual conference room, propped the door open and stood grumpily, only to look into the eyes of an ENTIRE ROOM FULL of people watching a presentation. Uhh...sorry guys.

Currently listening to Bon Iver as to calm myself.
Countdown to Vegas: 3 days.

So, today I would love your: thoughts on fuchsia lipstick, comments on my self-haircut, and "Bug-Bitten Fashion" tips.



Nautical Stripes said...

Ah, I love your bangs! Just love your hair in general :)

Mindy from www.nauticalstripes.com

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Your hair looks amazing! I don't know if I could self cut my hair. It would be horrible! And I don't know if I could pull off that lipstick either. That view in the first picture is amazing by the way!



Priya said...

Thanks! I was a little nervous but I think they turned out ok!

Priya said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Amy! I've never actually cut my own hair, only my bangs. Although the good part about having a lot of hair is that you hardly notice if parts of it are missing (i.e. bad haircut experience). Have some fun and go for some BRIGHT lipstick! And let me know how it goes!

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