the belt that almost didn't happen but then it happened

   I love sharing with people. Specifically clothes, specifically with my friends. However, it does stress me out when I'm missing things/don't get stuff back. Maybe I'm just paranoid about it. Anyway, this day I was running terribly late, needed a belt, couldn't find my black belt, freaked out, remembered this little gem I got from Francesca's for about $1.50 on a CRAZY sale, and decided it would have to do.
   I wasn't too excited about this outfit at first, and I wasn't sure about the gold bow/yellow skirt, but it grew with me as the day went on. By the time I got home I thought, I really like this!
   The umbrella is not just a cute prop, it's been raining here all week and was raining when we took this pictures. I'll take the rain over 100+ degree weather though, thanks. 
   Wait, you mean you don't match your umbrella to your hair clip?
   Me being stupid and definitely getting rained on. There's only so much you can do with an umbrella people. 
   Shirt courtesy of my sister who had it made in India, I believe? The skirt is a bit complicated, and also serves as one of my handful of items from Anthro. I was shopping with my sister and she wanted it, but it didn't fit her. Score! Belt, we've already been over this. And those weird shoes from Marshalls again that now I can't live without!
   My "every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining" "make-lemonade-when-life-hands-you-a-rainy-day" face. 

   Still really feeling the love from other bloggers which is so, SO nice! Thank you guys! I'm really enjoying myself! Hunter and I are finishing up "Avenger Week" by actually going to see The Avengers tonight! Oh you bet you'll get opinionated ridiculous reviews of that sometime soon. We've also got some fun stuff planned for tomorrow, weekend love!!



Chloe Innvaer said...
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melissa said...

Cute, love the pop of colour in the skirt!

Priya said...

Why thank you! Thanks for coming by my blog Melissa!

Cara said...

What a lovely outfit, the skirt is such a great color and pairs beautifully withe the printed top, clip and umbrella! Please send the cooler air my way, its 100 again today!

Priya said...

Thank you for your kind words Cara! And I def feel you on the heat, I don't know how we've gotten so lucky! Stay cool!

Elana said...

Isn't it weird how often you put together an outfit, decide you don't like it, and then get a bunch of compliments on it? I think you're crazy for not loving this outfit, I adore it! Especially that skirt and I think the belt looks darling with it. You look great!

Priya said...

You're right on Elana, the mysteries of your own outfits. Thanks though, you're so sweet!!

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