Friday, August 31

   I love poetry. I don't pretend to actually be good at writing it, but I enjoy doing it sometimes, and reading it all the time. I wrote this poem in October 2010 (when I was 19 years old).
i looked at myself
all 19 of me
and lined them up hip to hip
i saw me dainty, flippant, fearless
longing, scheming, dreaming
and i saw my hear nipped at the ears
ripped knees and elbows from a fall
her eyes are wide
and making plans
she's running after and towards
i looked behind and looked in front
of friends and those who made me blush.
i saw the girl i wished i was
and who i came to be
 and the lady, established at with 19 years
whispered to 18, who said to 17
look forward and look behind
is you and for you. 

   The weekend is here and I am THRILLED! I plan to be working on my house and cheering Hunter on in some races. Thanks for reading, Happy Friday!

mad men goes purple

Thursday, August 30

   Very excited to have a) Brynn taking pictures for me b) a new purple skirt and c) the pleasure of borrowing a necklace from a friend.
earrings- F21, tank top- H&M, necklace, c/o Brynn, skirt- thrifted, wedges- Old Navy
Does this outfit show how ridiculously sore I am from my fitness test? Because I am. Things would be different if I did push-ups everyday, but who does that?!
   My mom has been thrifting since before it was cool. You remember those times in high school where your clothes had to be NEW and from the MALL? My mom would get so excited about finding stuff at Goodwill and I was like, gross mom. Until one day I found a J.Crew skirt...that sparked my interest.
   Fast forward to now (actually this past weekend) in Davidson when mom said, "There's a nice Goodwill by our hotel, maybe we could check it out?" I also found a sign that said "Mom: as I get older, you get smarter." SO TRUE. 
   Brynn has the most stunning, unique collection of jewelry ever. This necklace is from an estate sale in Sarasota, FL that Brynn's grandpa bought for her. How lucky am I to have her as housie?
I originally thought this skirt was weird because it is a little longer than most pencil skirts I would wear, until I told that to Brynn and she said "Yeah, it's 50's style. It's so Mad Men."I have definitely drooled over the fashion in Mad Men at several points in my life so naturally I am thrilled at her comparison.
Did I mention I caught the bus today in these wedges? Winning!

   Guess who's working at Donut Den tonight? Not me, Huntee! Dr. Fox asked him to come in and I think he's learning how to make cake donuts, yet another thing to add to his list of skills. Hope you all are having a fantastic day, happy almost weekend! 

ho hey lovely

Wednesday, August 29

   Started today off right with TJ's Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal and catching the bus this morning! Here's the e-card of the week because I can't help it, I love these things.
   I got a little card in the mail yesterday from my friend Katie! Always a good thing, how much do I love writing and reading letters? SO much. I definitely have some people I've been meaning to call for a while now, so this e-card goes out to you. 

   Last night was really nice. I was not looking forward to Physics lab, but I got to partner with a friend and we literally went through it as fast as we could, splitting up jobs (my kinda lab partner!). Mostly she measured and I live-tweeted. But we got done EARLY, so Hunter and I could go to Trader Joe's and I finally bought some groceries, including all my TJ's favorites.
   We spent the evening at my house eating Teriyaki chicken and cookies that my housie Mariel made, playing with the cat, Mr. Wizard (have I seriously not put pictures of our little buddy up here yet?), and my pal Blake joined us as we tried to do some B-Po homework (that's Business Policy & Strategy). I just really loved spending time with my boyfriend and a good friend, simultaneously. 
   I also love, love being at my new house. I have still not moved in. So if I love it now, I can only imagine when I've finished some of my projects. I spent last night trying to organize some stuff while listening to Bon Iver and it was perrrfecct. 

   Excited (ha) for a good day of class, a fitness test in Aerobics (yikes) and hostessing tonight. 
   I leave you with this song that I newly love, maybe I'm way behind the times in saying this, but give it a listen! Sounds like a guy is playing this in an empty house to a girl that he really loves.

   Would love to know how your week is going! Make it a great day!

white skirt revival

Tuesday, August 28

   I'm actually in a good mood today! It's like I told my pal Andrea in Physics, I'm in a bad mood like everyday but today I feel pretty good. It's not actually a bad mood, more like, a range of two extremes (best day of my life-->my life is about to end). 
   Could it be because I finally discovered a way (with help from Brynn) to wear this skirt? I forgot how refreshing it is to get a second opinion when you're getting dressed, and I don't know why I didn't think simpler, sooner!
shirt- Madewell, skirt- A&F, wedges- Bakers, necklace- gift from Jacqui (31 Bits), necklace- gift from Huntee (Dominican Republic)
My outfit shoots are honest. Here I am honestly untangling my necklaces. The first of which was a gift from my dear friend, Jacqui. Those red beads are made from recycled paper by ladies in Africa! I love a good necklace, especially when it's helping someone other than me.
The second one was brought back from the Dominican Republic by Hunter! I initially thought it was a whistle, not a whistle, I still love it.
Here I am pondering my skirt (stolen from my sister, in high school). Like, is this even in style anymore? Remember when these "petticoat" skirts were really popular? 
I leave you with a direct quote from Hunter "If I stressed as much about what I wear as you, I would hate my life too." Love him (and I don't hate my life).

Have a wonderful day!

oh you fancy, huh?

Sunday, August 26

   The title of this post has little (nothing) to do with the actual post, it's just one of the affirmations I like to say to myself. Also, I am feeling a little fancier around here because I've been trying my best to do some sprucing! Still looking for some help, if that's your thing.
   Broadcasting to you live from Starbucks on Peachtree St. in Atlanta (and I just started playing Justin Bieber's Believe on Spotify...oh shoooot). What. A. Weekend.
   As I've mentioned, I ventured to Charlotte, NC this weekend, to meet up with my mom and baby brother as he heads to college. Did I mention I took the bus? Specifically, two buses, both ways (for a grand total of four buses?) When I'm super rich and take my private jet everywhere, I will probably laugh at these modest traveling arrangements.
   And in the mean time, I look back on this weekend in a daze. It was definitely worth it, also definitely WILD. I have seriously met so many random people. Like, for example, the young man I asked to direct me to a Starbucks. The conversation went like this:

Priya: Hey do you know if there's a Starbucks nearby?
Boy: There is in that building, but it's closed on the weekends.
Priya: Oh, awesome.
Man: Yeah. I'm tryna get some caffeine too, I just had my child.
Priya: Wow, congratulations!
Baby Daddy: Thanks! There's one down the street, like two miles. Good luck.

   Honestly, this is the most normal conversation I have had all weekend. Including the ones with my mom, because those are always full of her making up American phrases and me imitating her.
   Ok I'll shut up and show you some pictures. Here's where I've been this weekend:
 Charlotte. Where they had the most fabulous crown motif going on.
Here we are in front of Amir's dorm!
 The Davidson campus is gorgeous!
WILDCATS, everywhere, raise your hands up in the air! 
 Fridge: $79. Comforter: $20. Taking Amir to college: priceless.
 I loved exploring the adorable little town of Davidson with my mom. One of my favorite moments was a late afternoon coffee date at a random little shop.
We both love taking walks, and the weather was absolutely perfect (like 80) all weekend!
 I also made her wear my sunglasses this one time...
 Lake Norman wraps all around Davidson (even on their "lake campus" where you can take wakeboarding for P.E. how awesome is that? They should hire me for admissions).
I made him let me take this one! What a champ.
   Well I honestly can't believe my little baby brothers are all grown up and going off to college! I was so happy to spend a little time with family this weekend, there's something really great about being with the ones that know you the best (and in my case, still love me)! 
   Amir is going to be awesome at this college thing! I told him to "Rent books, and introduce himself to all his teachers" and my Mom said "Good luck, don't be a loser" (because a few things have gone missing already...).
   As for me, I am very much ready to be back to the norm in Nashville. See you on the other side!

on being creative

Saturday, August 25

a creative quote and a self quote
   One of my favorite things about reading blogs is that feeling of getting inspired.
   I love any way of being creative, I cannot claim to be an artist (or especially, a good one) but I still love it. After reading "21 Ways To Be More Creative" posted by Nataly, I can say I have resolve and determination to add more acts of creativity in my life, specifically, by doing one act of creativity every day.
   This would normally freak me out (because like I've said before, I was the kid who asked my teachers to do my art projects for me) but I need to remind myself that there are so many ways to be creative. Creativity does not mean a paintbrush and canvas (although, I would like to get into that!) or oil pastels. I can use any medium I want, so I really don't have a excuse not to.
   I would encourage you to take a look at that article! It definitely provided me with some ideas such as: reading poetry aloud (ok, sometimes I do that, it's not weird? Hooray!), making a collage (old Glamours here I come!), taking a walk (creative + calorie burning? Done.), doing something in silence, and turning off your T.V. I want to try all of those!

   Still in Charlotte, loving the moments with my mom and younger brother (when we steal him away from his orientation). North Carolina is certainly beautiful! Mom and I have spent a lot of time driving around (not always purposely) and gawking at the gorgeous houses, greenery, and Lake Norman). I plan to put those pictures up tomorrow as I will be traveling back to Nashville. All day. Here's one teaser to keep you interested:
Isn't this beautiful? Mom and I sat here for awhile eating ice cream until we got kicked off because it's private property. Oh well.

   And on that note of being creative: I changed up my blog! No more dynamic views that were messing up my life completely (dramatic). Now you can actually follow me, if you would like to do so!
   Also, a desperate plea: if anyone is handy with blogs (and I know so many of you are!) I would love some help sprucing mine up, or at least getting a custom title/header/picture in the empty space up top. I would be ETERNALLY grateful! Some cupcakes may be in order :)
   Hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend! Creativity is just as important as exercise in your life, so go ahead and add that one act a day! And keep me posted. 

blog post about blog posts

Friday, August 24

   Hi everyone! After spending a day on two buses and in Atlanta, I have arrived in Charlotte, NC, where my baby brother is going away to college! I have been absolutely plagued by spotty WiFi (even at the CNN Center, where I thought for sure, if anywhere in the world, I could get on the internet), and I'll be trying to soak up every moment I can with them, but I can't wait to share some pictures and adventures when I'm back in Nashville!

   In the midst of this crazy week, I've been thinking a lot about blogging, and my thoughts usually fall into three categories:

1. Blog-enthusiasm: That high when you WANT to write. You want to post, you feel excited, you feel like you could type for ages and you're in a "Blogging is for ME! Who cares if I have 6 followers?" mood. A great idea for a post hits you in class and you realize you have a computer at your fingertips.
1a. Blog-enthusiasm anxiety: A subset of this is. When you have a really good idea for a post and then you forget it.
2. Blog-guilt: When you neglect your blog for a few days and you think, man, I should really write a blog post for my 6 followers or I might loose them. The first rule of blogging is to be consistent. I need something exciting to happen in my life or else I will make something up and take pictures of it.
3. Blog-envy: When you read everyone else's blog and think: Why is their life perfect? How did they get their Twitter to link? Where did they find that cool layout? Why does everyone know how to make a good, professional-looking blog but me? Why does everything they wear look so fantastic? How can their kids be so cute and well-behaved? Where did they find the most perfect husband in the world?

   I read an interesting post the other day by Alissa at The Adored Life, where in a letter written to her (in the future) by her 21-year-old self, she writes, "You are not allowed to focus on the blog as a way of validating yourself. You are blogging for yourself, yes, it's incredibly fun and you have met great people, but don't make it about numbers or stats." 
   Maybe that's a duh for you, but for me, it was incredibly profound. Why do people use their blog as a way to validate themselves? To prove to themselves and others that they are smart enough, funny enough, a good enough writer, or wear cool enough clothes? I realize that's just silly, and if you're not loving it, you shouldn't be doing it. 

   This doesn't end up changing much about my blog itself, although I think it will change some thoughts behind what I'm writing. I honestly started this blog during a transition in my life. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided, "If I do stop running cross-country/track, then I will start a blog." And here I am. 

   To lighten up this text-heavy (and maybe young-adult-angsty) post, I present to you, our e-card of the week:
Funny Flirting Ecard: If I had a blog, I'd write a reasonably pleasant post about you.
   Does any of this resonate with you? I'd love to hear about your thoughts on blogging and how you keep yourself inspired and blogging for yourself. Happy Friday to everyone!

self-timer fails and other pre-lab woes

Wednesday, August 22

   Let me set the stage for you: I have one hour before my first Physics lab starts (where we will do: ? More magic experiments like this morning in class? Is that what you do in lab?) my boyfriend has abandoned me for class with leftover BBQ on my face, and I figure, hey, I can get some little homework assignments done for tomorrow!
   OR I can try and find a friend to take some outfit pictures for me on a nearly deserted campus. So I call up my three friends that could possibly be available (even though I am a Senior and thought I would be Miss Lipscomb by now), but everyone hates me. Well, self-timer is not that difficult right?
   WRONG. I have to share these photos and the story because it is too funny and I will definitely want to look back and see this on my blog. 15 minutes, 5 mosquito bites, and 2 volunteer photographers (much to my embarrassment) later, I produced these photos.
earrings- Wish Memphis, top- Local Honey, pants- Old Navy, shoes- H&M, ring- Ten Thousand Villages

 This is after propping my camera up on like 4 books and my head is STILL cut-off.
 Oh good, a picture where you can actually see me. Let's pretend like there's not infinite amounts of ground space where I obviously used a self-timer.
 Luckily my feet are dark and veiny so you can't really see my bites.
I'm gonna pretend like this picture is artsy when really my camera just didn't focus.

   All I'm saying is, if I end up with more mosquito bites than quality pictures after an outfit photoshoot, I should just quit now.
   Can I rant about bug bites for a second? My dad used to always say "You must be very sweet" because bugs LOVE me. I must have a neon "Blood Bank" sign above my head, because mosquitoes eat me up and it makes me miserable. Note that I am already wearing long pants and a long-sleeve shirt, because I am already covered in bites from Fran's wedding this weekend, but does this deter the mosquitoes? No. I have exposed feet. I will buy bug spray, tomorrow, if not sooner, and spray it on instead of perfume, deoderant, hairspray, and mouthspray (2/4 of those I don't even use on a regular basis!)

   Notes about this outfit: I guess it's not particularly "exciting" or "fashion forward", but I love it, and would wear it everyday if I could. This oxford shirt is the closest thing I own to chambray, so I like to pretend that it is. These shoes are like my heart and soul in flat form. They are nearing the end of their life, but I don't think I can get rid of them. These pants are probably my favorite; I feel like they look a little classy, but they fit well and are really comfortable, for a situation like, I dunno, binging on BBQ and a giant cookie before a photoshoot.
   I should re-name my blog to "Perfectly Disclaimers About Stuffing My Face Before I Take Outfit Pictures." Catchy? 

my (last) first day of school

Monday, August 20

   That day was today. It's a pretty weird feeling. To think that I'll never really have a first day again. And I had to do this because I love this kinda stuff.
Here I am on my very first trip to Lipscomb, way back in 2007. 
And here I am today on my last first day of school ever! I look pretty much exactly the same. This one's for you mom!

   I know I'm not the only one starting school, so to all the students out there: here's to a great year!

beach wedding fashion

   My second question after "Who's geting married?" is of course, "What should I wear?" The nice thing about a wedding on the beach is that you can get away with pretty much anything. Anything casual and appropriate I mean, keeping it classy.
   My friend Shel is a real-live model, AND a blog-lover, so she insisted we get some pictures of our beach wedding attire.
 Shel, the real-live model. 
earrings- Target, dress- Old Navy, belt- Wish, shoes- Bakers
Getting our fashion blogger on. 

fran's wedding

      This weekend was loaded with Mason jars, sand, flower arrangements, driving, wedding decisions, and a beach house full of people (oh and cupcakes, of course). I had a blast being with Shel, as well as Fran, the blushing bride. Congrats to Fran & Tony! Best wishes as you start life together!
   Back to real life: school started this morning (what?!), I’m moving into my new house (stress & joy intertwined), and trying to maintain my regular life activities: boyfriend, friends, working, blogging!
   Also I leave for Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday. So, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. But one day when life is boring I will look back nostalgically on this time, right?