bringing the happies back

   First off, THANK YOU again to all you sweethearts and your kind words yesterday. Still dealing with stuff that makes me gulp, but I realize: there are so many things in life to be happy about. Here are a few of mine today:

- a couple days ago I came home to find THREE letters on my bed: one from Jacqui on to-die-for leopard print stationary, one from Rachel (on to-die-for admittedly weird stationary), and a postcard from my Mummo in Finnish. Write a letter in Finnish, get a postcard in Finnish. Calling up my mom for translation services SOON. I love getting mail.
- yesterday it was 4:48 pm when I said to Hunter "So...The Painted Cupcake is open for 12 more minutes." Love that man. We went to buy 3 babycakes, met a lady who turned out to be the owner, who gave us 3 additional red velvet babycakes (from the back, oooh) and a big German Chocolate cupcake (lunch today) FOR FREE. A kind gesture and free cupcakes, spectacular.
- found Hey Christian Girl today. I won't cloud the beauty and humor of it with my comments. But, it totally made me happy.
- talked to my little brother last night, and realized I'll get to see him and my mom in 16 days when he comes to college in Charlotte, NC! This makes my heart so so happy. Family is consistently a warm fuzzy for me. I tried to give him some advice on college like "It's gonna feel like Hogwarts for the first couple months." For whatever that's worth. Gross picture of me, but he is adorable.
- I ordered The Happiness Project the other day, and should be getting it very soon. I wanted it for so long and then one day decided, I'm gonna go ahead and order it! Books are something I never feel guilty about spending money on. Anyway, I'm very excited to read it!

The Happiness Project
- lastly, I can always find an ecard to make me smile. Here's one for the day (wow, it was SO hard to pick just one! I'm about to make that a weekly feature! Also, this one can be backed up by science! My brother, the newly registered nurse [love ya] told me that when I'm feeling grumpy [daily occurrence] I should always eat something because it's probably because my blood sugar is low. Don't be afraid by my brackets within parentheses. This blog just got cray):

and everything is gonna be ok!
  What's making you happy today? Let me know & I'd love to try and give you an extra boost! 


Elana said...

(I like how I'm the first one to comment half the time. I'm like a groupie)
Okay, you have succeeded because this whole post made me extremely happy. Let's recap:
1. Red velvet cupcakes are my weakness. But FREE red velvet cupcakes? That's the dream right there.
2.I saw "Hey Christian Girl" a little while ago, and nearly lost my shit.
3. Your brother looks exactly like you and the fact that you told him the first few months of college is like Hogwarts is too great.

So happy to hear that things are going better :)

Priya said...

AH Elana you're the best! I love your comments (also glad someone is actually reading it). When I mail you cupcakes I would send you a Painted Cupcake too, but then mine would just suck in comparison. Maybe in a separate package. Hey Christian Girl = joy to ladies of all religions. Ha thanks I hear all kinds of mixed reviews about which sibling I look like, but I'll take it! Isn't college like Hogwarts?! Thanks for being sweet :)

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