ho hey lovely

   Started today off right with TJ's Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal and catching the bus this morning! Here's the e-card of the week because I can't help it, I love these things.
   I got a little card in the mail yesterday from my friend Katie! Always a good thing, how much do I love writing and reading letters? SO much. I definitely have some people I've been meaning to call for a while now, so this e-card goes out to you. 

   Last night was really nice. I was not looking forward to Physics lab, but I got to partner with a friend and we literally went through it as fast as we could, splitting up jobs (my kinda lab partner!). Mostly she measured and I live-tweeted. But we got done EARLY, so Hunter and I could go to Trader Joe's and I finally bought some groceries, including all my TJ's favorites.
   We spent the evening at my house eating Teriyaki chicken and cookies that my housie Mariel made, playing with the cat, Mr. Wizard (have I seriously not put pictures of our little buddy up here yet?), and my pal Blake joined us as we tried to do some B-Po homework (that's Business Policy & Strategy). I just really loved spending time with my boyfriend and a good friend, simultaneously. 
   I also love, love being at my new house. I have still not moved in. So if I love it now, I can only imagine when I've finished some of my projects. I spent last night trying to organize some stuff while listening to Bon Iver and it was perrrfecct. 

   Excited (ha) for a good day of class, a fitness test in Aerobics (yikes) and hostessing tonight. 
   I leave you with this song that I newly love, maybe I'm way behind the times in saying this, but give it a listen! Sounds like a guy is playing this in an empty house to a girl that he really loves.

   Would love to know how your week is going! Make it a great day!


Carina said...

Guess who's seeing the Lumineers fo free in October? It's actually the best concert combo ever, free and byob, wish you were around to come with!

Elana said...

Well that sounds like a lovely evening! Good luck moving in. I'm assuming we'll see pictures after it's all decorated? I assume because I know I'm right. Also, LOVE this song. Also also, I think we should come out as a blogging couple. It makes sense.

Priya said...

Ughhh no don't tell me that, you're the worsttt

Priya said...

If my house is decorated well enough to the standards of blogging, YES you know I will be using that material! If not, maybe I'll just pick and choose. Alright Elana, maybe they'll make a relationship status gadget for Blogger!!

Katherine said...

i hate the process of moving, but i love being in a new place - i love setting up my stuff in a new place.

and i always waned to do a yoga or fitness class in college but my schedule never allowed it because of my 3 hour studios only available at one time

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Priya said...

I love setting up my stuff too, and rearranging it once I have! Just haven't found time for that yet! And this is my first P.E. class of college! I've waited til my Senior year to take all my PE credits! Thanks for coming by Katherine!

Anonymous said...


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