I fly I fly high, I'm blazin'

   This weekend I: bought cherries for a potluck, helped Shel move, got a LOT of mosquito bites (I am not joking, I got one while I was taking these pictures), hostessed a Sunday Brunch, and wore this outfit.
 blazer- F21, earrings- flea market, sunnies- H&M, dress- F21, heels- Marks&Spencer (Ireland) 
    I like this unexpected combo, because the dress says "I can have fun and I'm not afraid to wear bright colors" while the blazer says "I can switch to business mode in about 5 seconds" 
 In other news, I did my own nails and I am extremely pleased with how they turned out. What I really wanted was to go get them done...not really in the budget. So I'm just pretending I got a manicure. 
 Hunter has officially become my photographer, like any good boyfriend-of-a-blogger. I love it because he makes some of the most interesting analogies ever (side example: "Those earrings are huge! They're like a janitor's key ring."). I'm pretty sure it was this picture where he said "Yeah, stand just like that. Like 'When are you gonna be home for dinner?'" So naturally this is me laughing. 

   Absolutely feeling the love on my blog! Thank you ALL for reading and your sweet comments. 


Annie said...

Your hair looks SO cute like that! And I love the dress/blazer combo - so pretty :)


Priya said...

Thanks Annie! I was totally fearful I would be the laughingstock of the blogging community because my topknot really looks like a baseball. But you made me feel good!! Thanks again!

Ali W. said...

Hahahaha I love this part: " Hunter has officially become my photographer, like any good boyfriend-of-a-blogger."
This is hilarious and so TRUE. That is so funny that we have so much in common. We even both liked ANNIE! That is crazy! I thought I was the only one! We definitely could be great friends! :)
P.S. I love your hair! so cute!

Alexa said...

love this outfit <3 it is soo cute! you look gorgeous!

Alexa <3

Elana said...

Seriously, am I the only who can't pull off the top knot? I'm a huge lover of anything yellow, so naturally I adore this outfit. Plus, I love the contrast between the sweet dress and masculine blazer. Basically, you look great, as usual. Also, can you please post stories about Hunter in every post? They're funny and adorable every single time!

Priya said...

Thank you Ali!! Oh I will totally burst out in "Hard-Knock-Life" at any given moment. Miss Hannigan is totally my dream role!! I love your little blog :) excited to follow along!

Priya said...

thank you so much Alexa!

Priya said...

Try it out, I want to see it! I appreciate your honest fashion compliments because I know they are backed up by a COLLEGE DEGREE! I'm glad you like the stories about Hunter and you're not like "gag me" instead. I'll keep em coming as they happen!

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