firstfruits of fall fashion

   Happy Sunday friends! This week is already starting off better than last with the realization that: I don't really have any schoolwork to do for tomorrow! I'm still a bit under the weather, but I'm pretending it's a character study with a raspy, Lindsay Lohan-like voice. OH, and the weather is gorg. I am in love. Last week I got to wear boots for the first time and I was happy happy! 
 button-up- Old Navy, skirt- H&M, boots- Breckelles via Amazon
Looking back on this outfit, I think it makes me happy because the colors just pop! I love wearing bright colors. And this felt really fall, which was thrilling of course.
Another set of Huntee pics. He's just about professional at this point, and therefore that much more attractive to me!

   Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was hostessing it up, celebrating Amanda's birthday, and I may or may not have done a little shopping :O now about that storage issue...

I'm excited to check out some blogs and see what everyone has been up to. Cheers! 


Miss Doyle said...

Love those boots! Looking for a new pair right now to replace my pair that is falling apart.

Priya said...

Thanks Miss Doyle! I got those on Amazon.

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the checks! The outfit definitely gives off an equestrian vibe which I am really liking! Hope you're feeling better!
xo Hannah

Priya said...

Thanks so much Hannah! Still sniffling, but better than before!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Love this Fall look lady! Orange and blue are one of my favorite combos.. and so jealous you already pulled out your boots! I need to get on it!

Priya said...

Thanks Jessica! I'm afraid we're gonna have a TN weather switch-a-roo where it goes back to hott and humid for like a day, but so far, so good! Do it!

Elana said...

I LOVE these colors! And gingham. And boots. And fall. And you. I'm very eloquent, as you know. But seriously, the is the perfect way to start the season. Hope your week is still off to a good start and that you feel better soon!

Katherine said...

i LOVE those boors. love them. love them. i could type it a million times. they look particularly great on you - and that skirt is AWESOME. i love orange for fall - and this is the perfect way to wear it. and hopefully you start feeling 100 percent better soon - i hate when my voice messes up because i always feel like i sound manly over the phone or something

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

Priya said...

:D now this is a great comment! Thank you Elana!

Priya said...

Katherine- I got them on Amazon a couple years ago for $30 because I loved that red stripe boot look! I keep seeing pairs of them in different places, so keep your eyes peeled! And thanks a lot, I am feeling better!

Alexa said...

aww priya you look gorgeous! loving this fall look <3 the boots are beyond adorable!

Alexa <3

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