happy lolloween to you!

Wednesday, October 31

I figured I better post these pictures from our pumpkin carving soiree before they became completely irrelevant. This was last week, and we were so happy to spend an afternoon with friends!
 Of course our party included pumpkin cream cheese muffins (not cupcakes!)
and warm cider from a jar, the perfect combination. 
 Love that face. 
 The guests of the hour, my sweet friends Michael & Amanda (and soon to be Mr. & Mrs. McEachern!) 
 Carving pumpkins with two civil engineers is all business. They went crazy carving ghoulish faces and haunted houses, I made a face with triangle eyes named "Jack."
Now here's our super festive porch, can't wait to light these babies up tonight!

I am beyond excited to dress up tonight. Hunter and I do have coordinating costumes that actually came together...and you'll have to check back with my blog to see pictures ;)

Wishing you all a fun, sweet, and safe Halloween (especially those in the East Coast)! 

show week in the nifty fifties!

Tuesday, October 30

Well it's show week here, and that explains the lack of blogging.
Don't feel bad little blog, I have also excused myself from homework, some class, and basically anything I don't want to do ("Well, it's show week!").
We have dress rehearsal every night, we open Thursday night and perform 'til Sunday, and my sister Galina comes to town on Saturday, whew!

A sneak peak at my 50's hair and make-up (so much fun!) until I get some costume outfit pics up (because you know I will!)
The first look is more Lucille Ball, with red lips and a curly updo, the second look is more Bettie Page, with the straightened hair and the pink lips. Also note my Britney Spears microphone.

And to answer the question, "Was it worth it for me to do the musical?" The answer is YES.
I have been having a blast. I forgot how exciting it is when you add the orchestra, the darkness, the costumes, knowing your friends will be in the audience, the make-up...being on that stage makes me giddy. 

thoughts about life, most involving food

Saturday, October 27

   Reporting to you live from our 10 out of 12 (the tech rehearsal that goes from 11 to 11, 10/12 of our hours of the day). It's a long day for sure, but it's quite exciting to see the stage lighting and crew get involved. Also the show opens in like 5 days. What.

   This morning Hunter and I tried to have some semblance of time together, by going to the post office to mail bday packages to my brother Coren and friend Katie (Happy Birthday to you both!) and visiting The Perch, a new restaurant with all kinds of special breakfast. Hunter had an omelette, I had Nutella crepes and waaayyy too much coffee (I got excited because a) I was sleepy and b) it was on tap). I do enjoy an occassional cup but I think two full ones messed with my stomach. A few hours into rehearsal I was not feeling so hot, but maybe it was the stage lights.

   I wish I had a picture of how gorg my crepe was...oh wait here's one. 
   And the giant Nutella jar I'll imagine they scooped the Nutella out of.
excuse that cell phone picture quality...bonus points if you can find me sporting my game day shirt! 

   More about food and my life lately. And by the way, how is it that food is so dang comforting? I biked home the other day, and the temperature here has dropped, so by the time I got to my house, I was quite freezing. Nothing sounded better than some hot apple cider and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin, the perfect combination. Which I have been indulging in quite a bit lately.

   On the note of indulgence, Thursday night after rehearsal I was CRAVING (or more Southern-appropriate, I had a hankerin') for something salty and probably BBQ flavored. We went out but I had one goal: to find some wings. I don't even like wings! What is with me?! We ended up ordering hot wings (ok and I DEF don't like hot wings, that was all Hunter) quite late from our new favorite place, Dolce Vita, this pizza etc. place that is open til 5 am. But it was not that late. Don't worry. Umm, they were amazing. And I ate so many of them. I repeat, I don't even like wings.
   Side note: I was worried about eating them so late because the urban myth is that eating hot food late will give you heartburn and scary dreams. I definitely had a dream that someone was chasing me to kill me, but I have dreams like this about once a week, so I won't fully attribute it to the wings.

   As if that wasn't enough chicken to last me for the rest of my life, yesterday afternoon I was at home, loving a free afternoon before rehearsal, when my friend Dave bullied me into going to McDougal's with him (a chicken place). So I had a "small" chicken basket and all the free soft serve I could fit into my Dixie cup. Well Dave, it was an adventure.

   One last thing about food, remember the other night how I had a little party even though I had a paper to write? I mean, is that so college or what. Photos from said party:
   Moral of the story: fondue is a dish best served with friends. Also, CAN be made from melted chocolate chips and heavy cream, spectacular! I have to point out that my DIY made it above our door...well, I just stuck it there and no one has taken it down.

   At this point in rehearsal my productivity levels are low despite the long to-do list, mostly including homework, that I've written. Also included is research for my Halloween costume, that I'm nervous to post about because it might fall through. But I am resolute.

   I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Halloweekend, I think that term is so cute. I guess everyone is celebrating the holiday right about now, and why shouldn't you? Eat two cupcakes, one for me!

inspiration board as of late

Thursday, October 25

Thought I'd post a picture of my inspiration board that's been up, courtesy of old issues of Glamour that I couldn't just toss! 
The photos of Michelle Williams (actually from Vogue) as Marilyn Monroe are just gorgeous. And I'm dying to wear that chunky white sweater/black pants ensemble. And I HAD to include my girl Mindy Kaling. And on the far left is Felicity Jones who I had a girl-crush on after I saw Like Crazy.

What's been inspiring you lately?

p.s. The Pajama Game!

Wednesday, October 24

Here's the promo video for our show! I'm hardly the star of the video (then again, not really the star of the show either) but you may spy me dancing around (and wearing my sweatskirt)!

If you're in the Nashville area, definitely come out and see us! The show opens next Thursday, November 1st!

And with that, I'm off to rehearsal! 

mock minty fresh

   I've been a huge old mess of crazy lately. Usually I am a chronic multi-tasker, constantly scribbling in my planner, able to balance everything, and I think I actually feel energized doing two or three or four things at once. 
   I don't usually have meltdowns, but when are do, they are pretty good. Yesterday afternoon I realized between the show and school being equally demanding, and trying to be a great sister, friend, and girlfriend, that I had so much to do I couldn't even remember it all. 
   What was really worrying me was a paper I had to write for my business class (aka, the hardest class ever but my Professor is so nice that I can't hate him). After trying incorrectly to work on it several times, I realized I had a haircut, rehearsal, and get-together I had planned before I could write the entire thing. 
    Lots of times I feel constantly stuck doing things I don't really want to do, and that stresses me out. Then I realize it's stupid and I could have real problems to worry about, and that upsets me too.

   Anyway...I'm not looking for sympathy, but I did want to be honest about what's been on my mind lately. Trying to balance it all, and still dress in things that inspire me!
    I knew I was going to be dead tired today after working on my paper til late and getting up early to finish it, so the main goal of this outfit was to keep me happy and looking put-together, even though I feel like I'm falling apart. 
 polo- Ralph Lauren c/o Dith, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, pants- Old Navy, shoes- Report c/o Carina
 This is a three cups of coffee, two day old hair, all-nighter paper, leave in the morning and come home at night, make up a Physics lab, eat spaghetti by yourself kinda day. But I was determined to not let my outfit show it! 
 Another potential name for my blog: perfectly I Want To Wear This, Is It Stylish? I mean, is this color blocking? I realize I JUST wore my new mint pants on my blog, but guess what, I just wore them again in real life too. Remixing is a blogging thing too, right? 
The polo was given to me by my darling Dith (who I got an email from this morning! Right in the nick of time!) when she cleaned out her closet one time. I can never decide if polos are waaaay too high school preppy to wear, but I still have a couple of them on hand. 
 These fabulous flats were given to me by my fabulous sister, who bought them a little small. I hadn't worn them much because they pinched my feet too, but I think I've finally broken them in! I mean, enough to wear to rehearsal tonight!
The main thing I learned today? Dressing in something I like and looking put-together made me feel put-together, even if sometimes the crazies are still there. 

Thank you all for your always kind comments! I look forward to catching up on your blogs too!

farmer's market!

Monday, October 22

I didn't get a chance to post pictures from our farmer's markets visit last week. Another check off my list of fall dates
The first thing I saw was The Grilled Cheeserie, a food truck that is basically my dream come true. Unfortunately the line was long and we were a little crunchy for time...so until next time, TGC. 
This farmer's market is held at a park right near my house (biking distance!) and features all local vendors. So it's pretty small, but that's nice because it's not overwhelming. 
Our first treasure was some yummy salsa called Ousley Ouch! We met Mr. Ousley, the inventor behind it. Aaand we're suckers for salsa. I've been snacking on it all week. 
Definitely tried a few things I had never had before, like Banana relish and Green Tomato relish. All I wanted was some Strawberry jelly! It was actually pretty good though. 
Scenes from our second treasure, from a hummus company called Hummus Chick. She had black bean, garlic, and chocolate hummus (three separate options, not all together). 
We made off with the garlic & cilantro hummus, and a sticker! 

I'm all for supporting local vendors, especially when it makes a nice little afternoon date. 
I wish I had exciting fall break stories to share, but mostly I: watched some movies. caught up on T.V. shows. had dinner with some friends. worked at the restaurant. had rehearsal. did some homework. BLAH. 
Now it's back to crunch time before the show, school, and a nasty cold. And I thought I would be good on sickness for a whole year! 

does this outfit match?

Saturday, October 20

Hello friends! Just popping in for a quick outfit post on this nice, LONG weekend! Still adjusting to the fact that it's Saturday and not Sunday, since we had yesterday off! 
shirt- F21 c/o Carina, skirt- Target c/o Brynn, tights- Nordy's Rack, booties- Target necklaces- traded Amanda & Hunter's 
This skirt came into my wardrobe not long ago, when Brynn handed it to me. A little hesitant at first, I realized I love drawstring skirts! They are a really comfy alternative to a classic pencil skirt, or what-have-you. I woke up dying to wear this skirt and quickly assembled this outfit...it's a little scattered, but I really enjoyed it! 
 My roomie, Amanda, has this thing for owls. She came over wearing this necklace, but wanting to wear the colored owl necklace I have (and never wear). We traded, indefinitely, on the spot, and I was determined to wear it. It provided a nice sense of continuity with my gray tights, I believe. 
The other necklace is "borrowed" from Huntee. This little pendant is pretty awesome. Hopefully he won't notice it's gone!
Well, I really liked wearing this and I ask you to weigh in on your opinion. Should I have worn black tights and black boots? Or some other kinda shirt? Suggestions appreciated!
I also realize how many of the items I'm wearing have been gifted/traded/stolen from people I know. What can I say, I have a bad habit of collecting things from people wherever I go! Or maybe it's a good habit.

This was also the day I delivered thank-you cards to the hospital. I guess no one really does that anymore, because everyone I talked to was VERY confused about what I was doing. So, I'm not entirely convinced they made it to who they were supposed to. Thought that counts?

Have a great day! We're headed to lunch, and support the Vols if you think of it today!

in keeping with festivities

Thursday, October 18

Anyone else feeling crazy festive at this time in October?
There's two weeks left til Halloween (and opening night of the show!) and I'm noticing the season creeping into all spots of my life. 
Take, for example, Exhibit A: last Saturday night. And basically every day of my life. SO much candy! Anyone else binging on candy lately? Note: the dish in the photo below is also filled with candy. I feel that my teeth are about to rot out of my face!
 Our house has been feeling SUPER cozy lately (despite 75 degree weather), thanks to lots of candles. I put these two together myself and felt pretty smart. We of course have plenty of jar lids, which make the perfect little dock for a votive candle! If you let the candle burn down, it melts into the lid like it's own little candle! Genius! 
I should add that this afternoon, I had my first experience at a cute dorky door-to-door fundraiser salesman! That was SO me ten years ago! I didn't particularly have $25 to spend on a Yankee candle, but he played the OBOE (and I don't have any "holiday" scented candles anyway). 
 I broke out my Halloween socks (two pair). Perfect for rehearsal when everyone dresses kinda crazy, not perfect when you have to go to lab beforehand. And just look like the goth, Hot-Topic-shopping, overenthusiastic, girl with a triple beam balance. 
 And also my jack-o-lantern boxers. Again, perfect for when you're feeling festive and sleepy in the privacy of your own home, not perfect when you participate in a #yolo late-night McDonald's trip when the group decides to go INSIDE. 
These hospital-issue pants provided us with so much amusement this afternoon. And I have to say, got me thinking about costumes.
Due to dress rehearsals (and Halloween being the day before opening night) my dreams of a Monster Mash in the basement and overall holiday are gonna be pretty low-key.
But not obselete! We DO have plans of celebrating and attending a costume party! Which begs for a couple-y costume. Ideas? Anyone?

Three cheers for fall break! One beautiful, gorgeous, day with no class or rehearsal (tomorrow)! 

after dinner mint

Tuesday, October 16

I suppose a more appropriate title for this would be "all day mint" because I wore these minty pants all day! Look at me wearing clothes that are actually in style! Meet pair #2 of my pop pants (sister to my black pants I always wear, and the pair that went to the pumpkin patch). Mint green feels very Pinterest-y and so trendy! Good job Priya!
 sweater- thrifted by Brynn, pants- Old Navy, bracelet- handmade, shoes- Target 
 I can't take credit for this beautiful thrifting find. My cool friend Brynn thrifts the coolest things (naturally). She showed me her new purchase a few days ago, then I wanted to wear my mint pants, and it all kinda fell together. Pretty sure my mom has a few tops like this...that will mysteriously disappear over Christmas ;)
Not sure if this is the blog-debut of my little leopard flats! Love these guys. I have a bad habit of stomping through mud/grass/bushes even when my shoes are made of suede/leather/sparkles. Which usually results in messy shoes. I really need to stop doing that. 
Nashville weather has relapsed into muggy end of summer stormy. I originally had boots on until it was NOT boot weather. The rest of the combo was perfect for a mild day and a cooler night! Winning!  

Guess how close I am to finishing my make-up work? One marketing section of a paper. For some reason it's the hardest thing to get done, ever. 
Planning to ride my bike to the farmer's market today and enjoy this sunny, high of 75 day! Hope you enjoy yours too!