time warp leggings

Thursday, November 29

hat- Urban, jacket- F21, scarf- from Mom, flannel- Huntees, leggings- Nordy's Rack, socks- Madewell, boots- Breckelles 

   These pictures are from the week before Thanksgiving, when I got caught in that time warp where I may or may not have worn the same leggings three days in a row. Well, it happens. 
   The weather here has shifted into real cold again (read: hard to ride your bike), which is forcing me to be cozy and resourceful (read: not buying new things). Honestly, I've worn sweats twice this week, but IN MY DEFENSE last night concluded with a completely spur-the-moment overnight trip to Pegram, TN, where I was plagued by giant cats in a bed with twenty blankets. Moments like that make me feel young and in college (also, I was IN physics class ON TIME this morning, which is my body's way of saying: "Be young and in college Priya!")
    On a separate but not unrelated note...I like blogging. I really do. I love getting to have a space where the content is my own and I find it interesting. I like reading other people's blogs too. And although at times both of these feel like a chore, what I want to remember is: I'm blogging so I can remember this stuff later, and I love to write, and whether or not other people are reading along is fine with me. And also, when I read other people's blogs, I love leaving comments when I'm reading and something pops into my head like "HEY! I love that/that has happened to me/how do you do that?" So, they're genuine, however infrequent. That's all.
    Oh yeah, and here's what Hunter was doing when I found him to take these pictures:

Pappu & Friends Ping-Pong Tournament

Tuesday, November 27

One last part of Thanksgiving that deserved its' own post.
On Thanksgiving Day, we had a ping-pong doubles tournament (our second one after our first one last Christmas). 
Not everyone is especially keen to play Ping-Pong, but I love it.
That's why I make the teams, bracket, force everyone to play, etc. 
The point of the tournament is to get to know someone new!

Here are our teams:
Techno Peanuts
The G.O.A.T 
The Octoberists
Friendly Indians
2 White Gurlz
Vij Egle ("The Winners" in some Indian language)
our bracket.
and here's my parents playing against each other.

I love my family and our friends. So very thankful I was able to go home this year! 

i'm baaack!

no I didn't die in California.
yes I had an amazing time with my family and Hunter (together at last!)
yes I am finally back in Nashville!
and YES I am ready to get this semester over with!

here's some highlights from our trip (please note that this is 10 pictures out of like 10,000)
mom completely spoiled me, with delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and tea every night!
got to see one of my baby brothers for a total of ONE HOUR. can't wait for Christmas you two!
per usual, I love seeing hearts in nature, and this one even had my name on it!
we could have paid $25 to get one of these done on a green screen, but I did it myself!
huntee practicing for his race.
lunch at the Pelican Inn in Muir woods!IMG_0743
SF by night.
my beautiful friends Jacqui & Jenae!
hunter got 8th place out of 14,000 in the Turkety Trot & Galina ran the 10k!
Carina & I in Santa Cruz (above) and on Thanksgiving (below)
we were even able to make a day trip to Yosemite!
IMG_0998IMG_1047IMG_1059another $25 souvenir photo that I took myself, Hunter holding up Half Dome, classic.
Yosemite at dusk!

we flew in late last night, so we're back in Nashville, just barely!
what else is new with me?
a week and a half left of class, and definitely enough schoolwork to keep me busy until then.
made myself a flickr account because my little blogger was too full of pictures.
also planning to not buy anything for myself until after Christmas, due to insufficient funds and Christmas presents for others.
so, keep me accountable.

hope everyone had a very lovely Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15

| headband: J.Crew | sweater: Urban | shirt: AE c/o Shel | pants: Old Navy | boots- c/o Carina |
For my whole life, I've always thought I would ultimately end up as either a teacher or an actress.

So there's that. Also, that last picture was Hunter's idea. He's getting quite crafty. These photos debut my brand-new headband from J.Crew, I'm a big fan. Also debuting my giant sagging sweater elbow, don't you hate that? I've been wearing lots of things on my head lately, it's just so stylish. True confessions: my hair is just dirty. 

I've got a list about a page long of things to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon (varying levels of urgency: "find a ride to the airport", "tell housies to never set the thermostat to 75 degrees again") so that's a little panick-y, but I have a feeling when I'm on my plane tomorrow, sitting next to my favorite guy in the world (assuming our seats our together! Oh my gosh. What a terrible thought.) everything will be quite alright. Better than alright, I am ecstatic.

Have I ranted about how much I hate planes and flying before? I used to get really airsick when I was little, now it just makes me feel restless and dehydrated. SO, besides having Hunter at my house for Thanksgiving, I am quite excited to travel with him. Now I won't have to gaze menacingly at other cute couples traveling together for the holidays, because that is ME! 

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving? Going home or crashing a friend's house? I've totally been both of those (although, not home for FOUR years)!

wedding wear

Tuesday, November 13

earrings- Premier Designs, cardi- old Express c/o Carina, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, dress- Festivity Nashville, wedges- Target
     I couldn't resist the beautiful lighting outside (I know this makes me sound like a legit photographer, don't be fooled) when we arrived at Paula's wedding reception on Saturday. Plus we were at a gorgeous ritzy subdivision clubhouse. 
     I also wanted to find a way to wear this dress again, making it look a little different then last time. I think the leopard print belt was a fun touch, made the dress more fitted, and of course it prompted me to match with the orange wedges. 
     This cardigan is super old, like my sister's from high school, but it always adds a glam touch with the bejeweled buttons. 

All together I thoroughly enjoyed this look for the wedding, and this dress was made for dancing!
      Had to get a picture of handsome Huntee too, looking very dapper. He wasn't entirely sure of wearing stripes + polka dots together, but I assured him it is very fashion forward, and a blogger's dream come true! 

      This week is all about getting a few more things checked off my list before going home (FRIDAY). That way I'll head to California with nothing on my to-do list (except like, a million CA things. I was quite busy in Physics this morning). Alas, the war of distractions vs. productivity rages on. 

weekend update: weddingcake and basketballgames

Monday, November 12

I would like to start this post by showing you the split-bang that plagues me at every "Battle of the Boulevard" (our school's big basketball game of the season). 

                      This year.                                                                              Last year.

 In other news, Amanda looks exactly like Connie Britton in Nashville, which I got almost alllll caught up on this weekend (like, to the point where my tail-bone started to hurt and I had to get up off the couch. It was a wild weekend over here, guys.)
So happy I could attend the wedding of my sweet lady friend Paula (one of my many friends from my internship this summer!). Congratulations Paula and David!!

and thanks for the cake!

I also worked at Donut Den yesterday! It had been way too long. And this week, despite school and all that other stuff, one thing is on my mind...


J.Crew copycat

Friday, November 9

My first favorite part of this outfit was getting to wear my hair normally again. After days upon days of curling, straightening, and hair-spraying it (which ends up feeling like shellac, I tell you) during the show, it felt so great and so perfectly Priya (eh? eh?) to wear it in my typical crazy waves.
 sweater- J.Crew, skirt- J.Crew, tights- Nordys Rack, boots- Rackroom Shoes
 My second favorite part, and the really the only part that matters is THIS SWEATER. I found it Monday as my sister went on our last-Nashville hurrah (for her) shopping trip at Opry Mills Mall (aka, factory stores). 
I was not feeling particularly in a shopping mood (I should say- I was trying not to feel in a shopping mood) and I managed to make it through several stores without anything. But this sweater. Ohhhh I love it. Ask me how many people knew that this was my new sweater when I wore it. 
They had it styled in the store with a floral skirt that had almost the same color scheme as this J.Crew skirt (circa Christmas 2011). I thought, brilliant! I almost have this outfit at home already!
I loved the gray tights, not entirely sure about the boots. Thoughts?
 It's kinda a splurge for me, but: It was from a Factory store. It's a quality item. I adore it. I can wear it forever. It's totally me (this is more me convincing myself that's it's ok, but you can keep me accountable). 

And hey hey it's the weekend. Tonight is our big opener basketball game, tomorrow is Paula's wedding, Sunday I'll be at Donut Den and working on a group project. But it's the weekend!

And one week from today I'll be in California for Thanksgiving for the first time in FOUR YEARS!

school colors

Wednesday, November 7

Every now and then I get dressed and then groan a few hours later when I realize I'm wearing our schools colors, purple and gold.
Especially when it's "Bison Week" to kick-off basketball.
And I'm giving my sister a tour of the campus. 
 sweater- J.Crew c/o Carina, scarf- Mom, t-shirt- Urban, cords- F21, boots- Breckelles via Amazon
Monday morning I felt especially brain-dead, but I couldn't help but feel excited for the cooler fall weather that has still been sporadic in Nashville. 
Which results in a sweater (duh) and t-shirt (duh) and then when I remember I have a scarf that matches my t-shirt, that works nicely. 

I figured I would spend a lot of time this week relaxing, cooking, working, and reading blogs.
Then I remembered, oh yeah, I'm a student (although barely the past week) so that's what I'm doing! 
Thanksgiving break looms in the distance...

and can not come any sooner!!

Oh, and my friend Dave was looking sharp.
He deserves a mini outfit-shoutout.