time warp leggings

hat- Urban, jacket- F21, scarf- from Mom, flannel- Huntees, leggings- Nordy's Rack, socks- Madewell, boots- Breckelles 

   These pictures are from the week before Thanksgiving, when I got caught in that time warp where I may or may not have worn the same leggings three days in a row. Well, it happens. 
   The weather here has shifted into real cold again (read: hard to ride your bike), which is forcing me to be cozy and resourceful (read: not buying new things). Honestly, I've worn sweats twice this week, but IN MY DEFENSE last night concluded with a completely spur-the-moment overnight trip to Pegram, TN, where I was plagued by giant cats in a bed with twenty blankets. Moments like that make me feel young and in college (also, I was IN physics class ON TIME this morning, which is my body's way of saying: "Be young and in college Priya!")
    On a separate but not unrelated note...I like blogging. I really do. I love getting to have a space where the content is my own and I find it interesting. I like reading other people's blogs too. And although at times both of these feel like a chore, what I want to remember is: I'm blogging so I can remember this stuff later, and I love to write, and whether or not other people are reading along is fine with me. And also, when I read other people's blogs, I love leaving comments when I'm reading and something pops into my head like "HEY! I love that/that has happened to me/how do you do that?" So, they're genuine, however infrequent. That's all.
    Oh yeah, and here's what Hunter was doing when I found him to take these pictures:


Larissa said...

YOu are looking so cute! I love this fall- look! Have a great weekend dear!

The Party Chief. said...

I love your classic plaid shirts, warm and practical,nice to see some sensible style going on!
Maybe check out my blog? I am an artist so it is not so organized as yours!

santhira said...

I don't know but honestly to tell just a look at yourself..just make me feel very peaceful
what people say attracted instantly ..that's what happen to me
i am not very active blogger but i just came here accidently..
Keep up ur good work and cheer- up a lot of people


Miss Doyle said...

While I generally disapprove of wearing leggings as "pants," I generally love the look you created here, with the plaid, and the cute hat, and even with the jacket added. :)

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