30 for 30

(I was supposed to hit "publish" on this yesterday. Oh me...)

Well, I normally don't blog on the weekends. Also, don't get excited, because this isn't a normal blogger 30x30 (which I totally support and would love to do, for the record).

TODAY marks 30 months that Hunter and I have been together! 30 months is a couple years and then some...you can do the math. And yes I still celebrate the month. (Editors Note: Hunter pointed out this is our 2.5 year anniversary, so it's an actual time period to celebrate!)

I've decided to do a round-up of 30 random memories to commemorate this day.Untitled
1. The first time I beat Hunter at ping-pong, ever, I announced it on a loud-speaker.
2. MLK Day last year, we took a random day-cation to Bellbuckle, TN. 
3. rd time we hung out, it snowed in Nashville, and I bought us hot chocolate.
4. One time I made teriyaki chicken, and green tea for him and wore my Kimono.
5. The first time Hunter met my mom, it was in an elevator.
6. For his birthday, last year, I surprised him with tickets to a Heat game in Atlanta!
7. Last Thanksgiving day was spent the Findian way with my whole family.
8. We used to "meet halfway" between both of our dorms on campus.
9. For our 7 month anniversary I made him a scavenger hunt across our campus. Awesome.
10. For our one year anniversary, we went to Mellow Mushroom, and he won me a rubber duck.
11. Last year for Halloween we were Batman & Poison Ivy. Best couple costume ever.
12. Sometimes when we run together I make him hold my hand, it's awkward and funny.
13. I used to throw rocks at his dorm room window...he would never hear me.
14. A couple years ago we kicked off the summer by babysitting Natalie and spent hours in her pool.
15. One night we rode our bikes downtown and locked them at the Frist Museum.
16. His first Christmas present to me was (part) a trip to Build-A-Bear where I made Percy the Panda.
17. This is a million memories in one: trips to Waffle House. At all hours of the day.
18. I should include this too: trips to Taco Bell. Any time at all. 
19. One year: Hunter writes me a poem with the line, "To this Phyllis, I'll be Bob Vance."
20. Christmas two years ago: I gave him something every day of December until I left.
21. A million study dates in the engineering lab, with (his) engineering pals.
22. One year: I woke Hunter up with the best breakfast ever, he says, "How did you get here?"
23. Hunter used to do card tricks for me that would blow my mind AND frustrate me. 
24. th, August, 2010. Hunter hides flowers in his car and asks me to be his girlfriend! 
25. The first time Hunter ever had Indian food, I wore an Indian outfit and cooked for him in my dorm.
26. I just realized for Hunter's second birthday together I made him watch Slumdog Millionaire. Haha
27. We went through a period of time where we played pool a lot...he always won.
28. Same thing with checkers, and I even bought him a set. He's an online champion.
29. A million spaghetti dates. Usually with ESPN on in the background.
30. Things Hunter didn't want to do that he ended up loving: get a Pedicure, watch The Bachelor.

Happy 30 Month anniversary to someone who is currently, and will forever, be driving me crazy.


The Braided Bandit said...

This is so cute Priya! My favorite picture is you two with the cupcakes :) Happy 30th month an 2.5 year anniversary!
xo Hannah

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Happy 30 months you cuties! This is such a fun idea. 3 years in, and I still celebrate each and every month together with my man - he rolls his eyes a little, but I'm pretty sure he loves it too!

Nataly said...

Ahhhh! This is the sweetest thing ever, Priya!!! Congrats!! You two are the cutest ;-)

coe said...

"Sometimes when we run together I make him hold my hand, it's awkward and funny" hahahaha. too cute. i love you guys!

Nataly said...

***I promise I wont change my name anymore! hehe :x

Renae Shah said...

That was a very romantic celebration list! Love you 2!! And luv the cupcake picture ;))

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

OMG!! Congratulations!!! I'm so so happy for both of you!!!


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