career day & a lesson in hosiery


necklace- present from Hunter, top- from Leena, blazer- thrifted, pants, Banana Republic c/o Carina, heels- Marshalls 

I just realized how much red I've been wearing lately! 'Tis the season?
When I was younger I had like 5 red t-shirts (and all I wore was t-shirts) so I wore red all the time.
The color gradually phased out of my wardrobe but seems to be back again!

This blazer seemed like a steal on my last thrifting trip, I fell in love with the gold buttons
AND it's Ralph Lauren (oh heyyy Ralph).
It's been sitting in my closet for a few months because I've been stumped.
A couple weeks ago I attended a career fair as part of my job, 
and Hunter helped me figure out how to make this blazer look not too big and not too old.
I baited him into helping me by wearing the necklace he got me :)

I originally planned to say "In other news that may get me shunned from the blogging community, I am SO TIRED OF WEARING TIGHTS AND LEGGINGS"
but then yesterday I did a good amount of laundry, 
finally my tights feel crisp again and I don't have to constantly do the delicate dance of pinching them off my legs and pulling them up.
TMI? Sorry. Here's my life lesson of the week: wash your tights. 


Elana said...

Hahaha your thing about tights is great. I always rewear mine and they ALWAYS get gross, but I insist on wearing them again anyway. (Yay for TMI!) And is it weird to say you look powerful here? Because you do. The jacket is awesome and looks like a total confidence booster.

Larissa said...

Wow, your career-day outfit is great! You look like a first- lady :) no, probabaly more beautiful than any first lady ;)

coe said...

ummmm.. this blazer. amazing. why haven't i seen it? you will no longer be able to hide gems like this when we are roommates :)

Applewood Road said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Applewood Road said...

I'm itching to go thrifting, it has been way too long! That ralph blazer doesn't look too big to me either, you're rocking it :)

Anonymous said...

Haha I just washed my tights the other night! My boyfriend came home to find that I had turned our bathroom into my drying rack, there were literally half a dozen to a dozen pairs of tights strewn about. Anyway, you look fierce in that red blazer and statement necklace, seriously I'm loving it.

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