new housie dreams

Friday, March 29

April marks the last month in my current house, with May being my first month in a new place!
I'm very excited to be moving in with Shel, getting my own room, and of course some new decor.
I'll be able to spend a little more money (although still thrifting/IKEA) and really "invest in my space."
I've been dreaming and generally trying to write down all the ideas I come up with, and I can't wait to share what we're able to come up with!
In the meantime, some ideas via Pinterest, the internet, my brain, etc.
wrought iron bed!!
I have always, always wanted a wrought-iron bed. Something about it feels so simple Parisian chic and lovely. Totally cool with having mismatched thrift store end tables.
I've kinda imagined black, but then there's this one:
LEIRVIK Bed frame IKEA Space under the bed can be utilized with our underbed storage boxes.
IKEA, here
absolutely perfect! I would literally order it online right now, if shipping costs weren't twice the price of the bed. So, as soon as I get a car, Atlanta IKEA I'm coming for you.

I'm a fan of all things white in the home (actually I love white houses as well) so I love a white bedspread, although I will probably end up with something a little colored. Still wanting to keep it neutral patterned (ok, I know exactly what I want. Gray.).
Marimekko, here
Of course, trust Marimekko to have exactly what I want!
I've also always wanted a vanity table (is this personal commentary), and I'm swooning over this gorgeous one:
More likely what will happen: I find an old desk at Goodwill, paint it white, and find an old cool mirror to lean against the wall above it/have Hunter fasten it to the wall. Not a bad idea!

I only have ONE mug that is the appropriate size for my cup of tea. Target consistently has gorgeous and affordable drinkware:
Threshold™ Round Bead Mug Set of 4 - White
Although I'm not saying I won't splurge on one amazing $27 mug from Anthro. 
It could be life-changing!
With A Twist Teacup
These teacups. I finally know what my friend Rachel's dad means when he says "Oh my soul."
I typically have books everywhere in my room. I already have a little black bookshelf, but what is the key to making it look less like your middle school library (ok, my problem may be some of my book choices. Ann M. Martin, looking at you.) and more like a work of art?
I believe the ticket is mixed media.
This bookshelf looks elegant, using a mirror, Buddha head, bowl of junk jewelry (maybe that's just how I envision it in my room) in addition to: many books!

Ah, the closet. This year I've been sharing a double-wide, with most of my stuff inaccessible (read: the worst). Let's take one second to drool over a closet the likes of which we will all have in heaven:
Now, obviously we all can't have a closet like Hannah Montana, but there are some real-life organization applications that can be taken from this picture. I'm talking drawers, shoe shelves, baskets, purses stacked up high, and an ottoman or stool to help reach those.

The multiple frame look is really hip these days, and I love that you can use actual photos, drawings, magazine clippings, postcards, etc. to make this happen. Would love to have a space like this above a bed or desk. 
I love the multiple white frames on a dark wall space-home-inspirations

I have these pictures from my mom's old Biology books, and I love the idea of vintage plant drawings. Definitely want to get some of these up in frames! photo IMG_1874_zpsfae38a90.jpg

I realize this is a little all over the place...but ha so is my life! 
What are you gravitating to in terms of decor these days?
Any ideas to help me reach my dreams appreciated! 

the little things

Thursday, March 28

 photo IMG_1855_zpscd5fab25.jpg
 photo IMG_1863_zps4b3d5ae7.jpg
 photo IMG_1866_zps10b32a72.jpg
shirt- Local Honey Nashville, sweater- J.Crew Factory, cords- F21, boots- Breckelles via Amazon

Lately I've been revolting against the LATE coming of Spring in Nashville (it. snowed. this. week. WHAT.) by dressing cozy*
(*see Grandpa sweaters, leggings, big shirts, Uggs, sweats)
additionally when I have Tennis class after my 8 o'clock,
wearing Tennis clothes to school seems like the only viable option.
But I promise I have been wearing some real clothes around here! 
My preppy layering here comes with the logic of "I will be freezing if I wear a t-shirt under this sweater." So...those are my thoughts regarding this outfit. 

I'm sitting in a coffee shop (Portland Brew, if you're an interested Nashvillian)
studying for my test tonight,
after talking to one good friend on the phone and running into another one here. 
The weather outside finally feels like Spring,
I got to have lunch (I should say, I was treated to lunch) with two other old friends.
And as my friend/boss Lara says to me all the time "It's the little things Priya Priya."
You know what?
It totally is. 

brown paper packages...

Wednesday, March 27

Thursday I came home from Spring Break to find this.
Filled with this!
Thank you Mom and Carina for the lovely package with healthy snacks (perfect for my after Spring Break diet: vegetables, no carbs, no junk food, water only [ha]), Finnish buns, a sarcastic comic, new tea, and two new t-shirts! 
Anyone else watch TinTin when they were younger?
I have clear memories of racing my sister home so we could catch part 2 of an episode.
She got me this t-shirt in Vietnam and I think it's the coolest ever.

I literally worked alllll weekend, and since the week started, I've mostly been doing that too.
I've really started to finalize some plans for after graduation (at least short-term).
I bought tickets to see Aziz Ansari, and I'm seriously debating John Mayer tickets. 
Otherwise I feel like school is going to be over very, very soon!
It's really weird, but mostly exciting.
So that's what's going on over here!
Thanks for reading!! 

life after #SB13

Friday, March 22

I'm back! Isn't it weird how you can spend so long looking forward to something, and then all of a sudden it's over? We had a wonderful week. The weather in Gulf Shores wasn't ideal, but we made the best of it. And I think I got a little bronzy. As for the weather in Nashville...(37 degrees) it's Spring! Come on Nashville! 
my main Merman ;)
many a shell, and I loved my coral manicure as well!
I spent as much time as possible doing this. Sitting in my chair and doing NOTHING!
Dithy modeling the best hat
I was so excited to wear this dress my sister got me in Bali to dinner on our last night out!
our whole group dressed to the nines. you all are fab.
our little home for the week
and I was SO excited to go to Lamberts: Home of the Throwed Rolls for our dinner!
(quick backstory: I have this giant tie-dye t-shirt I got out of a donation bin that I wear all the time, mostly to sleep in, and it's from Lambert's. I thought it was a fictional place, until we went, they did throw rolls at us, and the food was AMAZING. And plentiful. And they gave us a bushel of 
balloons. If you ever get a chance to go to a Lambert's...GO!)

so, to comment on my title, life after Spring hard. 


Sunday, March 17


headed out to Gulf Shores, Alabama for Spring Break! 
sooo ready to take a little break and get my tan on 
(yes, I am excited to get a tan) 
be back Thursday!
everyone have a great week! 

growing pains

Saturday, March 16

earrings- flea market, shirt- c/o Carina, vest- from my Dad, jeans- F21, booties- Target

Have I already mentioned that I'm growing my bangs out and that it sucks?
(I actually think I've written that exact phrase on my blog).
My goal is to look like Catherine, from The Bachelor
(so glad she won! #asiangirlsforasiangirls)
but I just feel like an awkward middle schooler. 
I suppose it's just the in-between, growing out phase.

You read it right, this vest used to be my Dad's.
My mom shrunk it in the wash over Christmas, and I took it as an opportunity.
Still wearing my bootie wedges as much as possible,
and rocking my flea market earrings that are still going strong, some 6 years after I bought them!

The weather in Nashville has been fluctuating rapidly,
case in point: yesterday morning it was 34 degrees, by the afternoon it was 75.
So, I don't know exactly how to dress these days.
This outfit is still in the remnant of winter fashion!
Who's ready for Spring?

etsy CA love

Friday, March 15

Not gonna lie, pretty much the only thing on my mind right now is Spring Break (or #SB14, if you prefer it in hashtag form).

This could be my last Spring Break ever! And I feel like it couldn't come at a better time, between work, school, and work again lately (you get it, we're all busy. Here's to vacay)!

That being said, I've also found myself looking at some lovely goodies representing the Best Coast, Golden State, and my Home Sweet Home.

Here's my etsy CA wishlist (my birthday's in a couple months people!):
California State Necklace (sterling silver)

I've seen a couple people (both bloggy friends/real life) with these and I'm DYING for a CA necklace! 
How cool is the heart stamp, above the Bay Area perhaps?
Gold Filled California Necklace

But I'm torn because I really like this cut-out version. If I ever let myself go super hip and artsy, this is my best idea for a tattoo. Hunter (and my mom, I'm sure) recommend I just get the necklace instead.
SAN FRANCISCO Subway Sign. Bus Scroll. Destination List - Canvas 24" x 48"
Definitely dreaming about some wall prints for my new place (wherever that is!). I've seen some "Nashville" prints like this, but i LOVE the SF one. 
San Francisco California Art City Heart Map - Wood Block Art Print
Another really cool SF wall print idea. Although I feel this is DIY-able?
Vintage fabric California map
This is a vintage map printed on fabric! Looove it. 

There you have it folks! Help me pick out what to get for my new house.

And all you Californians (or any other state, for that matter) what's your favorite way to be statriotic*?
*this is a word I made up. See the complete list here

the one that got away

Tuesday, March 12

sweater- thrifted, necklace- from my Mom, bracelet- present from Dith (from Italy!) shirt- borrowed from Amanda, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, tights- c/o Amanda, booties- Target 

    These pictures are from a few weeks ago (obviously because of the snow) but I had to post them now because: I'm famous! I've been featured on Flock Together (a collab of lovely ladies, including some of my best bloggy friends) in their remix series! The quest was to show how you wear one piece multiple ways, so I wore this sweater three days in a row. Thanks Flock Together, I'm thrilled to be a part! Check it out here, and  be sure and follow along with them!
    This outfit was the one that didn't make the cut, and I have to agree, I like the other two they chose better. Wearing this sweater top a few ways forced me to be creative with it, and like everyone says, it did inspire me to stretch my wardrobe more!
     I hadn't worn my "sweatskirt" since I first got it (see that look here) so it was fun to wear it again. I also borrowed this lacy top from my roomie Amanda, (I have been wanting a top like this forevs) and wanted to wear it one more time before I gave it back!

Really feeling the love on my blog. Thanks to everyone for reading!

weekend update: birthdays on birthdays on birthdays

Monday, March 11

I'm over here reeling and trying to get back to real life after birthday celebrations that lasted from Thursday-Sunday.

One last HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Jaimie, Sam, Hunter, and Stephanie!

Without further from the festivities:
birthday girl #1 (and cupcakes, because as everyone knows, I cannot resist)
and birthday girl #2! (have I mentioned I'm growing my bangs out...and it sucks)
love these guys!
Jaime is 21! Hooray!
Huntee's special birthday dinner (Nashvillians: Tavern in Midtown. Spectacular!)
and surprise cake with friends! Thank you friends!
I'm not gonna lie...I was very pleased with how the cake turned out!
(for those of you who might not recognize the checkerboard, it's the University of Tennessee Volunteer's [Huntee's team] Neyland Stadium!)

What a weekend! Thankful for sweet friends to celebrate and celebrate with!

In other news: I tried to get by without wearing tights today, it is not quite Spring yet.
It's not quite Spring Break yet either...but only T-5 full days until we leave! 

follow Friday

Friday, March 8

Happy friday y'all!

It has come to my attention that several of my dear friends have recently entered/exploded into the blogging world, and I felt it my duty to do a little spotlight!

If you're looking for some new reads, check them out! I promise they won't let you down!

follow for: new music, minimalistic insight, traveling adventures, and things you've never thought about 

follow for: Great Danes, great recipes, vintage love, design inspiration, and pics of the best hipster evs

follow for: new fashion, old-fashioned, Nashville & NY love, collabs and interviews

Jord & Kay/Twenty Somethings
Picture 4
follow for: funny and brilliant poems/stories by funny and brilliant people (and tweeters!)

Picture 6
follow for: beautiful photography, encouragement, and pictures from my favorite professor's daughter! 

Show them some bloggy love and encouragement like I hope to do!
This has been fun, I might try and do this again!