the lasts

Wednesday, April 24

you know how people use the phrase "end of an era" and you laugh because it seems a little too epic?
well, I honestly feel like today is the end of an era.

today marks my last day of class, forever (NOTE: I say, forever, strongly assuming I never go back to school, but then again, we'll see)
this is the last morning of my desk job that I've had for three years photo Photo382_zps2176eefd.jpg
most of what I do at my desk job is take I am on my very first day, my Sophomore year! 
 photo Photo708_zpsaae322d5.jpg
and today! my last desk selfie everr!
today was the last day I rode to school with my roommate Emily and listened to St. Vincent
today is Hunter's last engineering presentation and then I never have to be a girlfriend to an engineering student again (mega-yay)
tomorrow night (or yesterday afternoon, if you count my tennis final) I start my last set of finals

so everything feels like it's the last of everything.

I am SO incredibly excited to be moving into my new house (Saturday. Also this time I promise I'll show pictures because it's gonna be fantastic),
and generally have some time for adventures, including, but not limited to: road trips, decorating my house, reading, crafts, watching movies, enjoying, etc.
basically things I have wanted to do so badly for the past 4 years but haven't been able to!

so, I'm feeling excited, not nostalgic (well, maybe a little)
but definitely weird! because college is practically overrrrr whaaaat is this.

so, that's what's on my mind.
my parents and sister come into town next Friday, until then I'll be working, studying, and taking finals.
the weather is DREADFUL right now, the kind that's only good for laying in bed
also, I have a meeting about some job stuff today :D

hope you all are doing well, xo

leopard & crochet

Sunday, April 21

 photo IMG_1958_zpsd85ff879.jpg photo IMG_1956_zpsf119bb36.jpg
top- thrifted, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, skirt- thrifted, shoes- c/o Carina

The main objections behind these outfit pictures were the beautiful cherry blossom (?) trees that have bloomed everywhere! 
There are plenty of them in my neighborhood, but unfortunately, also plenty of cars.

I'm convinced this skirt goes with everything
(don't tell me otherwise).
I've been getting some serious use out of it,
along with these shoes!
My interim black flats, not sure where my sister got them from,
but thanks all the same. 

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief after a loonngg weekend working,
Huntee and I are off to church and then to a new place for dinner!
Tomorrow I'll be writing a research paper that I've know about all semester...
so see you in a couple days! 

snapshots of the week volume I

Friday, April 19

MONDAY: Mr. Wizard and I have been getting along well lately. Maybe it's because he's been sleeping in the cutest positions ever!

TUESDAY: The most exciting part of this week is that I've been figuring out car stuff, and it's actually gonna happen! Here's a random car for sale I passed while on my bike. (When people ask me what I'm driving now, I'm really tempted to say 'It's a red huffy...with a basket.')

WEDNESDAY: I got to see one of my absolute favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon, in concert. I've literally been a fan of his music (through different bands, solo projects, etc.) since 7th grade. I'd seen him in concert once, but it was a giant amphitheater so it didn't really count. The show was sososo amazing. Andrew even had laryngitis but is an amazing performer.

Kate Earl opened for him, and I have to say, she was pretty good! Those of you California girls (or, otherwise) should definitely check out "California". So cute!


THURSDAY: The weather has been beautiful (except for today, it's back in the 40's!) so yesterday Hunter and I took advantage of Sonic Happy Hour. Please excuse my after-tennis class chic. We played singles so I had to look super legit.

FRIDAY: Just the usual everything-I-own, including my giant tea mug, spread out at my desk job, while I frantically study for an exam at 1!

Happy weekend everyone!
(all photos via my iPhone)


Thursday, April 18

 photo IMG_1947_zps9fa3b7f9.jpg
 photo IMG_1954_zps59fd2303.jpg
 photo IMG_1950_zpseb48275d.jpg
top- Gap Factory, skirt- c/o Brynn, shoes- H&M, ring- World Market

I haven't worn this much pink since probably 6th grade
I used to wear ssoooo much pink.
back then I was totally into p!nk (the singer) as well (is that how she spells her name?)
Mizzunderstood (is that the album is spelled?) was my JAM!
now, not so much.
actually, don't get me started.
the only song by her I can somewhat tolerate is the one with Nate Ruess
because, who doesn't love Fun! and I loved The Format first (anyone? anyone?!)

so anyway, I found myself wearing this very pink outfit the other day
I even put pink lipstick on at one point. 
it was pretty fun.
these outfits are borderline too dark (apologies for the slight blur).
loving my new $7 gap t-shirt
these flats, always,
and this skirt for Spring (view for fall, here)

exciting things of today:
pretty sure I went to my last chapel ever
also, I'm seriously looking at some cars and 
man oh man it is making me excited.
that's all!

end-of-semester slump

Wednesday, April 17

 photo Ireland298_zps87eb5620.jpg
Hampton Court Palace, 2007

hello everyone!
so lately i haven't been feeling like myself
upon further diagnosis i have decided I'm in an "end-of-semester slump"
symptoms include those similar to a cold (or maybe i have this in conjunction with a cold)
along with anxiety about the future
and not being able to get anything done (including, blogging).
i'm definitely not complaining, 
but i want to be sure and include that my life is not all fun and outfit posts!
i've been feeling weird, and unproductive,
which kills me.
additionally, i feel like i have lots to figure out, mostly money stuff as i transition into real life,
getting a car,
paying more in rent, etc. 
BUT after a long session with my journal, talking to my mom, visiting a Nissan dealership
i'm pleased to say i'm feeling a lot better, and a lot more like ME. 

here's what's going on today:
i rode my bike to school, which is great for fulfilling my new year's resolution
but also leaves me with messy hair and a sweaty face.
i have "loan counseling" which sounds scary
then a little pres for my recruiting job,
meeting with my boss Lara,
and tonight instead of working I'm going to see Andrew McMahon in concert
(if that sounds unfamiliar, see Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin)! 
i just got some free coffee, blonde with a couple shots of hazelnut
and in order to be productive i would like to: work on my legal extra credit
and write a reflection paper for Youth Ministry.
OH! and a big hooray, i finally got Spotfiy back on my computer 
(anyone else having trouble with Spotify on an old Mac?)
so now I can listen to allll the music I've been missing for weeks
uhh, JB Believe, here I come
(on that note, PLEASE read this article, entitled "30 Glorious Justin Bieber Quotes")

regularly scheduled programming will continue tomorrow. have a spectacular day! 

April flannels bring...

Friday, April 12


shirt- rescued via Goodwill, dress- Forever 21, boots- Nashville Flea Market

Happy Friday friends!
I'm trying to knock productivity out of the park today, 
and of course my list includes blogging!
It's crazy how close I am to school being done,
especially after finishing an onslaught of presentations, papers, and tests! 
More exciting news: I am transiting into my SPRING wardrobe
and suddenly I feel very excited to get dressed again!
Forget shopping, all I need is a new season to feel inspired.

I loved every part of this outfit.
It combines some of my favorite things:
wearing a shirt over a dress,
my cowboy boots (I have been wearing to DEATH. Such a great find!)
and this dress, that I wear with anything and everything (here, and here)
Pattern mixing is somewhat old news but still adorable, and I think I followed the main principal here:
match your colors if you're mixing your patterns. 
Also I was jazzed this day because my middle-parted growing out bangs were being kind.
I think I could literally wear some variation of this look every day,
and I actually might.

Weekend preview: 
working a shift all three days,
seeing a couple friends,
and cheering Hunter on as he takes his Fundamentals of Engineering exam 
(send him a thought if you can, it's EIGHT grueling hours!)
Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend,
enjoy this Spring sunshine!

travel log: a day in the country is worth a month in town

Wednesday, April 10

I realized I have pictures from several trips I've been on pre-blogging,
and I'd still like to post them! 

where: Twigg Farm, Cumberland, MD
when: Thanksgiving Break, November 2010
with: Amanda and Tim, and all the Twiggs
what: a week of proving I am NOT a diva and I CAN survive on the farm

 photo IMG_4484_zps0ed6e885.jpg
I never walked across this terrifying bridge without holding her hand.
 photo IMG_4509_zps5fad80dc.jpg
Inside the railroad tunnel.
 photo IMG_4524_zpsc03d6ef7.jpg
On the back of a 4-wheeler. The most perfect moment.
 photo IMG_4561_zps198b76c5.jpg
Sweet corn!
 photo IMG_4571_zps6f4130c7.jpg
Note the actual look of concern on my face.
 photo IMG_4590_zpsccc096fd.jpg
The hike that was actually through open-season in West Virginia.
 photo IMG_4634_zps85d385f2.jpg
Smashing coins on the train tracks.
 photo IMG_4665_zpsdb120790.jpg
Alyssia's basketball game.
 photo IMG_4670_zpsf80949b4.jpg
These two little ladies took me to feed the cows!
 photo IMG_4681_zpse2b651ae.jpg
Really scary hungry cows.
 photo IMG_4684_zps5de34bbb.jpg
Another hike down the tracks.
 photo IMG_4720_zps7d36cbcb.jpg
The lady who taught me how to wear lipstick.
 photo IMG_4729_zps052ff111.jpg
Finally visited a Sheetz and it was as magical as I was led to believe.
 photo IMG_4741_zps6c773038.jpg
Good morning Baltimore! (A note on the Uggs: this was pre-my elastic waistband rule. Also, it was freezing.)
 photo IMG_4747_zps4f919861.jpg
Crabcakes and Football!

I took a shot of Dayquil this morning on an empty stomach, so I'm not feeling too hot.
Nothing else to report today.


Tuesday, April 9


sunglasses- c/o Carina, dress- Gap, cardi- Banana Republic, necklace- 31 Bits, boots- Nashville Flea Market

rocked this dress a couple different ways this weekend,
and by ways, I mean days.
am I the only one that does this?
if it's not broken, don't fix it right?

I found this dress at the Gap Factory store on the way back from SB and instantly fell in love.
what's not to love?
stripeys, polka dots, and pockets!
plus now I know it can go from a busy afternoon at work, to a night out with friends, and then to church on Sunday! 
another reason to love it. 

also, three cheers for my bangs who are finally starting to cooperate with my new lifestyle!
one side definitely more than the other, 
but I won't tell you which
(and I'm hoping you can't tell)

that's what I love about Sunday's

Sunday, April 7

This picture is mostly random, I don't even know where exactly this is. One connection to this weekend- when I walked home from work Friday night, I witnessed the most spectacular firework display. I have no idea why they were going off. But it was awesome. 

I love journaling when I am in a fantastic mood, I guess the reasoning is that when I'm feeling less than fantastic, I can read it and somehow absorb those feelings.

So, let's try that for blogging. I had a really nice day, and a really nice weekend. Not that I didn't work at all, because I did, but it felt equal parts relaxing (10 hours of sleep Friday night, looking at you!) and fun.

Today was nearly what I would envision a perfect Sunday to be: I worked this morning, came home, ate two spinach and cheese quesadillas, took a little nap, went to church, and then had a study date with Huntee. He didn't want to sit in a coffee shop because he doesn't like that kinda stuff, but I desperately wanted some coffee, so I won :) and it was really nice, wasn't it Huntee?!

We sat in Starbucks for over an hour, then studied some more at my house (clarification: I am working on two group presentations, making the Power Points because fun fact I love making Power Points. One topic is "The Secret Underworld of Teens", my section is "Social Media" [and I swear, if I have to do one more project/presentation/research paper about social media...#marketingmajorprobz], my other presentation is about Website Analytics, and I am doing a case study on Blogging! Look Mom, blogging is helping me in school!).

I just took a nice long shower, I'm gonna do a little yoga, and hop in bed! Guys, I think it's going to be a really good week. *The main point behind this post is for me to read it on Wednesday when I feel like I'm gonna die and remember, hey, I was really relaxed and feeling good at the start of this week*

seeing spots

Saturday, April 6

necklace- Tiffany's, sweater- Old Navy, belt- Amanda's? skirt- Anthro, socks- Madewell, boots- Rackroom Shoes

Remember how I said Wednesday was crazy?
Scratch that.
This whole week was insane.
Between the schoolwork, lack of sleep, trying to see friends, and work, 
I didn't have a chance to get these pictures up! 
I also didn't have many chances to wear real clothing,
but when I did, I forced myself into Spring wear, even if it was rainy and/or cold!

A couple notes on this outfit:
I only have two items from Anthro, and they are both corduroy, go figure.
Loved wearing my NEW sweater from Old Navy! Such a steal!
Otherwise...sock bun...standard.

This weekend is absolutely beautiful,
after work this morning, I met Hunter, Shelby, and Taylor at the park with a salsa trio and cheese dip.
We sat across from a superhero party, complete with Batman and Superman. 
It was the first really warm afternoon of the year, and made me SO excited for the summer to come.
Graduation and summer seems closer than ever 
(graduation is a month from Thursday!).
Also I have secured a cap and gown, so I actually feel like I'm going to graduate!

Right at this moment though, I'm excited to spend the evening NOT working
(as I've worked the past two Saturday evenings).
So my evening will include: NCAA basketball, maybe spaghetti, a nap, and some friends! 
Hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading! 

crazies & NYR update: March

Wednesday, April 3

  today has been THE craziest day. The first thing that happened to me was watching the bus pass me by on Belmont Blvd. After that, I tried to settle down and study in Bongo Java, literally watching the last table be taken from me by a guy who know how to navigate the hallways better. After hiking back to Portland Brew, I studied for my Legal Business test (which I should be doing right now) for a total of 30 minutes, until Shelby picked me up to look at a house.
    YOU GUYS. In an act of providence, I think we have found a place to live. Fingers crossed and details hidden until it all pans out, but I should say, we found THE place to live. I cannot even describe it. So, I won't, until we are living there and I can give you all the virtual tour :)
   But that is neither here nor there: the point of this post is to reflect on my New Years Resolutions before April is half-over. So here we go:Untitled
scenes from March, clockwise: sign at my favorite, Portland Brew, the kind of car I really want (found today), ice cream shop from Spring Break, my Spring Break gals

(Again, this is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [No update here. Whitney is still flat, and it's still cold. Still hoping for warm weather and a new bike tire!]

2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [Check! Sent her a post card from Spring Break.]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [Check! And March is a doozy. I may still be paying off gifties for the twins, Jenae, Stephanie, Hunter, Jaimie, Sam, and Mike Yang. On that note, if I'm not paying off, I still need to pay for some birthday presents!]

4. Read a book every month. [This has been an absolute fail. I mean, I did finish Perks, and it was rough and made me cry, otherwise, nothing. I'm not at the point lately where I can read without feeling guilty about work I should be doing. BUT: big plans for the coming months people! Big plans and a bigger reading list!]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [Ok, so, I did a little shopping this month. But Mom, before you get mad, let me say: I spent in moderation. I bought things that can last. And since, I have felt completely rejuvenated about my closet. Like, I feel excited to get dressed again and see more possibilities, now that I have some pick-me-ups for Spring. I also have one giveaway bag from this month.]

6. Be confident. [I would say generally, a good month for this. Yoga has honestly been helping me (and I sneak in a few poses whenever I can) to dwell in the moment, and just take a breath and relax! Otherwise, I am very confidently looking forward to the coming months, which I can count under this category.]

Thank you for reading, and for you sweet words and encouragement. I have to admit, I love reading blogger monthly recaps, because I am a total organization/list/structure nerd. Here's to April! 

RED-dy for work!

Tuesday, April 2

 photo IMG_1877_zpsfb39bf2f.jpg

 photo IMG_1876_zps9b96b03b.jpg
 photo IMG_1881_zpsa81ea68c.jpg
 photo IMG_1883_zps6ef6e741.jpg
necklace- gift from Huntee, sweater- thrifted, belt- F21, pants- Old Navy, shoes- c/o Carina

Meet my Friday work outfit. 
Trying to keep myself a little inspired and little fab, even though my hair has to be up, 
and things might get spilled on me. 
My boss calls this my 80's necklace, 
Huntee picked it out and it actually goes with a lot!
And usually garners a few compliments ;) good work Huntee!

I've been of the opinion that black flats are a staple that can go with absolutely anything
(subsequently wearing mine to death)
these were given to me by my sister
(or, rescued out of a giveaway bag, whatever you prefer)
and have become my interim black flats, because I'm dying for some classic black pointy ones. 
I love the woven, artsy feel of them (this is a joke, I am not artsy at all). 

Still in the painful time period of growing my bangs out,
I'll let you know when I figure something else out besides using a headband. 

weekend update: Easters

Monday, April 1

a couple pictures from my Easter weekend: photo IMG_1885_zps2691c6cc.jpg
got to see ALL THREE of my best Nashville friends
Shelby, Meredith, Amanda (not pictured)
and the entire Marvel family, for an amazing Easter dinner.
 photo IMG_1896_zpse394ce13.jpg
then someone who knows me very well got me an "Easter bowl"
instead of an "Easter basket"
because it's more practical.

I spent the evening at a very wonderful church service,
and I had a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg for breakfast.
otherwise I worked all weekend, the end!
hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!