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Although not listed, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to actually keep my New Year's Resolutions. So, I'm sorry this is painful, but here's my check-up for the past THREE months (what even happened to me that made me neglect this series and blogging in general so much?!)

(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the monthS added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [honestly since that fateful day when Betty came into my life, I've hardly said hello to Whitney. However, even if it was only to add something to this resolution, I just got my tires re-filled and explored my new backyard, complete with bicycle greenway! I love my new neighborhood! I'm gonna bike!]

2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [This was somewhat eclipsed in the past three months, save for the letter I sent to be translated and delivered when my Mom went to Finland last month. Mummo replied with a fantastic letter and gift. So I'll be writing her a thank you card very soon.]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [Let's see, Jacqui had a birthday that got celebrated in April, May hit me with my Mom, Dad, and brother Sundar's birthday in one week! I took my mom and dad to get their nails done and lunch, respectively, still need to do something for Sundar. Maybe a much belated birthday visit in Virginia?]
4. Read a book every month. [Total fail. I am embarrassed. This is one of those "now that I'm not in college I want to try and do" type things. Would you believe I am still trying to read The Fountainhead.]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [How much shopping has been done in the past three months? I bought an outfit for graduation, some sunglasses, a necklace in Mexico...that's pretty much it. I'm trying to wear what I have instead of acquiring more, along with going through my closet with a fine-tooth comb! This is gonna be difficult. But I really have "live simply, de-clutter" on the brain since I've been back in my new house.]

6. Be confident. [This is really hard, coming off a month of "So what are you doing now that you've graduated?!?!??!?!" But in some senses, this feels like the best time of my life. I'm ready to commit to this in July!]

As always, thanks for reading and the kind comments guys. Off to catch up on some blogs and give myself a patriotic manicure, otherwise Independence Day is somewhat canceled. 

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Nataly said...

I am absolutely horrible with new years resolutions. Biking: sounds awesome. Sending mom nice things: more awesome. Birthdays: I'm with ya - absolutely horrible at remembering. Buying necessities: never. I'm horrible with this. Confidence: giiiiirl, you got this. How weird is it that you graduated?! Omg I can't wait to write to you and hear about ur life right now!!!!!!! Love ya, Priya!

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