orange in SF

glasses- H&M, t-shirt- Madewell, jacket- Gap, skirt- Target, wedges- Target

One more set of catch-up outfit posts before I get back into real time, where I'm actually living now!
My sister Carina took these for me when I visited her in SF.
She was somewhat apprehensive because allegedly the one other time I had her take shots for me,
I said "Have you ever read a blog before?!?!?!" (I don't think this actually happened. #bloggerzilla)

Well she did an excellent job!
Also, most notably, this may or may not have been an exact location for photos on
Atlantic Pacific. SF, any bloggers par-a-dise.

So anyway, I wore this out to celebrate Carina's roommate, Elyse's birthday.
(They were once roommates in college, and now in real life. How sweet is that.)
I'm doing this awkward, semi-Little House On The Prairie thing with my bangs where I part 'em and pin 'em, and enjoy it too!
Because my bangs and middle-part in general are STILL not resembling Kim Kardashian. 

Fun fact about this jacket: it actually belongs to Carina, but I will cite it as mine because I have the same exact one! She bought them both for us circa 9th Grade.
The lesson here: some items rotate in and out of style. Plan accordingly.
My lipstick, for anyone interested, is Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral Crush. 
I'm not entirely convinced if this is the best color on me, but it's so approps for the season! 

I had also packed heels for this weekend, but would have most definitely ended up with a broken ankle hiking in SF. I love these orange wedges, (proof? here) and they are surprisingly comfortable. 

How's everyone doing this week? Hunter and I are anxiously looking forward to the Beyonce concert this Saturday, otherwise watching The O.C., avoiding thunderstorms, and working on assorted projects.

OH. And I don't normally post music stuff, but since I've listened to this song no less than 5 times today, check it out: "Royals" by Lorde. Courtesy of my housemates who are way too cool for me.

Thanks for reading, friends! 


JennaStevie said...

This look is so perfect head to toe!! Those shoes are the perfect pop of colour, love the polka dot skirt :)

Larissa said...

I love this outfit and I am somehow quite jealous that you will go and see Beyonce ;) I went to this festival last week (see last post) where I saw a bunch of great artists but still I would also love to see Beyonce ;)
Have a wooooonderful weekend!


Aunie said...

i love the pop of red and don't think your hair looks little house on the prairie at all... it's great!

Applewood Road said...

Oh man I'll definitely be needing those target wedges!!! So stinkin cute!

Alexa said...

YAY youre back in the bay and looking as fabulous as ever! in love with everything about this outfit. favorite part is the polka dot skirt ooh la la girl! and your lipstick so bold and fabulous! you are just way too fabulous Priya <3 hope youre having a great summer

Alexa <3

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