weekend update: mostly BEYONCE

I did have a fun Friday and relaxing Sunday, but Saturday was THE concert!

I only took a few, iPhone pictures, not to mention we were pretty far up (acceptable for my first Beyonce concert, I decided). I didn't get super excited til about Saturday afternoon, because I guess it felt so far away? By the time I got off work Saturday, I was thrilled, and we were rushing, and I didn't even get a chance to actually do my hair, but by the time she made her grand entrance on stage, I guess it didn't really matter. 
 photo null_zpsf99ec47e.jpg
I can't even really describe the show. The whole theme was kinda French baroque, totally appropriate for Queen B. The costumes/short clips in between sets were totally opulent and even creepy at times. Sistah made the most incredible entrance with Run The World back-to-back with End of Time
I was very very excited during this time, Hunter was laughing at me but FOR THE RECORD completely enjoyed the show and got super into it which made me love him all the more. 
 photo null_zps601fa7fa.jpg
Here's where she paraglided (no, seriously) to the alternate stage, where we heard parts of Irreplaceable, Survivor, and Love On Top. She let several fans that were besides themselves sing "to the left", which was so, so funny.

Hunter and I both agreed we never had/probably will go to another concert like this one, in terms of how spectacular the lighting, production, costumes, and of course her singing and dancing were. Like I mentioned we were definitely in the nosebleeds, but she is an amaaaaazingly talented performer. 
 photo null_zps851d3018.jpg
After the show, I got to meet up with my old housie, Emily, who was in town for one night only! I look a little bit like a demon here...clearly we are both very hyped up over Queen B. 
 photo null_zps175d0690.jpg
Can you see it in Hunter's eyes that he just had his mind blown by Beyonce? It was the most perfect night to be in Nashville. And I am so happy I got to go with Hunter. Excellent birthday present! 

To answer your question, YES that is a Beyonce blanket for sale back there. 


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Alexa said...

Sounds like a freaking awesome weekend <3 cant beat a Beyonce concert! you look adorable as always Priya

Alexa <3

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