floral pit-stop

Thursday, August 29

It's been a busy week (but that's just the way I like it, for the record). 
I've been bustling around trying to get in a few shifts of work before I head off for one last summer hurrah: a trip to see my older brother [Sundar] in Virginia Beach, VA (with a pit-stop to see one of my younger brothers, [Amir] in Charlotte, NC)! I could not be more excited for a road-trip to see some of my favorite people!!

I've spent all day baking for the boys (cinnamon struesel muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and a Guiness cake) and still have a few things to check off my list: pack. Make cds. Stop by the library and get cds. Pay rent. Frost the Guiness cake. Clean my room. 
But before that, I'm off for one last shift of work, and before that: an outfit! 
dress- Urban Outfitters, top- thrifted, shoes- Target

Another somewhat casual "wear-to-work" look for a busy (last Friday) night.
But between you and me: I'm thinking I'm gonna be transitioning to business casual pretty soon :D.

This dress is the equally charming sister to this dress, they are just the cutest pair of fraternal twin sisters! The dress is so easy to wear on its' own, but I figured the collar would be just a cute 
popping out of a sweater-top. Lastly: love my Mocs.

I'll be back in Nashville on Monday night, follow along on Twitter until then!
Enjoy the holiday weekend, friends! 

weekend update: 13%

Tuesday, August 27

In case I haven't spoiled this surprise already via social media: Saturday was me and Hunter's three year anniversary! I was so happy to spend the day with him (for the first time in a looong time) and celebrate what is really hard to believe- we've been together for THREE whole years! (Or, 13% of my life!) (And yes I did calculate it, in my head, yes people have laughed at me, but the point is that 3 years of my 22-year-old life is a long time.)
We started the day off with a run & trip to the pool (and we brought biscuits).
I was way too excited to be wearing purple head-to-toe.

After a quick stop at Old Navy ($10 flats!) we headed to the flea market!
This was probably my favorite thing that I saw.
We are now seasoned flea market vets which makes it that much better!
Rows & rows of cowboy boots, how very "Nashville Flea Market"
Hunter waited patiently while I sifted through this pile of vintage jewels (found 3 pairs of earrings!).
I also got a new baseball hat!
Hunter was looking for a new golf club but we couldn't find the vendor :( he did get some under shirts!

Then we raced to our respective homes, got ready, and headed to my surprise:
A horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown! Our driver's name was Jimmy, Chip was our horse.

(Also very excited to be wearing my August Wrinkle dress!)

I had an amazing day, full of my favorite things and my favorite person. It was very hot outside, I had a hair disaster (hence the topknot), things got a little rushed and crazy with traffic from the Titan's game/BBQ taste-off/rodeo downtown, but nothing could ruin the day.

Thank you Huntee! Happy 3 Years!! My heart is full of so many memories and the anticipation of many more. 

a swing and a..?

Friday, August 23

I didn't always consider myself a baseball cap girl. I love baseball; growing up, I spent loads of time at the Little League diamond, playing with my brothers, and even got to do some stats in high school. I always secretly wished I had played Little League, because the girls that played on the boy's teams were always the best (Diamondback's pitcher, looking at you). But that is entirely besides the point. I guess I thought they looked bad on my small head/face? A couple years ago I threw my inhibitions to the wind and realized baseball caps are the grungiest cutest way to cover up a bad hair day. And now they're actually-gasp stylish?! Take ME out to the ball game! (In case you're wondering, yes, this post will be loaded with Baseball cliches).
hat- Lululemon, necklace- Flea Market, t-shirt- Hanes via Target, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, tennies- Urban Outfitters 
If I haven't mentioned before how much I love Lululemon, I do, and they make the cutest caps. Hunter actually got this for me because he's theee besssttt. I could NOT wait to wear it.
Just a simple work outfit because that's what I get dressed for most these days. Comfy shoes are a plus when I'm standing for 4+ hours (not that I really wear comfy shoes most of the time...) and I could write a poem about how much I love my sweatskirt. 
This necklace is courtesy of the Nashville Flea Market for (wait for it) $1! Here's what it was like in my head when I bought this: "Wow, this is only a dollar! It's pretty cute. Or is it weird? Will I wear it? Am I buying it because it's cheap or because I like it? Oh my gosh, Priya, even if you wear it once, it was worth it. Even if it's for a gaudy jewelry party." But you know what? I actually love it. Now I want it in all the colors. And the Flea Market is in town this week...heyy-oh.
Picture 2
I also have Hunter to thank for this gem of a pose. Taking pictures of me is surprisingly not his favorite thing to do, so I try and get him involved. If you're reading this Huntee- they look great! He said, "Maybe you should look like you're having fun, because you are wearing a baseball cap." Love him.

I'm off to put in a shift at work, and then tomorrow is a very special day for me and Hunter! I am looking forward to tomorrow so very much!

Wishing you the very best weekend, thank you for reading! 

snapshots of the week, volume III

Thursday, August 22

(clockwise) 1. FREE Jake Owen concert on music row the other night (yay <3 Nashville <3),
2. kickass fruit salad I made (and am still eating btw) for dinner with Lee & Julie (we love you guys!)
3. just hanging with my roommate, Clyde
4. figuring out frames for my room (said like I hung them, Hunter did it)
5. the cutest little brothers after they BOTH got their wisdom teeth out (note my face)
6. (this is actually a few weeks old) Huntee and I at the Sounds game, so much fun!!!
7. the Madewell dress of my dreams. Did I mention I have a giftcard? It's happening.

Just a couple joys of my life lately! 
Thank you all for reading and hey, if you haven't followed perfectly PRIYA on Twitter,
what exactly are you waiting for?!

outfit + written weekend update

Monday, August 19

necklace- Tiffany's, shirt- Madewell, dress- Gap, shoes- Tom's
I don't have loads to say about this outfit...(shocking, I know).
They can make me cover my toes and shoulders at work,
but they CAN'T squash my spirit!
Haven't worn this dress since M&A's wedding,
and my sparkly Tom's in a hot minute.
Generally, comfortable, I enjoyed it. 

So I would like to share some things that happened this weekend, because that's a little more interesting.
And it was crayyyy:

- Friday night I volunteered to be an extra in a show, I'm not allowed to say what it was (literally there was a note that said "No blogging about it.") buuttt I will say it has the same name as the city I live in.
- So that was cool. I got to pretend to be ritzy and preppy and Maryland-clambaked (wore my graduation dress), make some new friends, and see an awesome concert approx. 50 times!
- Not cool: I knew it was going to go late, but we wrapped at 4:45 AM. I hustled home just feeling delirious. When I got home (I'm gonna bury this in here so it's not too much TMI) I had a couple feminine malfunctions, resulting in me scrubbing my dress and car seat. I just want to secure the visual of me on my hands and knees, at 6 am, scrubbing the back of my dress, asking whyy?! Got it? Ok.
- I went to sleep at 6 AM. To wake up at 7:45 AM for traffic school. (Now my mom is finding out that I got a ticket by reading my blog, sorry Mom. It was a safe [bogus] ticket. Call me and we'll talk about it.) 
- I didn't want to go to traffic school looking like a hot mess. Sometimes I love cliches, but not that one! I showed up with coffee and a cop asked me "Do you have water?" And I should have said "It's just whiskey." But I didn't. I had to pour it out anyway so it may as well have been! 
- I went to traffic school! And it wasn't that bad! We watched funny videos and learned about our BAC and laughed at the ample comic relief from people with vendettas against old people. 
- Plus when I walked in, my friend Kathryn was there! So we sat together. That was fun. 
- I was delirious. I have never done that much on >2 hours of sleep. I was gonna sleep all day.
- BUT Old Navy was having a sale, and Hunter ACTUALLY WANTED me to go shopping with him for some new pants and stuff. And I'm only human so I did!
- I got a couple swimsuits for ridiculously cheap (editor's note: Hunter bought one for me, mostly because he majorly bailed on date night that week) that I am so excited about, as well as some jelly sandals, also too excited. Oh, Hunter got pants and shorts. As they, say, "To get your boyfriend to dress the way you want, shop for him/with him."
- Went to Taco Bell. Slept for 20 minutes. I was nervous I would be late for work.
- Worked on Saturday night. I would supply an anecdote but I don't even remember being there.
- Slept all night. Worked a double on Sunday.
- Still recovering from Friday night. Worth it. 

How was everyone's weekend? Thanks for sharing mine!

new dresses & old tricks

Thursday, August 15

dress- Urban Outfitters, booties- Old Navy, lipstick- Maybelline ColorSensational in Fuchsia Fever
one black & white one just for fun :)
new dresses: so, I caved* on our weekend in Memphis.
but this was on SALE at URBAN
*caved, more than once. I also have this dresses' sister in lighter colors!

old tricks: bright pink lipstick. 
floral chiffon, kinda my jam (here, here, and here.)
also these booties, can't wait for fall!
though I would like to add that fall has ALWAYS been my favorite season,
even before I started blogging!

here's a few more things you probably wouldn't have guessed from looking at these pictures:
minutes before this, I was on a run.
even AFTER showering it was so humid that I am sweating profusely in all of these
(and you thought the b&w was just an artistic touch, huh?)
minutes after this, a torrential downpour began.
welcome to summer in Nashville.
although, this rain has resulted in some GORG fall-like weather.

i'm off to put in a shift at work and then head downtown for a free concert outside,
featuring Matt Nathanson! Come On Get Higher, anyone? anyone?!

one last pieces of news!
I would love for you to follow along,
and also want to use it to connect to any & all blogs, bloggers, vendors, etc! 
Picture 1
she's looking a little lonely so far...
come on over!!

6 Tips For Thrifty(er) Living

Tuesday, August 13

Picture 2
image via

Pretty much everyone I know falls into a student/recent grad/grad but still broke/never graduated, broke category these days (yours truly absolutely included).

Whether you're watching your spending, saving up for something big, or living the life of a high-roller, who doesn't like saving a little?

In my recent thrifty attempts at living, I've found a few things that really work for me. Now presenting:

6 Tips For Thrify(er) Living

1. Dine in AND with others- This might seem like a no-brainer, but cooking at home rather than going out to eat can save loads over time. Look for options that can give you bang for your buck- eggs, bread, and pasta are cheaper ways to make a full meal. Cooking for one can be difficult-true. That's why I've added "with others"; making potluck-style meals (you make the salad, they make the entree, etc.) are a super affordable way to have a three-course-meal! I'm also lucky because one of my housemates like to cook- alot. She frequently makes dishes that need to be shared before they spoiled, and I try my best to return the favor. Easy!

2. Bike (or walk) as much as possible- I've pretty much made the rule for myself that anytime I'm running an errand around my neighborhood, I have to take my bike. It may not make a huge difference all at once, but again, over time, that's less gas spent on somewhere accessible. Not to mention a little extra exercise, and I'm all about that "two birds" mentality. 

3. Sell/trade your clothes! Ok I'm sure this is old news to everyone, but think about it: selling old clothes you don't wear anymore is a great way to make a little extra cash. Additionally, many places give a higher "trade-back" rate for store credit, that is, by selling your clothes for credit, you can get new clothes at the store! For many girls (raising my hand) shopping is a vice especially when you're trying to save...SO: sell your clothes. Clean out your closet. Add some new additions a thrify way!

4. Do free/cheaper things- This may also seem like a duh, so hear me out. Obviously doing free activities instead of those that cost money is cheaper. However, you can only go on so many bike rides before you want to go to the movies again! Keep in mind that many places have a "cheaper" night: theaters have matinee pricing/student discounts, Museums/zoos often have a free or discounted student day, even bowling alleys and mini-golf courses usually have a family night. The same thing goes with eating out, and I'm not just suggesting you eat fast-food (though I do love Taco Bell!). Plan your dinners around happy hours or nights with specials. Especially if you're into the bar scene, NEVER pay for full-priced drinks if you can help it! Almost everywhere has a happy hour-take advantage of that!

5. Use coupons- I'm not an extreme coupon-clipper, though I kinda wish I were! Still, there is something extremely satisfying, and obviously money-saving about using a coupon. Many stores give you coupons for similar items that you shop for- use those! And if you're feeling particularly crafty, there are about a million places on the internet where you can find coupons.

6. Use what you have- I think this has honestly saved me the most lately. Here's a great example- most girls have bottles upon bottles of beauty products at home, and yet, aren't you always shopping for more? I challenge myself to use up what I have sitting around- lotion, shampoo, nail polish, travel toothpaste, etc. This stuff literally sits around and collects forever. And by all means, if it's not usable: THROW IT OUT. If you hate that color of eyeshadow, you will probably always hate it. This lesson can also be applied to clothing, books, and even food. In fact, today I made a mini-lasagna from some random noodles I rescued. 

I hope one or more of these inspires you toward a thriftier lifestyle!

More importantly, I would LOVE to hear your tips on how to save. What works for you? 

"firstie" focal

Saturday, August 10

earrings- gift, button-up- borrowed from Hunter, shorts- borrowed from Taylor, shoes- Target
The whole entire point behind this outfit was the beautiful set of earrings 
I recieved as a surprise gift (you have to see the most adorable little package here)
from my friend Katie (dubbed "Firstie" circa 11th grade).

The real story behind them is: I saw them in a boutique we always visit together,
and commented how I adored them.
Katie said "Very you." 
Ok, does everyone know that my favorite color is purple? Just checking. Moving on.
A few weeks after we spent that day together, I came home from work and found them waiting!
I was so so excited, first because they are the best ever,
second they are a wonderful reminder of the sweet & thoughtful friends I have.
I called Katie that night (she was in Hawaii...her life is really hard) but once again:
THANK YOU Katie! I love them!

I wanted to keep the rest of the look very simple to showcase the earrings, 
sock bun, white button-up (though the lighting is a bit weird, I promise it's white)
and the cutest little black shorts I borrowed from my housemate, Taylor.
How lucky am I to have two super stylish girls to live with! 

To be perfectly (as is the theme with this blog) honest,
Hunter told me if I didn't wear lipstick when we went out, he would buy me a snack. 
HE SAYS I have a really nice natural lip color,
I THINK he still hasn't forgiven me for getting lipstick on his collar once in a hug gone awry.
Needless to say I went with the snack. 
And eating a soft preztel is SO MUCH easier without red lips!

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful weekend!
Thanks for sharing mine.  

NYR check July

Friday, August 9

July mems (clockwise): puppy tales with Enzo, Chris the best Bachelor ever, new journal, Nashville on B-Day

Just a little something I do every month to keep myself in check with my goals I made for the year!
If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!

(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [I use my bike to run errands around the neighborhood, and also cruise on the greenway by my house! I've yet to bike all 16 miles, but that's a date waiting for a Saturday.]

2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [I finally wrote her a thank you letter in July, and (spoiler alert) have already sent her a birthday card for this month.]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [July is not a huge birthday month in my circle, though we did celebrate Amanda's birthday.]

4. Read a book every month. [I know that no one wants to hear my complain about how I STILL haven't The Fountainhead. However, Dith's mom gave me a scary book last weekend and I'm almost finished with it. So, I'm really hoping I'm back in a reading groove again!]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I did some shopping this month. I blame graduation money, a trip to Memphis, and tax-free weekend. "Go through closet" has been on my to-do list for weeks now...this month. Let's go.]

6. Be confident. [Here's a thought I had this morning: "Never let someone else's opinion of you affect your own opinion of you." That's all for this one.]

Thank you for reading & the constant encouragement and blog love! 

a suspicious inheritance

Tuesday, August 6

necklace- Tiffany's, blouse- BR via Carina, tank (under)- BR via Carina, skirt- Old Navy, shoes- Report via Carina 
I actually don't have much to comment on this outfit (if you can believe that!)
except that I really enjoyed it.
Also, shout-out to my sister, Carina for sponsoring nearly the entire look! 
This happens to me every now and then.
I can still remember the day in middle school when I realized: 
we are the same size. I can borrow her clothes?!
This essentially doubled my closet, 
and I haven't stopped borrowing, stealing, and inheriting from her since! 

Sometimes she gives me stuff and the question in my mind is 
"Ok, what is wrong with this that I'm not seeing?" 
because I get a too-good-to-be-true feeling.
Case in point: this top! Kinda the closest I've come to peplum in my wardrobe,
with the most perfect mini brass buttons.
So Carina, if you're reading, comment and let me know why you really gave this to me...
is it giving me linebacker shoulders or another malady that I'm blind to?!

In other news regarding this look:
Hunter's new place will provide ample outfit photo spots, I can already tell!
This skirt = a dream. It's one of those spandex-y but not skanky pencil skirts.
I don't know if you can tell but these shoes are FAB.
Carina gave me a pair in silver and gold because they ran a little small.
I can't even pretend like I was bummed for her because now they are mine! 

Remember that time I said I didn't have much to comment on this outfit?
You should know by now that's never actually the case.

weekend update: Memphis mems

Monday, August 5

Hey everyone! I'm back in Nashville after a fabulous weekend road-trip with two of my best friends. I couldn't help but realize the last time I went to Memphis was right when I started my blog (second post EVER) so of course that made me feel pretty reflective and emotional.

There's nothing like a weekend away to make you feel adventurous, inspired, and ok with being back in normal life. Meredith, Amanda, and I have been all over this summer so it was so wonderful to just hang with both of them.
 photo IMG_2728_zpse8cddcf4.jpg
 photo IMG_2732_zpscd60d6a1.jpg
Dith's house is located in West Tennessee, truly one of the prettiest places of anyone I know!
 photo IMG_2760_zps2d876dbb.jpg
Perpetual perk of Memphis: Dith's mom, Beth, is THE most phenomenal cook (and really, hostess). Here's what we had for dinner one night. Not pictured from the weekend: Grandma Lois' Mac n' Cheese, salmon, gorgeous salads, squash casserole that could end a war and deviled eggs that even the devil himself would not be able to resist. 

I realize I never got a picture with both of Dith's sweet parents, Beth and Travis. These are two people that make me feel so comfortable and loved when I'm across the country from my own family, and always have these past four years. Thank you both! I love you guys!
 photo IMG_2742_zps5de797fd.jpg
Another highlight of my trip: a stop at Jerry's Sno Cones, post afternoon of tax-free shopping!
 photo IMG_2744_zps6e5ff679.jpg
A Memphis original, Jerry's Sno Cones are really delicacies made of soft-serve layered with Sno Cones
 photo IMG_2750_zps6cfb9acc.jpg
aka the best Sno Cone I have ever had, and atop my list of dessert favs.
 photo IMG_2752_zps40215c41.jpg
 photo IMG_2753_zps1ac7ceb2.jpg
We ate ours in the back of Dith's car, in what couldn't have been more quintessentially summer!
 photo IMG_2794_zps65a46088.jpg
Now for the real reason for the trip: Dith & Beth entered in a Triathlon!
We had a real early wake-up call, but the park was so so beautiful.
 photo IMG_2766_zps1dc2c912.jpg
Not to mention our superstars crushed it!
Above: Beth about to dive in (she is the ultra-intimidating one in the JCPenney suit in a sea of Ironmen/women in speed suits).
 photo IMG_2788_zps5acc89d8.jpg
Next, Dith, mid-22 MILE bike ride. I could not have captured this emotion better.
 photo IMG_2809_zps2eca6d55.jpg
Finally, Dith at the end of a 4 mile run.
 photo IMG_2813_zps47f2f89c.jpg
Team McFarlin for the win!!!

Another fabulous weekend walking in Memphis (I cannot help myself) in the books. Thanks friends!

I'm off to catch the season finale of The Bachelorette! I'm totally Team Chris, who's with me?!