outfit + written weekend update

necklace- Tiffany's, shirt- Madewell, dress- Gap, shoes- Tom's
I don't have loads to say about this outfit...(shocking, I know).
They can make me cover my toes and shoulders at work,
but they CAN'T squash my spirit!
Haven't worn this dress since M&A's wedding,
and my sparkly Tom's in a hot minute.
Generally, comfortable, I enjoyed it. 

So I would like to share some things that happened this weekend, because that's a little more interesting.
And it was crayyyy:

- Friday night I volunteered to be an extra in a show, I'm not allowed to say what it was (literally there was a note that said "No blogging about it.") buuttt I will say it has the same name as the city I live in.
- So that was cool. I got to pretend to be ritzy and preppy and Maryland-clambaked (wore my graduation dress), make some new friends, and see an awesome concert approx. 50 times!
- Not cool: I knew it was going to go late, but we wrapped at 4:45 AM. I hustled home just feeling delirious. When I got home (I'm gonna bury this in here so it's not too much TMI) I had a couple feminine malfunctions, resulting in me scrubbing my dress and car seat. I just want to secure the visual of me on my hands and knees, at 6 am, scrubbing the back of my dress, asking whyy?! Got it? Ok.
- I went to sleep at 6 AM. To wake up at 7:45 AM for traffic school. (Now my mom is finding out that I got a ticket by reading my blog, sorry Mom. It was a safe [bogus] ticket. Call me and we'll talk about it.) 
- I didn't want to go to traffic school looking like a hot mess. Sometimes I love cliches, but not that one! I showed up with coffee and a cop asked me "Do you have water?" And I should have said "It's just whiskey." But I didn't. I had to pour it out anyway so it may as well have been! 
- I went to traffic school! And it wasn't that bad! We watched funny videos and learned about our BAC and laughed at the ample comic relief from people with vendettas against old people. 
- Plus when I walked in, my friend Kathryn was there! So we sat together. That was fun. 
- I was delirious. I have never done that much on >2 hours of sleep. I was gonna sleep all day.
- BUT Old Navy was having a sale, and Hunter ACTUALLY WANTED me to go shopping with him for some new pants and stuff. And I'm only human so I did!
- I got a couple swimsuits for ridiculously cheap (editor's note: Hunter bought one for me, mostly because he majorly bailed on date night that week) that I am so excited about, as well as some jelly sandals, also too excited. Oh, Hunter got pants and shorts. As they, say, "To get your boyfriend to dress the way you want, shop for him/with him."
- Went to Taco Bell. Slept for 20 minutes. I was nervous I would be late for work.
- Worked on Saturday night. I would supply an anecdote but I don't even remember being there.
- Slept all night. Worked a double on Sunday.
- Still recovering from Friday night. Worth it. 

How was everyone's weekend? Thanks for sharing mine!


Alissa said...

I cannot get my shirts to look good knotted like that. What is your secret?

Larissa said...

Haha, you don't have to try those face masks if you are not that much into those things :) for me its just somehow pure wellness to make a mask, drink a tea and read a book :)
Your hair is sooooo super beautiful! Really! And love this outfit! Whatever you wear, it looks great on you lucky girl :)


Marisa Noelle said...

You have much for energy than me! I would have been dead on the floor by now - but sounds like a fun couple days .... besides for traffic school, that is :-) I LOVE your simple summer look here - so pretty! That knotted up tee over the skirt is so sweet! xo Marisa

Priya said...

I use a little baby hair band (a thin one that I would never use otherwise on my thick hair!) and gather my shirt up like I would put my hair in a bun. Hope that helps!

Annie said...

Love how you tied that tee...you look so cute!

The Other Side of Gray

Alexa said...

your hair looks soooo cute!!! i love love love it. This outfit is super cute but looks comfy too :) your weekend sounds super crazy but fun! Im off to LA tomorrow ahhh

alexa <3

Larissa said...

Priya, I finally managed to make those buttons! Haha! I used another website after all, as things didn't work out with the tutorial you send me but thank you anyway! It was really thoughtfull of you! Now I am very proud and happy ;)
Have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

Oh neat! That's so cool you were an extra in a show, I hope it was a good experience! My husband and I were recently casted to be extras in the upcoming Transformers 4 movie, but we couldn't make the fitting so they gave the role to someone else.. boo! Maybe next time :) cute outfit!

Sunny with A Side of...

Priya said...

You are too sweet Larissa, thank you girl!

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