snapshots of the week, volume III

(clockwise) 1. FREE Jake Owen concert on music row the other night (yay <3 Nashville <3),
2. kickass fruit salad I made (and am still eating btw) for dinner with Lee & Julie (we love you guys!)
3. just hanging with my roommate, Clyde
4. figuring out frames for my room (said like I hung them, Hunter did it)
5. the cutest little brothers after they BOTH got their wisdom teeth out (note my face)
6. (this is actually a few weeks old) Huntee and I at the Sounds game, so much fun!!!
7. the Madewell dress of my dreams. Did I mention I have a giftcard? It's happening.

Just a couple joys of my life lately! 
Thank you all for reading and hey, if you haven't followed perfectly PRIYA on Twitter,
what exactly are you waiting for?!



Kristian said...

Just so you know, the photos are showing up very small and to the far left of my screen. Your text is looking normal, though centered (which I can't remember if you do or not).

Priya said...

Hmm...thanks Kristian! That's so very weird. I'll check it out!

Alissa said...

That fruit salad looks super tasty!

Unknown said...

Mmm your fruit salad looks so good! I wish I had a roomie like yours ;)

Tea Journal said...

Your brothers got their wisdom teeth out at the same time?! I love your face in the photo, haha. If there is an up side to getting wisdom teeth pulled, it's definitely the squirrel-face after photos! Glad you're having a good week :)

Unknown said...

Yum that fruit bowl looks delicious! I want some fruits now.




Kristin Reynolds said...

great photos! Your doggie is so cute!!


Annie said...

Free concert? That sounds amazing! That fruit salad looks delish...and Clyde is just the cutest :)

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