a suspicious inheritance

necklace- Tiffany's, blouse- BR via Carina, tank (under)- BR via Carina, skirt- Old Navy, shoes- Report via Carina 
I actually don't have much to comment on this outfit (if you can believe that!)
except that I really enjoyed it.
Also, shout-out to my sister, Carina for sponsoring nearly the entire look! 
This happens to me every now and then.
I can still remember the day in middle school when I realized: 
we are the same size. I can borrow her clothes?!
This essentially doubled my closet, 
and I haven't stopped borrowing, stealing, and inheriting from her since! 

Sometimes she gives me stuff and the question in my mind is 
"Ok, what is wrong with this that I'm not seeing?" 
because I get a too-good-to-be-true feeling.
Case in point: this top! Kinda the closest I've come to peplum in my wardrobe,
with the most perfect mini brass buttons.
So Carina, if you're reading, comment and let me know why you really gave this to me...
is it giving me linebacker shoulders or another malady that I'm blind to?!

In other news regarding this look:
Hunter's new place will provide ample outfit photo spots, I can already tell!
This skirt = a dream. It's one of those spandex-y but not skanky pencil skirts.
I don't know if you can tell but these shoes are FAB.
Carina gave me a pair in silver and gold because they ran a little small.
I can't even pretend like I was bummed for her because now they are mine! 

Remember that time I said I didn't have much to comment on this outfit?
You should know by now that's never actually the case.


JennaStevie said...

This blouse is so pretty, it looks perfect with the striped skirt! There are things I own that I just don't like on myself and I give to friends who it looks perfect on. That's probably what happened here ;)
Ps. You should totally make a flower headcrown!

Alexa said...

Priya you are so freaking gorgeous I just can't even handle it! like actually you are a stunner. I really love how you did your hair. And that blouse is beyond awesome! so feminine and chic :) perfect like always just like your blog name ;)

Alexa <3

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Seriously, I am having such hair envy! And that skirt... I've got a crush!


Karen said...

Okay first things first: I LOVE that top!
Secondly: your comments on my blog give me life!!!
Another thing that gives me life: catching up on your last 15+ posts at 1:52 AM at work while I'm waiting for us to get more patients (although that's not gonna happen since everyone tells me this is the calm before the storm -- the storm being when school starts back up for the kids of Georgia).
But OH MY GIDDY GOODNESS how I've MISSED thee. Your adorable rumblings and quirky musings and one-of-a-kind fashion sense.
I promise to come back to blogging. I just no longer own a computer. So like my life is unbearable and unlivable and all that.

Style Servings said...

You look so pretty, cute skirt!

Unknown said...

Love the pencil skirt! Fits very well..

Maddie said...

Hi Priya! :)
You are one stunning girl, you know? You have such gorgeous hair and your smile is very beautiful! :)
I really like your outfit, the blouse is super pretty & such great styling!


Nataly said...

I LOOOOVE this outfit!!!! You looks so cute! I love the colors and your HAIR! I can go on and on about your hair! Beautiful! Also, I think my little sister feels the same way, she's always borrowing my clothes hehe

Larissa said...

Priya, I completly forgot to say thnka you for the link with the tutorial!!! Thank you so much! I will work on this next week and then we can hopefully exchange buttons :)
I love this chic outfit! I also really love all the colors in the last post! It just makes me feel good to look at the pictures with all those bright colors :)

Have a wonderful Thursday pretty lady!


Elana said...

Why am I the worst at commenting?! I swear I've been reading, but a lot of times I do it on my phone and then don't get around to leaving comments. Because I'm the worst. Anyway, it looks like you've been having a wonderful summer! I adore this top! You're so lucky to have a sister who can share clothes with. I never got to do that growing up with brothers :( SAD. You really do look lovely here, you've been killing it with the outfits lately, Priya!

Priya said...

Maybe that's what happened here...I feel like that's a very mature decision to realize something may look better on someone else- I'm not quite there yet, ha!

Priya said...

Oh stopp...thank you Alexa!

Priya said...

Thank you Jessica! Last time I checked- still on OldNavy.com, I think it's on clearance now! Getcha one!

Priya said...

Karen! This just made my whole day, thank YOU for your crazy and always funny comments. You have no computer? HOW?! WHY?! Get one! And come baaaccckkkk.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahaha I remember a time when me and my sister were the same size and I LOVED borrowing her clothes, but I quickly outgrew her after that. Now I am much taller than her and she is very small and petite. Sometimes however, we do have clothes that fit both of us which is a treat! Looking great as always Priya :)

Priya said...

Thanks, I love it too!

Priya said...

Thank you very much Maddie, you are too kind!

Priya said...

Sisters are daaaa besssttt! Thanks Nataly, you're a doll :) and I wish my hair had more curls like yours!

Priya said...

I hope you're able to figure it out, that would be awesome!! & Thank you Larissa!

Priya said...

No, Elana, you're the best! I do that a lot too, haha. I have plenty of brothers too so I guess I got the best of both worlds! In my experience though, sisters don't play quite as well, so at least you had that!

Priya said...

Aww man, well I'm glad you're able to share sometimes! Thank you Marie!

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