"firstie" focal

earrings- gift, button-up- borrowed from Hunter, shorts- borrowed from Taylor, shoes- Target
The whole entire point behind this outfit was the beautiful set of earrings 
I recieved as a surprise gift (you have to see the most adorable little package here)
from my friend Katie (dubbed "Firstie" circa 11th grade).

The real story behind them is: I saw them in a boutique we always visit together,
and commented how I adored them.
Katie said "Very you." 
Ok, does everyone know that my favorite color is purple? Just checking. Moving on.
A few weeks after we spent that day together, I came home from work and found them waiting!
I was so so excited, first because they are the best ever,
second they are a wonderful reminder of the sweet & thoughtful friends I have.
I called Katie that night (she was in Hawaii...her life is really hard) but once again:
THANK YOU Katie! I love them!

I wanted to keep the rest of the look very simple to showcase the earrings, 
sock bun, white button-up (though the lighting is a bit weird, I promise it's white)
and the cutest little black shorts I borrowed from my housemate, Taylor.
How lucky am I to have two super stylish girls to live with! 

To be perfectly (as is the theme with this blog) honest,
Hunter told me if I didn't wear lipstick when we went out, he would buy me a snack. 
HE SAYS I have a really nice natural lip color,
I THINK he still hasn't forgiven me for getting lipstick on his collar once in a hug gone awry.
Needless to say I went with the snack. 
And eating a soft preztel is SO MUCH easier without red lips!

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful weekend!
Thanks for sharing mine.  


Maria Flicka said...

Woww...you look gorgeous in your outfit! Love your hairstyle and the earrings! You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers), and bloglovin? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


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Alexa said...

your hair looks sooooo awesome <3 i love this outfit! very simple and i definitely noticed the earrings. Also you look sooo awesome with red lipstick. And that story about Hunter is soo funny. Im glad you enjoyed the pretzel ;)

Alexa <3

joy said...

those earrings are gorgeous, I LOVE the color and how it's a statement necklace:) So cute with a classic black and white outfit. But love how you added the leopard print flats, it goes great with the pop of color from your earrings. Ahhhh obsessed with this outfit! So nice of Katie to get them for you, hope she is having fun in Hawaii!

Larissa said...

You look super chic and elegant and those earrings are wonderful! My last post is all about purple (or at least a little ;)) so I am happy to hear that purple is your favorite color. Soooooo good to have friends like that! You are a lucky lady :)


Anonymous said...

Such a cute look! Love those earrings and your bun is looking good! Lol

You’re blog is amazingggg!! Now following!
Check out my blog… Would love for you to follow back =)
Coffee Kisses, Alicia
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