I literally cannot help but make vest puns for titles everytime I wear this vest. Proof? Here. Also, I'm kinda embarrassed by how similar these two outfits are...I guess this would be the summer version.
necklace- from Mom, brooch- Mom's, vest- Local Honey, dress- Crossroads, boots- Old Navy
This outfit felt perfect for the omgfall(!) weather we've been having. When I bought this vest for $5 at my favorite vintage store in Nashville, Local Honey, the owner of the shop mused "I love vests like this over like, a tank dress, in between seasons." and I feel like a dork for using that as inspiration again (and exclusively, I should add), but sheeee wasss soooo right! 
Other outfit details: I haven't taken this necklace off for the past few days, and I haven't worn it this much since high school. As I recall, my mom bought it at a jewelry show and I eventually stole it from her. As for the bunny brooch, I found it at her parent's house in Finland and refurbished it (glue-gunned a safety pin to the back). I love both of these little things and they remind me of my mom.

And speaking of the woman, she texted me the other day and said "Enjoyed your last two blogs, especially yesterday's really made me laugh :)" which just warms my heart! Shout-out to you mom, the best lady in the land!
Here's what's really been on my mind lately; comprising a list called:
 "Things I Can Do When I Get A Job."
1. Sign up for the acting class I audited.
2. Buy a curling wand/motorcycle jacket/polka dot blouse from Target
3. Go home for Thanksgiving/Christmas.
4. Shop at Trader Joe's > Kroger (as much as I love my gas points).
5. Get my nails done!
6. Buy a "student wax package" (I'll let that one explain itself).
7. Split rent comfortably with just Shel/Clyde.
8. Become a member at a yoga studio.
9. Get Beach Boys concert tickets!!! (lesbihonest, I may do this regardless)
10. Probably go on a shopping spree (but from like, Forever 21. With a few items from J.Crew. Business casual is not going to dress itself!)
11. Take weekend trips to Charleston, Boston, Florida, New Orleans
12. Buy an Origami Owl necklace.

I'll leave you with that, because I'm on my way to work and then ATL to see John Mayer in concert! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! 



Larissa said...

I like your list! I have a similar one, saying 'what I want to do when I have money...' in the end I spend all my money on good food and second hand clothes but not on the things on my list ;-)
The vest is really nice! I like both this version and the older one with the black pants and sweater.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Bhushavali said...

Love this look. Simple, chic and elegant.
I love your brooch and necklace the most. Very minimalistic and pretty!
Check out my blog too! :)

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Your outfit is awesome! That was one wise lady to tell you to pair your vest with a tank dress- she knew what she was saying. And I love the brooch and necklaces, it's always sweet to wear sentimental pieces that remind you of someone special.

Numbers 9 and 10 on that list of yours sound amazing. Please buy those Beach Boys tickets, who wouldn't want to see them in action?! I need to make my own list of what to do and buy after I get a job myself, although mine might be a bit longer- lusting after wayyyy to many things.

And might I add, your hair looks great!!! :)

Priya said...

Ah yes, the struggle to actually buy what's on your list as opposed to all those other things...(mostly clothes). I feel you! Thanks Larissa!

Priya said...

Thank you for coming by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Priya there's something about the way you write that just really makes it feel like your voice! I know that's so stupid to say because everybody blogs but you just have such a distinctive endearing style! I love all your posts. The list of things you're saving up for I totally have - I'm paying off my house deposit and I have a mental stash of stuff to buy as soon as I have some money leftover. Can't wait! XX

Unknown said...

Weeeee! I want to go to Beach Boys! And Charleston....

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaawww your mom sounds so sweet, I'm so glad you are wearing little things that remind you of her. And this outfit looks so good on you, that vest looks fantastic layered over the dress!


Priya said...

thank you thank you Akshara! I'm still kinda hoping I could radio show win some tickets...but does that actually happen in real life?! I'm dying to go!

Priya said...

Laila, you are too kind! I really appreciate your comment, and it's nice to know someone is reading. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment that!

I suggest writing your list down too- otherwise you may be scrambling to remember when you finally have some cash!

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