that one time I took outfit pictures at a gas station

True story! Note Betty, my keys with pink Mace, and the gas station all in the background.
baseball cap- flea market, necklace- Tiffany's, tank- swap w/ Jacqui, leggings- Target, sandals- c/o Carina, 
This was one of those outfit shoots that took five minutes max. I thought to myself, where would be a more authentic "road-trip outfit" photo location than a gas station? But I didn't really think about how extremely awkward it would be. Bloggers, am I the only one with a woeful what I wore experience to share? Do tell!
At the risk of sounding pretentious, my bracelets are gifts from Indonesia, assorted American arcades, Italy, and Finland, respectively. It's like the UN on my wrist, folks.
My travel outfits pretty much range from the extremes of "I have given up" to "No one could travel in this outfit". (Oh hey- you can see another travel outfit from a road-trip to see my other two brothers, here.) I was pretty pleased with this, actually. Super comfy and the hat says like "I was made for adventure!"

Shout-out to my girl Jacqui who was kind enough to swap some clothes with me (this tank included), courtesy of the USPS. 

Also shout-out to the Nashville Flea Market where I got this hat for $1. Yeah, I'll probably invest in a few more colors come this weekend (it's this weekend! Nashvillians- c'mon!)
I hope everyone recognizes how much I love them and take myself super seriously on this blog because I'm sharing my "senior portrait" picture from this shoot. HA.
I miss door decs from college!
Oh yeah, this is from that time I visited two of my brothers in North Carolina and Virginia. I don't miss driving in Virginia, but I do miss them!

OMG! Exciting news! This Columbus Day weekend, my sister Carina is coming to town and I just found out Sundar and Amir are also planning a road-trip (exactly a reversal of my trip) to Nashville! This Columbus Day weekend we are gonna party like it's 1492! Let the countdown begin. 


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

You are darling in that ball cap! I'll be at the flea market this weekend scooping up every blue mason jar in sight to make wedding centerpieces with... watch out!


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Unknown said...

nice UN wrist! hahaha! and I love your dress, it's like an abstract painting

Alexa said...

you are too freaking cute Priya <3 love this outfit super cute and casual!!! and you are rocking that cap ;) hope you're doing well! BTW brandon and leah are from the kardashians! Brandon is Bruce Jenner's son and Leah is his wife. So if you don't watch the show im not surprise you dont know them but you really should look them up because they are absolutely fabulous! have a great week gorgeous

Alexa <3

Larissa said...

I would say that gasstaiton outfits are the best ;) I love your little dress and you look super cool with that cap (and that car ;))
Have a wonderful wednesday pretty lady!
Lots of love!

Kellyinthecity said...

Love your top, Priya! You look adorable! :)



Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Road trippin' outfits are seriously the best. A hundred percent for comfort! Love your colorful tank. A cap for a $1? Definitely a steal. Go get some more! :)

Hope you have a fabulous Columbus Day Weekend with your family!

Simply Akshara

Jody Beth said...

Love it! Looks like you're having fun!


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