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You'll have to forgive me for being MIA over the past week, as I navigate a brand new [adult] schedule.

When lots of things happen to me at one time, and I haven't been able to journal and just generally decompress, I enter this mode of being flustered and having a lot on my mind, and feeling like I can't get any one thing done. Like this post, that's been jumping around in my head all day (that was two days ago, so for a few days now!), between donating blood at a blood drive, bringing my first real lunch to work, delivering t-shirts, a special assignment and learning to order office supplies.

But for the record: I am loving working full-time! I'm also still working part-time which has made for a pretty busy schedule. Then again, it's probably made up for the past few months when I've mostly been hanging. And like I've been saying, it's not like I'll wake up and have too much money, between splitting rent two ways, car payments, a new loan payment, and credit card payment (yay).

I've already made several new awesome friends at my job, and I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm loving working in an awesome office, and once I sufficiently cozy up my desk area (plants, a candle warmer, and some pictures are in the works), I'll be sure and share!

One thing I've done in the past week is send out a "welcome" email to our entire staff, sharing a little bit about myself using the email application that we create. I thought it would be perfectly Priya to share!
welcome edit
I need to get back in touch with my blogger buds, and other friends/fam that have fallen by the wayside in my transition. It's happening. Don't worry.

So there's a little update with where I've been lately! Regularly scheduled programming will commence shortly.


Kristian said...

You create email applications? What kind of work do you do?

Priya said...

woah, I think I gave myself way too much credit there! The company I work at does that. I work in operations.

Andrea Fer said...

YAYAY! SO proud of you my dear friend!!!

Andrea Fer

Ali Hval said...

Work, school all things busy--I feel you, girl! I'm so glad that you're making awesome new friends at your awesome new job. Friends at work make the world go 'round. Make sure you have some me time outside of work!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

It sounds like you work in such a fun place! And yay for making new friends!!

I think it's awesome you are from Santa Clara--I'm from San Jose! We are probably familiar with each other's high schools. I love meeting people from the Bay. I miss it there.
Exploring My Style

Larissa said...

Wow, this is a super cool email that you send to your collegues! Where can I do something like that? You said there is an app or something?
I start woring part-time from next week on. Next to the job I will prepare my PHD thesis, so there is no room for a full-time job. I am really happy that you found such a nice work place! Lucky girl :)
Thanks for your last comment and have a wonderful weekend!

Alissa said...

Um wow. How innovative you are! I would love to have a coworker like you!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

so what sort of stuff do you do in your new job? that's exciting to hear you're enjoying it so far? and what do you do for part time work as well? sorry i'm tot. nosing it but since i've been working full-time for about oh wow... 3.5 yrs now that's a big part of my life and i enjoy hearing little bits about it from others. also, so funny that "babies" is on your favs list. and i kept thinking of your comment all weekend that you never liked cats but have been wanting a kitten. maybe you could find a really little kitty at a local shelter : ). that was my dream as well, to always have a really little one that was cute as a kitten and it totally happened by chance that one that we adopted has stayed so little, although if you got an older one too you'd know their size pretty much. but ok, i'll stop trying to talk everyone i know into getting pets haha.
Cuddly Cacti
Mitla Moda

Priya said...

Larissa, check out myemma.com, that's where I work, and yes it is super cool!! :)

Priya said...

I am working as an Office Coordinator sooo...lots of things to help the office & people in it run smoothly. New things that I am learning everyday! My part-time job, which should be over in the next few days, is at a restaurant! I would be very lucky to find a cat that is forever small, though I've never considered myself a cat person at all so I don't know what's come over me!!

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