nyr check: October

Before we get too far into November, here's my monthly check-up on my resolutions I made back in January, for the month of October (most month drops in a sentence, ever.) 

Because of my busy-body mindset I adopted the motto long ago: "don't count the days, make the days count." So I refuse to wish away any days or any daily resolutions, because each day is a gift. On that note, I failed in several areas this month. I think it's just healthy to acknowledge that an then whatever! My life has taken a new form of crazy since I started my job 1.5 weeks ago and I am largely enjoying every minute! Anyway, this update is gonna be pretty short.Untitled
October mems, clockwise: Halloween night, bday gifts, first day outfit, Pho with my Shelly bean

(If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!)
(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:
1. Ride my bike more. [nope. It's cold. I would like to edit this resolution and say that I have stayed consistently running, to the best of my ability. It is possible for me to bike to work now, and I want to do that eventually.]
2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [You know, I'm fairly certain this didn't happen in the month of October. That being said, end of September/mid November is not a bad interval. Mummo is getting a cute handmade card this month, actually lots of people are since I bought a graphic stack at Paper Source.]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [October bdays- Coren. Katie. Both got cute packages. Also bought some bonus gifties for fam/friends when I found out I got a job.]
4. Read a book every month. [I don't want to talk about it.]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I finally went through my closet, in stages. I managed to downgrade some, and promised myself that those items I saved with the rational "I will totally wear this!" need to actually be worn, soon, or tossed. Feeling pretty good about that. Otherwise, I planned just a mad crazy shopping spree upon getting a job & credit card in the same week...but: I paid some bills. And so I'm still holding out on that spree.]
6. Be confident. [This might be the best place I've been in all year. Maybe all I needed was an awesome turn in lifestyle to feel good about myself, and like I'm on the right track.]

Thank you for reading, commenting, tweeting, and inspiring me in your respective blogs/text messages/emails/phone calls! <3 Bring it November. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Well hey, at least you made resolutions! That's got to be worth something right? :)

I'm glad to hear you're liking your job so much! It sucks to work in a job/place you hate makes the days go by so much slower.
Exploring My Style

The Braided Bandit said...

You go girl! I love how the book one you just said "i don't want to talk about it". I think that's a perfectly acceptable answer when you seem to be doing so good on a lot of the others! That's awesome that you've been running, I've been doing NOTHING and sitting on my bum at all times, UGH. Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah


Andrea Fer said...

I've been cracking up reading this. YOU'RE GREAT!! I'm proud of you for even keeping up with your resolutions...I didn't even make any!!!ove you!'

Andrea Fer

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I always enjoy seeing your progress on these goals. Congratulations on being more confident, I would say that is one of the most important things one needs to do to be happy!!! Yippie!!

Aunie said...

haha your friend Shelly looks like a crack-up. What a cutie she is... and YOU are!

Priya said...

agreed! thanks, Lauren!

Priya said...

Hannah, you're sweet. thank you!!

Larissa said...

What a nice post! I love your list! Good that you got more confident, I am sure your job helps you a lot with this!? My job is a super boring costumer-service thing. But I do it only for a few months while preparing my PHD and appliying for scholarships :)

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