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Guess what? I still wear clothes!

Somewhere between the 4:45 post Daylight-Savings nightfalls and losing a set of outfit pictures in a transfer involving an external hard-drive when my old computer bit the dust and I can't get internet, at all; I haven't taken any pictures in a looong time. (Sincere apologies for the run-on. This IS how I talk though, for the record.)

Now presenting outfit pictures that are clearly from a few months ago because I a) have long hair b) am interviewing for jobs and c) am dog-sitting for some dear friends.

earrings- flea market, blouse- borrowed from Jacqui, skirt- Local Honey Nashville, heels- Marshalls, bracelet, F21
Future Priya, take note: a simple curled and long ponytail is an a-ok hairstyle. I remember really liking it on this day. 

On to the outfit: As I recall, I wore this for a second interview. This blouse was one item I swapped with my girl Jacqui, and I love it! I've worn it probably four times since she sent it to me. I wasn't fully on board with the silk blouse craze that is sweeping the blogosphere, but now I definitely am. It's essentially like an oxford blouse, but about twenty times more comfy and luxe looking. 
Jewels are brought to you by F21 and my college graduation outfit, and the De Anza flea market in CA. Lipstick is a corall-y pink I'm not totally crazy about, but it did go with the blouse (I believe it's Maybelline Colorsensational in Fruit Punch but don't quote me on that).
On to the aforementioned pups and a cute boyfriend!

Here is the BABE I was lucky enough to hang out with for a couple days, a few months ago. Enzo (and his big brother Zanardi) are precious boys I can't get enough of. And speaking of...

Well it feels good to be in the swing of blogging again. I have about 4 outfits on the back of my chair that I would love to photograph, should the necessary time and manpower ever eclipse again. In the meantime I've been taking some #ootd selfies for Twitter's eyes only. And yours, should you choose to follow along @perfectlypriya!

{Ok this is a very old note from when this post was initially supposed to be} One more thing: I've tweeted about this already, but I got to guest post "5 Things To Add To Your California Bucket List" on the Capture California tumblr. Check it out! 


Andrea Fer said...

Now that I'm seeing you long hair again vs. the short hair....I have to say I am all about the short hair. Also, I like how that lipstick looks on you...and those earrings...pure beauty!! I love it!!!

Andrea Fer

Andi said...

Okay, I love your shoes! What brand are they? And are they comfortable? I'm in the market for some black patent pumps, but they need to be comfortable!

Alissa said...

I love this whole outfit! I love it!

Priya said...

you're a doll, thank you!!

Priya said...

Hi Andi! Thank you! I bought them at Marshalls probably 2 summers ago. The brand is Bandolino. They are surprisingly comfortable because the heel is square and pretty solid, plus they are nicely padded. Hope you find what you're looking for!

Unknown said...

Ha! great pictures, especially of the pups. I love your outfit too, the pink is really a lovely color and the side ponytail is very cool. good to remember! nice earrings too.

Larissa said...

I love this chic outfit Priya! You can really wear every color and look great in it! You are seriously one of my most beautiful blogger-friends (and probabaly also one of the most beautiful of my all-time friends)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Bhushavali said...

You look so cute!!! Love the pink black combo. The belt is awesome!!! :)
Btw, I'm following you too now! :)
Do follow on G+, Bloglovin, FB etc too if you like! :)
Google Plus | Bloglovin | Networked Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Priya said...

Larissa, you are too sweet!! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Priya, I so love the change in posts since you've started your new job! So glad you're enjoying it. These dogs are so adorable, I am so jealous! :) XXX

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok so I was going through all your old posts to choose an outfit for the Style Swap when the words "De Anza" flung out at me. Oh my goodness, I basically grew up on that campus. I went there for preschool, spent my summers in middle and high school volunteering in the preschool, then went to COLLEGE there and did more volunteering in the preschool during my sophomore year. So yeah, I can't tell you how excited I am to see such a familiar name in a fashion blog. Just had to share :)

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