'tis the season for:

Holiday parties! I've been lucky enough to attend several parties this year to celebrate the season. Christmas has got to be the most effortlessly festive time of the year. Ugly sweater or not, you need only show up to a party to be swaddled (though not laying in a manger) in friends, treats, and good cheer.

Last week was my first company holiday party at my "new" job (which is starting to feel just normal, but no less fun)! I was so pleased to help with some decor and planning. I wanted to share some pictures, mostly because they are gorg and I think they will reflect well on my blog. But also, it was a night to remember. So so fun hanging with my new friends & old friends (Huntee, [obvi] my date, and Shel came as a +1) in this beaaautiful space (locals: Pinewood Social).
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
Nashvillians: get thyself to Pinewood soc as soon as possible. i mean, really. 
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
the vintage bowling lanes (though I did not bowl once) are charming.
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
i tried to not only choose pictures that i'm in. anyway, i'm in this one. in my new dress <3
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
hunter really wanted to bowl (of course) so I left him there a few times and set out to mingle
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
pretty sure i'm eating fried chicken here. it's a great shot of how much i loved my hair
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
probably my only regret of the night is i didn't eat nearly as much as i wanted to because the food was increds
Emma  Holiday Party 2013
our Emma Christmas tree, with ornaments made in a happy hour, now on display in front of my desk 
Emma Holiday Party 2013
here i am pinning a bird ornament in huntee's hair. also notable that some of my favorite new friends, kyle, art, and emily are in this picture
Emma Holiday Party 2013
i really can't take credit for all the fabulous decor that was a brainchild of christopher
Emma Holiday Party 2013
shel & i dancing our heart out, probably to Robyn
Emma Holiday Party 2013
my contribution to this is those little figurines on the mason jar lid.
 photo D8AB4A5A-B335-4FDD-A5EB-AFFA16C757B3_zpsrjqg5zlz.jpg
and because iPhone pictures sometimes capture moments better...(clockwise): my cute date bought himself a new blazer [not pictured], my gals, my favorite picture ever, my Shelly bean

Ready for next year, already.

Please note: I didn't take any of these pictures! We had an amazingly talented photographer, Diana Lee Zadlo, who took them for us! Check out more of her work on her tumblr! 


Andrea Fer said...

Pri! I love this, the holiday party looks fabulous, and Hunter looks dashing!!! I need Hunter to tell Ethan to buy a new blazer/sport coat because well...HE NEEDS ONE! Maybe he'll listen better if its from Hunter!

2- You look BEAUTIFUL and that dress?! Is fabulous!!! Happy Christmas dearest :*

Andrea Fer

Priya said...

Target. I need to get a picture of him with that blazer on, it is SO schoolboy chic! He done good! Thanks girl.

Alexa said...

These photos are fabulous! so vintage looking and i love the dress you're wearing. This party looks so classy! gotta love holiday parties :) hope you're enjoying all the holiday cheer Priya

Alexa <3

a sweet world said...

thanks for visiting my blog...following now dear...hope you follow back if you haven't....


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

You got a job at Emma!? So cool! And I certainly do need to get myself to Pinewood Social ASAP!


Priya said...

Thanks, sweet girl!

Priya said...

Thank you so much Marlen :D

Priya said...

Thanks Jessica!! Please do, you will LOVE it!

lisa said...

These are fun photos! Love your dress!

Larissa said...

You look so super classy here in these professional pictures! Love them! Looks like a really wonderful event. How cool to make bowling a little more "chic" since usually its (as I know it) always a little trashy ;)

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