nyr update: November

Is it at all possible for me to comment on how fast this year is over without sounding completely cliche?
Didn't think so. This is my last month to make 2013 my best year, and challenge myself with the resolutions I made wayyy back in January. What resolutions, you ask? 

If I had to sum up November I would say: friends & fam. Shifting to working full-time has allowed me to make LOADS of new pals, as well as hang out with old ones I'd been missing. 

(If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!)
(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:
1. Ride my bike more. [nope. It's freezing here. Up until about a week ago I was running diligently to prepare for the marathon relay in Memphis that got canceled. Since then I've been pretty stagnant.]

2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [Check! I also got a Christmas card from her today. Now about that translation, mom...

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [Well, not many birthdays in November. Shout-out to Colette, my gal from middle school. Otherwise, nope!]

4. Read a book every month. [Uh yeah I kinda read an entire book on the plane back from the Bay, but I still don't want to talk about it.]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [After MONTHS of having clothes on their way out in my trunk, I finally sold some stuff to Plato's Closet. And promptly re-invested that money. I don't know that I desperately needed the updates I got for my wardrobe, but it sure is fun and more interesting to get ready in the morning. Moving in to my new home will require me to be even more choosy about what I keep, because storage space is decreasing.]

6. Be confident. [I would gauge this as a really happy month. My new job feels more regular and less "new", and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places. There is always an improvement that can be made here, but I feel pretty great.]

Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for reading.


Brittney said...

This reminds me of the resolutions that I made (which I totally failed at following. I smell blog post content there). Overall though, I'm quite happy with the progress that I'm making. I should've done something similar to your "read a book a month" one; I don't want to ever stop reading and learning.



Andi said...

Good job! I sort of skipped my November goals check-in - oops! But I'm doing pretty good in December so far. I think it will be my best month of the year! I'll just have to keep it going in 2014.

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