red pants in the city

earrings- Nashville Flea, top- secondhand Target, pants- Old Navy, flats- Old Navy, purse- c/o Shel

Happy Friday to all! Here's the very last set of pictures taken while I was home for Thanksgiving. And it only took me 'til nearly Christmas to post them! My sister Carina took these for me while we were out "urban hiking" in San Francisco. Yes, these shoes + the hills in SF tore up my feet, but they were new, and I was excited to wear them.

How trippy is the angled sidewalk in these pictures. It's like one of those tricks on your eyes photographs. Now THAT would be a fun spin for a fashion blog!

I've been living in, or with, rather, this tiny purse as my confident. Which is a shoulder-responsible, minimalistic decision. This shirt was passed to me by a co-worker, in all it's Target goodness. I think I could live in silk blouses #divalife
Yeah, I'll say it: I left my heart in San Francisco. It's gotta be one of my favorite places in the world.

For those of you who may be interested in my life apart from wearing clothes (which, does it even matter?) this week has almost completely escaped me. Between helping with our company Christmas party (which was a smash last night and has left me reeling today. Pics soon) and a last minute round of seeing friends before the holiday (and subsequently baking and taking gingersnaps) it has been CRAY.

Forecast for next week: get my stuff together for Christmas. Seriously. Rapid tidings of great joy.


Alexa said...

LOVE the pants Priya! its been a while lol hope you're doing well girl!

Alexa <3

Andi said...

I love those shoes! I have them in navy, and I can't imagine walking around SF would be very comfortable. I've never been to SF, but I really want to go sometime!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Where are you getting all these cute Old Navy shoes!? I wear a 7.5… hook me up sista!

Priya said...

you must! and no, it wasn't at all. fashion hurts sometimes.

Priya said...

just in store, this time Cool Springs! All flats were like 30% off last week. And unfortunately they don't make half sizes in these so they're a little tight on me (I'm a 6.5)

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